Issue 222 – Stop Trying To Please Everyone

7 Tips to Stop Trying To Please Everyone

By Natalie Ledwell

Do you often fear that people will reject you or not accept you for who you truly are?

Do you feel compelled to explain yourself or justify your actions to everyone around you?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone… A lot people feel this way and they live their lives trying to hide or mask their flaws in an effort to make people like them better.

But here’s the thing…

It’s our qualities AND imperfections that makes each of us unique!

And when you can completely and unconditionally accept yourself, and your imperfections, you’ll find a whole new level of freedom and self-love.

Keep Reading to find out the 7 Tips to stop pleasing everyone and live your best life…

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The next time you feel the need to pretend to be someone you’re really not…

Remind yourself not to get caught up in that game. Stop trying to please everyone else and start living your very best life by following these 7 tips:

Tip 1) Be Patient

Remember that true success is becoming the best version of yourself. It’s not about being better than anyone else, so don’t change who you are to please others.

Be patient and the right people will come into your life… they’ll be pulled toward your energy and they’ll love the REAL you!

Tip 2) Be True To Yourself

Your journey is different than everyone else’s, and only you know what’s best for YOU. So it’s important that you live your life consistent with your values and aspirations. Dare to express yourself and allow your uniqueness to shine through 🙂

When this happens, you’ll not only be affected by other people’s opinions or expectations, you’ll be happy and satisfied with being yourself.

Tip 3) Be Responsible For Your Own Actions

Take ownership of the choices you’ve made and the experiences that have brought you to this point in your life right now. Don’t let others measure your worth by telling you what you’re capable of or not.

Know that you have the power to change your current situation and the way you think about life. And when you fully embrace this, you’ll realize that you have complete control in achieving your goals!

Tip 4) Enjoy The Ride

As you work toward your goals, don’t let the need to prove yourself to others distract you from getting what you want. Life isn’t a race, so make sure you enjoy the ride rather than having it all fly by in a blur.

Opportunities for smiles, laughter and real growth happen every single day… it’s just up to you to notice and cherish them 🙂

Tip 5) Forget About Being Perfect

Mistakes are our biggest teachers, so don’t be afraid of failing in front of others. If you fall, pick yourself up and keep going. If you’re trying to be perfect all of the time to impress others, chances are that you’ll be missing the most important lessons of your life.

Those who take chances are the ones who continually grow and learn 🙂

Tip 6) Stop Trying To Please Everyone

Have you ever noticed that people always seem to have their own opinions regardless of what you do? And truth be told, it really doesn’t matter what others think…

The important thing is that you’re at peace with your own choices. Your decisions should fulfill you and the people who really care about you will support you as well.

Try to remember that the relationships that truly matter, are the ones that makes you a better person without trying to change you into something that you’re not.

So stop seeking validation from others, when at the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is YOURS 🙂

Tip 7) Invest In Yourself

What really counts is not what you’ve learned by reading this, it’s how you apply the knowledge. So take action!

It’s okay to start small, so start now by choosing one of the 7 tips above and practice working on it every single day. Then begin adding a new one every week or every month and soon you’ll realize that your daily practice has turned into a habit.

“Thank Dear Kristen,
I’m so grateful to have you around. You have sent such amazing and lovely words that melt my heart.
You ARE extraordinary!
– Noemia


Quick Tip

When it comes to this idea of “Pleasing other people” it is important to remember a few things…

1. You will never make everyone happy.
2. What someone else thinks of you has nothing to do with you.
3. Making yourself happy is a gift to yourself and to the ENTIRE world.

I believe in you and am excited for your authentic self to come to life!

27 Responses to “Issue 222 – Stop Trying To Please Everyone”

  1. Thank you Kristen. Tips like this can actually have overwhelming positive effects
    ones life.

    Kristen, you are a wonderful person and a free spirit.

    Warm regards,

    Sekinat Habeeb
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you Kristen, you are one very special person! I am honored to be in YOUR life! I appreciate what you do for me–every day, every way, very much! My life is much better because of you.Thank you!

  3. Rechilda Schortz says:

    The tips you mentioned are the things I appliied how to relate myself to others. Whether they accept me or my actions, just that I can speak verbally what I want to say. As long as I don’t inflict or to offend others. I simply speak from my heart about myself comfortably enough and no reservation that make me think why, what, how to make myself acceptable. I use my hum our and the phrases that I use to make them think who am I really. And the things I observed from the start they were honestly hmm …a little curious but when they lhave learned my ability they accepted me of who I am. Thank you.

  4. aixa says:

    Awesomeness, thank you! ??????

  5. Wentworth says:

    Great stuff, keep up the good works!

  6. Olga says:

    Dear Kristen,
    How did you know that i needed these tips? Such happened that i was thinking about similar things all evening! I have come to similar conclusions myself. It seems to be a mystery…

  7. Perciville says:

    Thats true,i must stop ,trying to please everyone

  8. Abiot says:

    Hi Kristen, thanks a lot. I don’t known and haven’t any words to express my feelings as I read your message which radically change my opinion about myself and melts my heart.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  9. Crystal says:

    Thanks Natalie & Kristen, but can I share one more that’s been a big hurdle for me? Letting go of regrets, by stopping myself from mentally playing over past incidents, especially embarrassing ones, wincing at what others must have made of my actions. It’s kinda tied in to 3, 5 & 7, but that’s been my major stumbling block.

    Happy holidays to all!

  10. Marie says:

    We all need to be reminded of these tips in order that we can find inner peace. Too often we experience anxiety because we try to measure up to what we think we ought to be and some of that stems from our parents expectations. As Marisa Peer, we are enough, just as we are.

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. khazan singh says:

    Thank you for the good read every word. &act on it.God bless you.Khazan

  12. Dragan says:

    I want to share one old story which fits well in this topic. It’s called somethig like “Let the village talk…”

    Once upon a time lived one couple who had young son and the donkey. They decided to travel a bit and get to know the world and so they went on the road.

    When they arrived in the first village people commented: See this naughty boy – He sits on a donkey while his poor old parents walk. The woman then said to her husband: We will not let people talk so bad about our son.

    A man then removed their son and sat on the donkey.

    When they came to another village people were murmuring: Look at this, let him be ashamed when he lets a woman and a child pulling a donkey while he is riding.

    Then they decided that the woman sit on a donkey, and her husband and son hold the reins. They arrived in a third village where people were commented again: poor man! He worked all day, and his wife ride the donkey. And poor son! Who knows what’s in store for him.

    Then they decide all three to ride the donkey, and continue their journey.

    When they reached the next village they heard the villagers comment that the poor donkey will crack his back for too much weight.

    And then they all three go down and decide to walk beside the donkey.

    As they passed through the next village, they could not believe the comments of people who have laughed at:

    See these three fools … they walk and have a donkey who could carry them.

    The moral of the story is obvious: PLEASE ALL, AND YOU WILL PLEASE NONE.

    Let the village talk…

    So, our work is indeed to do what makes our heart sing, without trying to please everyone 🙂

    Happy holidays to you, precious Kristen, and to all of your readers and funs!

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