90% are you KIDDING me?

YIKES!  I was just watching “Design Star” and one of the designers did a terrible job —

When it came to the part of the show where they have to defend themselves or face elimination, the judges asked her what grade she would give herself…

Now, she obviously thought claiming how badly she had done was the only way to go, so she gave herself a 60% as a grade…

Okay…no big deal, we all have bad days and at least she claimed it…

Now here’s the part that made me leap from my chair to come write this post…

She was eliminated, and during her final interview, she talked about how upset she was with herself for putting in a 60% effort because she is normally a 90% person…

90% — Are you kidding me?

Listen, you aren’t always going to get amazing results with everything you do, but do you want to be someone that gives 90% or 100%?

Seriously, is 90% acceptable to you?

Now, please realize I know that there are days where your 100% will be significantly different than 100% on other days —

For instance, I was feeling under the weather the other day, so my 100% was hardly the same as it is when I am at peak and feel great…

But the fact of the matter remains…

This is YOUR LIFE and you are either going to invest yourself 100% or less than 100% — so which is it going to be for you?

This may seem like tough love, but it’s because I know the path to you having an extraordinary life is by putting yourself 100% into your life — remember, this isn’t about results…it’s about how invested you are!

Leave a comment on this one and pass it along to anyone you thing might benefit from it!

I value you 100%!

Go Big!


22 Responses to “90% are you KIDDING me?”

  1. Richard says:

    If you are in the moment with yourself or anyone else why put a % on it….you can only ever 100%. if your focus is else where then no one can see that so you are still 100% PRESENT.

  2. Marcus says:

    100% means having no regrets about your effort!

  3. Chris says:

    When taking college exams when I was younger I was told that you only had to gain just over “50%” to pass! Therefore aim for that mark. Sorry I always aimed for 100%! You know what, I passed with honours!

  4. Camayel says:

    To accept that you normally perform at 90% is either being too hard on yourself or not interested in what your doing that much. She might be one of those people that are very hard on themselves though. I used to be that way until I realized how much it was actually working against me. I now give 100% and what’s funny is that after everything that I do, I am asking myself “Could I have done more” and the answer is always yes.

  5. Gina Sands says:

    I saw that segment also. What those designers produced was a travesty. The designer who says she is usually 90% told the world that she considers herself a loser. I felt her pain. She could not produce a 100% in her life’s work. She has never experienced excellence? She is okay with a mediocre existence… WOW We wish her well, send her some blessings and perhaps a GO BIG free report on how to get to the 110% level of accomplishment

  6. Diana says:

    I think I disagree with this. Not everything deserves a 100% effort. Moreover, putting a 100% effort into everything regardless of personal importance is a good way to strip one’s gears and wear oneself down.
    Nope. One must choose one’s battles. Or sometimes, one’s battles choose one.
    I’ve noticed that I put effort into things to the degree that I feel passion for them. The more I care, the more effort something gets. I’ve also noticed that if I’ve put a lot of effort into something on one day (for instance, cleaning house) that the next day, it’s hard for me to put effort into anything (because my body and/or brain has gone into recovery mode.)

  7. keerthi says:

    Thanks for giving me an new way of approach about myself….sure,as u said ,i will value myself more and bring changes in my life as I expect…..

  8. Leila says:

    Hi Kristen, if you’re getting some good results most days then even on a bad day it’s easier to give 100%. Thanks for your reminder.

  9. Manu says:

    I just want to say: Thanks!!!!
    I’m feeling blue lately and kind of hopeless.
    I hate when I feel that way but, you know what?
    I’m doing nothing to change things, not even 1% of what I could do!
    So thanks for your mail, I better start putting myself 100% into my life and stop complaining about the way things are!
    Keep writing!

    I’m starting Go Big!

  10. Tammi Putnam says:

    So true Kristen! People that want to put limitations on themselves won’t get the results their looking for. 100% commitment is the only way! When you think BIG and you take inspired action on your goals giving 100% of you, then the results always fall into place. It almost seems easy! Why? Because those small steps of commitment equal large leaps in transformation and results.

    Loved your article Kristen! 🙂

  11. George says:

    This makes so much sense. If there is anything you can invest in, shouldn’t it be yourself first. Just like on an airplane, put on your oxygen mask first, then help others. If you invest in yourself first, then you have that much more to give to others. Great post!

  12. Hi Kristen,

    You make a good point about how some days your 100% is different than other days. Looking at it from that view point, it makes it easier to give 100% – meaning I don’t have to beat myself up if I can’t do as much when I’m not full of pep and life.

    Considering too many people only give 60% on a good day – the contestant probably felt she is doing great on a day to day basis, since 90% puts her well above the average. Kind of sad.

    Here’s to 100% everyday – life is short, live big. :))

  13. Erik says:

    There’s nothing wrong with 80% or even 90%.
    You can’t expect yourself to perform at 100% all the time. That’s just being unrealistic.
    You do the best you can and when you are at 100% then it feels great! But when you don’t reach it there’s no use in beating yourself up over it.

    90% is better than nothing if you’re having an off day.

  14. Andrea says:

    It’s good to be reminded to be a 100%-er. You make a good point, about how on a bad day, such as when a person is ill, the 100% will be less than on a better day, but it is still 100%.

  15. Heather says:

    Don Mingel Ruiz says that we should intend to always do our best in each moment.

    Our best will vary from moment to moment, and from day to day.

    This is the same sort of idea as Kristen is saying

  16. Rosemary says:

    I didn’t see the show, so my first thought was her use of 90% rather than 100% was just semantics. Who knows?

    Since I stopped beating myself up for my failures, or, more accurately, my not achieving everything I attempt mostly due to the fact that my real estate goals depend on others’ actions and feelings as well, I am able to go through the day with more energy and confidence. Get more done too, since I am always aiming for 100% on the important stuff.

    Been watching “mind movies” and Mind Power Skills subliminal videos, and sometimes I am jarred when things go contrary, because my mind is getting programmed to expect they will go my way. As I continue this mind programming, I am sure they will in fact go my way more often than not.

    Talk to you tomorrow on the GoBig call.

  17. Nicole says:

    Funny, if anyone can give 90% already, why not a 100%? Is it beyond anyone’s reach to give 100% if thay already have 90% to offer?

  18. Andrew says:

    I feel like I’m 100% in everything that I do. I always give it my all. Cool Kristen, thanks for inspiring us again. ^_^

  19. jim says:

    I really like the idea of being invested. Let’s take it up a notch. How about the idea of 110%?

  20. ezaz says:

    putting your effort 100% means—–full devotion,dedictionand and concentration towards the task——-work done halfheartly will not lead you to your distination.

  21. Mark says:

    Hello Kristen,
    Giving 100% for some is easy. I give 100% every time I do anything,but is my 100% the same as someone else? I believe that society as a whole has given people a sense of being unworthy and that a large percentage of people rely on someone else to do it for them instead of doing it for themselves. I just hope there is enough of us who give that 100% to make a difference.

  22. Migen L. Osorio says:

    I am ready to go for 100% towards being the ME I had always wanted to be. Thanks to your messages for me to GO BIG. I realize I am my biggest stumbling block to ultimate success. I need to restructure my thinking, thinking small, and start to GO BIG. Thank you, Kristine. Your messages to me have sunk deep into my being. I am ready to appreciate myself 100%. I am grateful for your relentless message for me to GO BIG. Thank you again and again thank you.

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