Issue 237 – Feeling Discouraged?

Feeling Discouraged?

By Kristen Howe

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“YES – I am in on valuing myself more. 7 days to make the habit and then keep it going! Ideally this will shift my mindset to be more attuned with prosperity attainment in different areas of my life. Thanks for the challenge Kristen.”
– Virginia

Quick Tip

Sometimes it can feel difficult to think any other “as usual” is possible. That’s okay, if you are feeling particularly disconnected from how to change what is “usual” for you – here’s a great first step…

First, think of something negative that when it happens, you think or say “as usual”.

Got it? Great, now do this…

Think of something that is NOT AS NEGATIVE that you can imagine actually being possible as your new “as usual”.

You heard me right – here’s the thing – you don’t have to completely shift from negative to positive in one step. Even though that’s possible, your beliefs would have trouble catching up. So instead focus on going from negative to “not as negative” – which by the way could also be called “a little more positive” 🙂

And then you keep progressing from there. You’ll quickly start to feel the relief and positive momentum when you take the burden of “instant transformation” off your shoulders.


Are you in? Leave me a comment and let me know you are!

16 Responses to “Issue 237 – Feeling Discouraged?”

  1. Mark Rodoreda says:


    I AM IN I really appreciate you doing audios like the one above. I am very grateful to have access to this type of material. Stuff like this changes lives and makes the world a better place. Thanks again.

  2. Christine says:

    This came just in time! So ready to change my “as usual” negativity to an uplifting more positive vibe!
    Thank you!

    ~ Christine

  3. Richard says:

    Thanks! I needed that

  4. David says:

    Thanks Kristen. Today was one of those days. So now, I’m IN.

    I’ll catch it as soon as it catches me!.

    Best wishes, always.

    David (the Kentucky Colonel man)

  5. Tammy says:

    Thank you for sharing this video and your latest talk. I’m ready to move towards changing the vibrations surrounding my current career path.

  6. Hussein Taleb says:

    great video, love the energy 😀 you inspired me 😀

  7. Virginia Reeves says:

    What do you want your ‘per usual’ to be today?
    Consistency and awareness of what we do is so important.
    Willingness to persist to raise your vibration.
    As always,Kristen offers good tips.
    YES – I want my ‘per usual’ to be filled with more contentment, abundance, and higher energy.

  8. Elizabeth Neal says:

    What a great idea! There are certain things I do and have a as per usual response – for example exams that rely on my ability to recall accurately that I am good at and do well in (as per usual ) and exams I struggle with (mathematics ) that as per usual I do poorly and even fail (as per usual ). So it obviously works. I will try applying to everything good and positive and watch for the change!

    Great idea! Thanks

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