Issue 235 – Intentions – KEY Ingredient

Intentions – KEY Ingredient

By Kristen Howe

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“Love this! What AM I waiting for?? The time is now! This really resonated with me. I will do the 7 day challenge. Thanks for your positivity!”
– Shannon

Quick Tip

Are you ready to REALLY have this work for you? Great, let’s go…

Choose a small and easy area of your life where you have wanted *MORE* – and ask yourself this power question…

“What is one small intention I can have in this area?”

See, by asking this simple question, you are removing the non-specific and bringing in a specific focus point. THEN ask yourself this follow up power question…

“How can I have FUN with this intention?”

FUN is the key ingredient with intentions – and the strange part (I think) is that the element of fun rarely gets talked about. Think about it though – when things are fun, your vibration is high and your resistance is low – now you can see why FUN is such a vital element to include in your intentions (and everything else)!

10 Responses to “Issue 235 – Intentions – KEY Ingredient”

  1. trenna says:

    When you don’t know where the money for the house payment is coming from how can you have fun?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Trenna! I’ve been there so I understand where you are coming from and I will tell you that it is in these times that it is most important for you to find a way to have fun – even if you are simply having fun brainstorming how to create another $1 each day – or simply laughing with friends. Fun raises your vibration and your vibration MUST raise for money to flow to you.

  2. Jean L. Serio says:

    What do you do when an intention set brings what you asked for but not what you expected and aren’t sure you want?

  3. Fred says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thank you for the video. I work in a very specialized and competitive industry, and I’ve been in a frustrating career rut for several years now.

    I’ve been meditating, practicing affirmations and keeping a gratitude journal every day for the past four months, and that has really helped me feel better inside. Because of this feeling inside, I’ve felt for awhile now that I’m on the brink of a major career breakthrough, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

    Can you give me some tips for small intentions I can focus on? One that came to mind is just to own business cards that I’m proud to give out. Can you help me with more? Any other advice you could offer would also be greatly appreciated.


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Fred!

      I suggest using my favorite “power question” every day for the next month – here it is:

      “What is 1 thing can I do today (in 15 minutes or less) that I KNOW will move me toward my intention of ______________ ?”

      This makes you pull things down to bite sized pieces (and often, that thing you do in 15 minutes will push your comfort zone and that is GREAT) – you’ll be amazed by the positive momentum this creates for you!


    thanks once more dear friend

  5. Infini Sanner says:

    This is simple yet very profound! Having fun is something I had stopped doing when it came to money and it makes sense now that I stopped generating it. I have started having more fun and the money has started to come back. Perfect timing, thank you.

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