Issue 229 – Value Yourself FIRST

Value Yourself FIRST

By Kristen Howe

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“Hi Kristen! This article from Guy Finley is full of wisdom. It is worthwhile to reflect and apply the concepts which are discussed. I would say that the final purpose of those Eleven Laws is in Guy’s last sentence and that is self-liberation. When we talk about self-liberation, then it includes awareness, common sense and clarity – the things that I find in your work – this time in system Ready, Aim, Success, which I got hold of yesterday. I finished first module which nicely fits in a quick tip from this 225th issue and happily found out that today is my personal New Year  I love when someone is clarifying complicated things in simply and straightforward way, and besides express 3D connection with others. So, I want to thank you on everything you do and everything you are!” – Dragan

Quick Tip

I have a 7 day challenge for you – are you ready???

Can I get a “YES!!!”

Here you go – right now, commit that for the next 7 days, you will take 5 minutes each morning to answer this question, “What do I choose to value about myself today?”

And then…

Take 5 minutes each evening before you go to sleep and ask yourself, “What can I value about who I was today?”

These two 5 minute rituals can transform how you value yourself, how you feel about yourself and how you experience the world.


16 Responses to “Issue 229 – Value Yourself FIRST”

  1. Aisha says:

    Hey Kristen, I’m in!!

  2. sharon shiflett says:

    Thank you. This is helpful SS

  3. nduati says:

    I really like your newsletter, I am 100% co
    nfident that my goals will come a raelity within 2016, best regards




  5. Virginia says:

    YES – I am in on valuing myself more. 7 days to make the habit and then keep it going ! Ideally this will shift my mindset to be more attuned with prosperity attainment in different areas of my life. Thanks for the challenge Kristin.

  6. Sue says:

    Hi Kristin,
    I’m in…I’ve been “In” for 56 years. I realized, after four years of marriage that my husband saw me as an object and often used me as a “shock” object…called me his big, fat, mean ole wife, then enjoyed the reaction when people found I was none of those things. He enjoyed Friday night out with the work group, and I was home, keeping dinner warm (he called and said he’d be only about an hour…then again, and again) and the kids assured their daddy would be home soon. So, I wised up fast and set some boundaries and took charge of who I was rather than who he said I was. Rough road in this marriage. I refused to go to cocktail parties with him after he cautioned me not to talk to the “scientists” at the party…he didn’t want to be embarrassed. The wife of the Executive Director of the project asked her husband to tell My husband that I should attend the next party. So…we went with the understanding that we would not be “together” at the party. I established my space and he was not allowed in. It was our “war” for years. He came by his attitudes honestly; his mother always thought they were the smartest people in town. I did love them, but had a hard time dealing with their bubble. My parents were deceased, and his were on again; off again supportive. Great grandparents and mostly great in-laws. I’ve spent most of my adult life finding the love and light in that family and learning to let go of my resentments. Hard tough road! I’m not a very forgiving person and it has been my #1 challenge in life. I’m finally getting there…I don’t “string” my resentments like I used to, I have learned to mow down the molehills and pluck the planks from my own eyes. I have found compassion for my husband in that he has been so unsure of himself, he has even falsified things he’s done rather than face the blame or consequences. He would stand there and let me get the brunt of the fallout all by myself. It used to hurt until I realized he had lived his childhood under that “fear” or whatever you call it when you’d rather recede into the wall rather than become real. I can’t fix him, but I’ve learned to be who I am and be grateful for who I’ve had the chance to become. I was one of three sisters and the only one to graduate from college and have a career. I admire my sister’s accomplishments, but I’ve taken a lot of flack, usually, “Dumb ole Sue,.” for being a fulfilled person. I still have my dragons to tame…but I am happy and I can stand up for Wolves in a town of ranchers, I can look back on a career of creative teaching and I’m busy every day of my life doing things I love. Sadly, toxic people rub off on others, so the next generation learns the wrong lessons, but I’m pretty good at letting the negative stuff roll off. I can only live my truth and hope it illuminates some of the darkness. Thanks for the Pyramid…I believe in the abundance of the Universe and the all knowing love of God.

  7. janet leslie says:

    yes i am certainly in

  8. Dragan says:

    Hi Kristen!

    A few days ago I received an unexpected business invitation to a spa town where I spent a few days on some seminars.

    Although it was great experience, you will never guess what is the most I’ve been lacking. Yes! LOAK magazine 🙂 Local conditions were challenging so I’m happy to be back home 🙂 Whether one likes it or not LOAK is my guiding star on my way to success!

    I’m very glad that my comment is on the “Look Who’s talking” section! I feel very honored! For me it is a great success and I am very grateful for that! I appreciate you and I am deeply grateful for your every word and deed!

    As far as today’s issue, I think it’s very, very important issue! My experience shows me that if you do not value yourself, you will never have the life you deserve and want.

    I believe that there are “true” values to which all of us ultimately strive, but often we do not set them as priorities. And therefore we harder achieve goals. I believe when we with our thoughts and actions put in the first place peace, love, happiness and health, then everything else will follow (Money?)

    Thank you, Kristen, once again for your enthusiasm for helping others and for all the values that you generously give to us!



    • Kristen says:

      Awesome Dragan – your enthusiasm knows no bounds and because of that you are helping raise the vibration of this incredible community which spills out into the whole Universe!!!

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