Inspired Action in an hour or less

It’s Saturday!

Most people look at the weekend as a time to escape from their lives (something I’ll address at a different time)…

I want you to look at it as a time to take Inspired Action and step into the life you desire and want to create!

I’ve said it 8 million times and I’ll say it again…

If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you instead of against you, you MUST take Inspired Action!

Now here’s the deal, most people look at the things they are dissatisfied with and they do one of 2 things:

1. Ignore it (Bad Idea)

2. Try to FORCE it to change by taking action (EVEN WORSE Idea)

I know I said for the Law of Attraction to work for you Inspired Action must be taken…just make sure it is Inspired Action and not just ANY action.

If you are trying to force something to change or ‘think’ your way out of something you can chalk that up to ‘Just any action’.

When you feel an instinct to do something THAT is Inspired Action.

Here are the tricky things about Inspired Action…

  • Inspired Action doesn’t always seem completely practical
  • Inspired Action will often make you push your comfort zone

I want to give you a trick…

A way for you to take Inspired Action EVERY DAY…

Yes, I said it, I want you to take Inspired Action every day, EVEN ON THE WEEKEND!

If you are serious about designing your life instead of living it by default, then the weekend can be a time for fun and doing the things on your purpose list (check out the posts from earlier this week if you haven’t written your purpose list yet).  The weekend can be a time for increased attention to creating the life you desire.

I want you to imagine taking 1 step (just 1) of Inspired Action every single day…

How different will your life be a year from now?

What about a month from now?

Or even by the end of the day?

Are you getting excited yet?

The best part is that you can do this 1 step of Inspired Action at a time!

Here’s the trick to help you…

Every day (even on the weekends) I want you to look at your current primary goal (target) and ask yourself this one question:

‘What 1 step can I take today, that even if it pushes my comfort zone, I KNOW will take me 1 step closer to ————– (fill in your goal here)?’

Now here’s the key to this trick…

1. It has to be 1 step and 1 step ONLY of Inspired Action

(Call Jimmy to talk about our Joint Venture is 1 step, Get new website up is multiple steps.)


The cool part is that most of the time the step of Inspired Action will take less than an hour and will move you forward more than 10 hours of JUST ANY ACTION.

Seriously, 1 inspired action phone call will normally change your life faster than 10 hours of organizing your office.

If you can actually change your life in 1 step of Inspired Action a day and in 1 hour or less a day, when is the best time to take the first step?

Now or NOW?

Go Big!

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