Out of the box?

You hear it all the time…

  1. Think out of the box
  2. Get out of the box
  3. Don’t get trapped in the box

You get the idea…

Well I want to make sure you are clear on 2 very important things when it comes to living out of the box…

1. The ‘Box’ isn’t the same for everyone

2. The ‘Box’ will change for you if you are really living out of it

Here’s the deal…

If you look at what most people would think is ‘Out of the box’ but it doesn’t push your comfort zone at all, then guess what?

That’s their box not yours and if you spend your life living out of someone elses definition of what the box is, you won’t ever live up to your potential.

On the other hand, if what someone else defines as “Out of the box” pushes your comfort zone so far that it will break and you try to live out of that box, you will be TOO uncomfortable and it will backfire.

So what do you need to do?

Figure out what “Out of the box” is for YOU!

Which brings us to the second point that you need to know…

Once you start living out of the box, the definition of “Out of the box” will consistently change for you because you are stretching and growing.

What does that mean to you?

That means — stay aware and keep adjusting your view of what “Out of the box” is to you!

Living “Out of the box” is essential if you want your life to be about growth and progression, but without these 2 important points you can get lost!

Leave me a comment — let me know what “Out of the box” is for you!

Go Big!


18 Responses to “Out of the box?”

  1. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen, I like your way of putting ‘out of the box’ together with redefinition and other people. I need to do more work on this combination.

  2. Melody says:

    Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (most often known as SARK) suggests that instead of keep breaking out of the box we try living outside of it always. This way we are always moving into more of our blooming or flowering self. We are constantly expanding…
    I have come to realise that we can use a lot of energy trying to break out of the box when maybe expanding in our space with openness would be far more satisfying and ultimately more graceful…
    just some thoughts…

  3. Russell says:

    Hallo Kristen,
    As an ex design engineer, I know that radical ‘blue sky’ thinking has to be the norm for really novel and innovative solutions.
    For years I have been analysing my psychology to see what criteria, limits and norms are relevant to my own growth and life.
    For some time I have felt that I do not have a box, most of my limits on behaviour being imparted to me in childhood by parents and teachers. I now think that there are only two sources of these ‘negative injunctions’ that are valid; legal limits, and moral limits.
    Much of what passes for normal behaviour, gaining social acceptability and approval, is mutually reinforced and farcical folly.
    I resent people, especially employers, telling me to think out of the box, especially when I am relatively free of a box, and whern most of the box was put there by others in the first place. Globalisation will help remove many of the arbitrary cultural boxes.

  4. marcy says:

    I have to think I`m gonna walk my walker in a straight line today, its possible, I know it God knows it so here I go. how can I get this “cant do ” out of my head.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Marcy!

      The best thing you can do is keep bringing your focus back to what you DO want any time you feel yourself focusing on what you DON’T want (or can’t do)…

      Go Big!

  5. ‘Out of the Box; simply means to me, is doing things different to what you are doing at present
    at present. Possibly change your occupation, or change your personality, but just change whatever is holding you back.

  6. Riel says:

    Thanks, very true. You often see this with teen-agers who “dress outside the box” being Goth or flower-children or something. They move from the one box into the other and often the new box is stricter than the old one! If you are not dressed in that style you are not dressed! It may not be a rebellion – it may be a ry for structure!

    and yes “YOUR” box will change and expand and you have to keep pushing it and not repeat the same new thing over and over. It will be like saying I cut my hair for the first time 8 years ago. Hello, it is now long again and it has been for ages!
    There is also nothing wrong with good habits – like exercise, the comfort zone is doing the same routine year after year. Some people think they push the envelope by not having a routine,maybe pushing the envelope for you is having a routine.

  7. Sirkku says:

    Tanks You, it´s helping very much . I´m sorry, I can´t so good english, but I´m learning to understand better.
    Out of the box is for me no limiting and freedom to be my self. I believe, that so my life is better and it will be more money on my life and so on…

  8. Holy wolves says:

    Living outside the box for me is doing things that I know are good for me and to actually get off my @$$ and DO them take ACTION!!!

  9. PANSY PIERCE says:


  10. Actually there is no out of the box for me. I believe that i have the potential to live my dreams, that of being a super coach on life principles and a super writer on life principles.Well if that is out of the box then that’s mine!!. Thanks for letting me comment!!

  11. William Clapp says:

    At higher altitudes with flag unfurled, we’ve reached the dizzying heights of that dreamed of world… 🙂

  12. Marjorie says:

    Out of the Box gives me a feeling of disconnection. I like to think of choices that take me beyond the edge of my comfort zone, yet still connected to my identity and my mission.

  13. Rosemary says:

    The drumbeat of “think outside the box” has become so pervasive that I almost think I would be better off “in a box.” That is, if I knew what the box is or where it is. My family is all about security, which I definitely do not have. I like your response to Marcy that I need to focus on what I want (I do, I do). But, it feels like I am putting my head in the sand, because the bad stuff is “out there” as a Sword of Damoclese.

    Since I am so far out of the box, it is becoming more and more of a challenge to figure out what more I can do.

    Sorry to be so negative this morning. It just struck me that there is no point in negative thinking, but it sure doesn’t stop the negatives from happening.

  14. Tj says:

    Living “outside your box” in my opinion, is taking
    action to do something that you normally would not
    do. Doing such things on a daily basis will
    Give you the confidence to try new things
    and reach new heights in your life. Having
    these little successes each day will truely enable
    you to live a happier life. Again my opinion.

  15. Sile says:

    This is good advise but very hard to keep doing consistently if you are alone but very easy with a coach and a mastermind group as I am finding. 🙂

  16. Brian says:

    Little things often make big differences.
    This positioning of in , and out of the box
    lends much clarity to my currrent state of affairs., and can also be applied to so many situations.this is a extremely valuable “tool”.

  17. This is in response to your Go Big VIP call last night.

    It was great Kristen…perfect timing again..i missed a couple calls. I take notes; I do the excersices….you nailed me again.

    I am so glad to finally have a mentor/life coach…and a Great one also!

    Thanks again for all of your Hard work for us!

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