Issue 233 – The Art of Allowing

The Art of Allowing

By Kristen Howe

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“Hi Kristen. You often tell us we are appreciated. Well you are greatly appreciated. You are such good value that you are now one of the very few I read. Thank you”
– Laureen

Quick Tip

It’s time to get honest! Where aren’t you allowing?

Now, here’s the deal, sometimes flipping from NOT allowing to allowing can be VERY uncomfortable, so…

Let’s start small – what is one small way you can start allowing where you haven’t previously?
Remember, push your comfort zone – don’t shatter it! This way of doing it will have you opening up and allowing more every day in a way that feels great!

10 Responses to “Issue 233 – The Art of Allowing”

  1. Virginia Reeves says:

    I’m grateful that I was taught at an early age to say thank you when people said something nice or did something for me. You are so right Kristen that many people go into the ‘negating mode’ when being ‘rewarded’ with a kind word or deed. When you do that, you are, in effect, diminishing the goodness the other person is offering. How do you think that makes them feel? Accept their gift with graciousness and enjoy it. Let it replenish your reserves of being appreciated.

  2. Mary Martha Pazos says:

    Thank you for your Inspired Action videos. This one on the art of allowing is a gold mine of great advice.

  3. Daniela says:

    Dear Kristin,

    Thanks a lot ! Thanks for allowing us to keep the comfort zone ; )) (wise) and to gradually push it in a way we still feel secure and happy ! Thank you very much for your friendly, uplifting, clever and “soft” approach … highly appreciate it.

    Have a marvelous day : )

    lots of love

    PS : Compliments ! for all you have achieved and continue to do great! Beautiful work ! Thanks !
    (implementing the connection work etc…. : )) … it’s about the first time I really feel grounded and connected and centered – THANKS : ))

  4. Cee says:

    Hi Kristen. You do wonderful work and are so inspiring and real. I agree totally with what you share here. But what about if you’re looking for a romantic relationship and you get invited on dates by people you have absolutely no interest in.

    If you turn them down politely are you blocking? Should you go and meet these people to show you’re willing even though you’re giving them false hope and not doing what you really want to do? How should this be handled?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Cee!

      If you have no interest in someone, you don’t need to go out with them to show you are willing – however you can still give thanks to the Universe for sending opportunity your way – for example saying “thank you Universe for showing me that you are working on sending me the right person in the right place and time.”

  5. Dragan says:

    Hi Kristen!

    Daniela very well described your approach. I agree with her! You are really a special person – so friendly, so uplifting and so genuine and in the same time full of knowledge, common sense and success. I think it is great combination of virtues 🙂

    If you ask me, allowing really has to do with our beliefs. Many people have been treated in such a way that they were rarely praised and often berated and told that they are stupid, incompetent and that nothing will be from them.

    These people have created a belief about themselves that they are stupid and incompetent. And if they didn’t become aware of that belief and didn’t do something to change that belief, then they will not so easily accept compliments and praise. Because subconscious beliefs are much stronger than the conscious thoughts.

    There are many techniques and ways which can help us change our beliefs, and one way to start is, of course, quick tip from today’s issue.

    I’m very grateful for opportunity to be here and sharing thoughts, learning and growing.

    So Kristen, stay as WONDERFUL as you ALWAYS are!

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