Issue 239 – Just “Getting Through”?


Just “Getting Through”?

By Kristen Howe

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Kristen, I AM IN I really appreciate you doing audios like the one above. I am very grateful to have access to this type of material. Stuff like this changes lives and makes the world a better place. Thanks again.”
– Mark R.

Quick Tip

Be honest with yourself about this – what are some areas of your life where you are “protecting yourself” by not showing your enthusiasm? And it isn’t about just showing enthusiasm externally – it is about allowing yourself to feel it as well…

Now, is this form of “protecting yourself” REALLY helping you? Or is it taking from you?

What SMALL thing can you do right now to express your enthusiasm to yourself?

I promise you that when you allow yourself to engage and get excited about the small and big things in your life, everything will be that much more rich and fulfilling!

6 Responses to “Issue 239 – Just “Getting Through”?”

  1. Silas says:

    Thank you so much that you give me confidence may God bless you.

  2. Joshua Clayton says:

    I heard it twice, this time. But, I got it Kristen. Thanks!

  3. Virginia Reeves says:

    Kristen – I agree that enthusiasm is a primary force in life. I find that viewing events and relationships with a child-like awareness helps. They find the most ordinary things to be fascinating sometimes. Also, ask those reporter questions: who, what, when, why, where, how – that will get your imagination going which lifts your energy. How about thinking like an explorer or someone setting how to discover something new or different? These give your mind and body a boost which leads to enthusiasm.

  4. Fredy Chiteta says:

    That’s lovely! Perhaps I should say, this is something I’m proud of at the moment. It’s taking me to the life that has always been the dream. But sometimes I do not get committed to it is much because of other commitments like friend and family funerals, work or just boring topics. Of course its important that I attend to this as they are in the society. However, I do also care about the community that I’m happy and proud of.

    In any situation in the moment, I do not forget that there is always tomorrow.

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