Issue 234 – Mind games and self-sabotage

Mind Games and Self-Sabotage

By Sharon Kells

Minds games and self-sabotage; getting out of your own way

You will have heard it said that you only use a tiny percentage of your brain’s capacity. However, you have the brain power to make things happen, to achieve things you never thought you were capable of. Orison Marden, an American writer, said in the beginning of the 20th century: Deep within man dwell slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.

Yet while you have great potential waiting to be unleashed there is something opposing it that is even more powerful. It stops you from being successful; it prevents you from putting things into action, it hinders your chances of achieving those goals that are important to you. It is so powerful that it can even paralyze you. So what is it that prevents so many people from reaching their potential? What could be even more powerful than the desire to achieve your goals?

Excuse me, you’re in my way!

There is ‘someone’ who is standing in the way of your progress, like an overzealous bouncer standing at the door blocking your path to the world of success and achievement. But rather than it being someone external, it is an aspect of you. It is the part that sabotages you through playing mind games. It tells you to ‘start tomorrow’ to ‘do it later’. It finds more ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ things to do and it stops you from stepping onto your path to success. When it sees others getting on and achieving things, this part will come up with all sorts of reasons as to why you are not, by letting you believe that you’re not as talented, not as capable, not as smart etc. Whatever mind game this part plays, it is often very effective in stopping you from flourishing and being successful.

So what’s this mind game?

So what is the game? The game is called self-sabotage. Like in the game of chess it is equivalent to the powerful King. When it comes to self-sabotage, procrastination is King. It is the King that stands in the doorway that leads from intention to action. The game of chess is a process and so is self-sabotage. It is a complex process already started in early childhood. Unfortunately this process is a game that pitches people against themselves; their desire and intention against their impulses. It seduces them not into action, but into stagnation.

Emotional not logical

Perhaps that sounds illogical, and this process is exactly that. It is a process that is emotionally driven and not driven by logical consideration. For the part of the brain that is concerned with protecting you, it seems safer not to act but to ‘stay safe’ where you are right now. While this is most useful for survival, we humans are not merely programmed to survive; we are also programmed to thrive and evolve.
This is a perfect dynamic for playing mind games. The game plays out with the various parts of your brain fighting with each other, competing to get your focus and attention; the survival part versus the thriving part. Of course whatever part you give the most attention to will win the game!

Don’t give it power

Sabotage can only thrive when you give it power. You need to stop giving ‘King Sabotage’ your focus and attention. While at its core, sabotage might be there to protect you, your courage, determination and desire needs to be greater. While protection based on fear often does a great job, in many cases it does its job too well as it stands in the way of your progress, your success and ultimately achieving the things you most want to achieve.

Feel the fear

The game can be most effective, the ‘voices’ can be convincing and seductive if you allow them to be; ‘Do it tomorrow, you are too tired today, ‘Wait until you feel more motivated’ ‘You won’t be good at it’, ‘You will never really succeed’ etc. The more you listen to these voices the more power you give them. It is not about not feeling trepidation or uncertainty, but as the saying goes; feel the fear and do it anyway!
Get out of your own way!

Remember Marden? Deep within man dwell slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.

You will be amazed at your own capabilities when you get out of your own way. You will automatically evolve, flourish and grow as this is what nature has programmed you to do. The part of you that has been programmed to excel will win over the part that will try to hold you back. There is a very simple principle I call the seed and brick principle. Once you remove a brick that lies on top of a seed it will grow, flourish and evolve. Then, all you need to do is make sure you ‘water it’ (by focusing on it) and keep the soil ‘nourished’ (through feeding your mind with positive and encouraging thoughts) and weeding out negative and limiting thoughts by not giving power to them.

When you stop self-sabotage and procrastination in one area of your life it will positively affect all other aspects. There is nothing more satisfying than disempowering self-sabotage and procrastination through empowering yourself.

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“Brilliant…this is probably one of the most important steps to take to refocus thoughts and to raise frequency. Leave the thoughts about your goal if you’re not “feeling it” for a while, put some music on and dance, and get back into it again. repeat if necessary! 🙂 Why stay at low vibrations and manifest something that’s away from your goal? Awesome Kristen!!!”
– Jim

Quick Tip

Yes! Let’s talk further about when Sharon said, “When you stop self-sabotage and procrastination in one area of your life it will positively affect all other aspects.”

You can use this truth to speed up your expansion – here’s how…

Think of an area of your life where you can identify you experience SOME self-sabotage, now this isn’t an area that is ALL self-sabotage – instead you are looking for the area where you think “oh sure, I do that a little, but it isn’t a huge deal, I could adjust that quickly.

Here’s why – when you work with the area that feels relatively easy, the momentum you create will have massive impact on the other areas that may feel overwhelming at times. Use this momentum!

6 Responses to “Issue 234 – Mind games and self-sabotage”

  1. Lily says:

    Thank you!

  2. Dragan says:

    Hi Kristen!

    When we were kids, most of us thought ‘everything is possible’. But as time went on, we began to believe that lots of things aren’t possible. More precisely, we convinced ourselves with help of environment that we can’t live the life we desire.

    And so we came to the age when we started to operate from the perspective of powerlessness. And we convinced ourselves in our weakness so firmly that it is very hard to believe otherwise- let alone to act. Even with an arsenal of programs and teachers that are available to us. We have put brick on seed – as Sharon said.

    From this point we then say – it is hard to be successful. What else I have to do to live the life I want? Why is this so difficult and complicated? All I want is to live – to have enough money, people who love me, health, and then everything goes easier.

    However, it is hard and complicated because we believe so and we don’t see a purpose behind that experience.

    But if we start to believe that change doesn’t need to be difficult, we’ll find a way to prove ourselves so. We also have to realize that it serves a purpose. From this perspective, life starts to get some magic, beauty and meaning.

    To get rid of self-sabotage, in my opinion, we must:

    1 become aware of the problem.
    2 decide (firmly!) to do something about it.
    3 convince ourselves that solution is possible.
    4 take action toward solution
    5 go step by step (one bite at a time!) 🙂
    6 be persistence.
    7 pay the price (small compared to value we’ll gain)

    When we do all that, we will have the most valuable thing in life – ourselves – and we can live the life we desire!

    Is it worth it? Of course it is!

    Lots of blessings


  3. Virginia Reeves says:

    “The part of you that has been programmed to excel will win over the part that will try to hold you back.” Sharon makes a great point here. We do allow the ‘negatives’ to pop up more than is good for us. Kristen’s point of the brick and seed is a good analogy. Flourish, bloom, and let your colors show !

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