Issue 244 – Write it Down to Get it Done

Write it Down to Get it Done

By Josh Hinds

If you want to remember something, be sure to write it down. If you’ve heard that said once, you have heard it a million times. For good reason I might add. It’s solid advice.

When it comes to accomplishing things, in most cases we tend to over complicate the process. Certainly, in some instances there is a basic learning curve that might be required to overcome (notice the emphasis on basic). That said, you will give yourself a better than average chance of accomplishing more, more often if you will develop the habit of writing down what you want to achieve.

Yes, we’re talking about making lists. No, it’s not fancy, but it is effective. Simple and effective. Two words that go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Got it? Good! …

The reason keeping lists work so well is because the chances of you getting sidetracked, as long as you have a visual reminder of what you want to do is greatly reduced. Provided of course you can keep what needs to be done — where you are most likely to see it!

At this point you’ve got the basics down. If you want to get really fancy you can keep your lists in your phone, and assign handy reminders for yourself.

Alternatively, you can keep your lists on a sheet of paper (so long as you’re not prone to lose it prior to completing the tasks on it of course).

Keep Reading for a great approach for paper lists…

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Here’s something I like to do with paper based lists…

I keep my daily actions list in a notebook that includes tear out sheets of paper. It’s got a lightweight plastic type front and back so it can withstand a little wear and tear.

Each day (actually the night before) I will draw a line down the piece of paper. On one side I write “Work” and on the other side of the line I write “Personal”.

I then go down each side of the paper writing down my “to do action items” which fit within the two broad categories.

This gives me a handy at a glance view of the things that I’ve identified as being most important to complete for the particular day.

As I accomplish the particular items on my list I like to put the letter v with a little circle around it (as in v for victory) and then I’ll scratch through the item as well (making sure I can still make out what I’ve completed). I find that this allows me to enjoy the little mental boost that goes along with having completed the task, while at the same time letting me look back on what I have completed and review if necessary.

At the end of the day I turn to a new page — repeat the steps mentioned above, and add whatever tasks I didn’t complete the day before. It’s also worth noting that in some cases some of the items that were on the list before may no longer be relevant or as important as I thought they were — so they don’t get moved to my new list.

I should also mention that in some instances I also include tasks in my phone or calendar for additional reminding. It is also worth noting that the items that go on this daily list are just that — daily action items I need to do. I don’t include long term goals or things which need to be recalled longer term. Those things go in my calendar, or phone where I can let the “technology” keep up with reminding me and ensuring I stay on task.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to drive yourself nuts trying to adhere to a system that doesn’t feel right to you personally. Feel free to give the ideas above a try, if they resonate with you, wonderful, if not, by all means use bits and pieces of what you learn and mash it all up into a system that works best for you.

Keep in mind that personal development is a hands on project — which is to say that you have to be the biggest part in the equation.

Certainly be open to shared ideas, but more than that be open to trying and when necessary adapting what you learn into something that’s workable for you.

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!


“Increase your confidence and belief in 15 minute chunks. Yes – doable !
As always Kristen, you break things down to a positive lowest denominator.
Congratulating yourself is really important. You then want to do it again and again.
I don’t go for 5 minutes daily but I have a ritual for stating at least 5 things I’m glad about or am proud to have done for that day. Lots of days it’s pretty simple but it keeps me in gratitude.”

– Virginia R.

Quick Tip

Another GREAT benefit of writing things down is to clear out your mind clutter…

Think about it, how many things are you “holding onto” or “keeping track of” in your mind?

Here’s the deal – we think we can hold all of those things in our mind without a problem, but there is a problem…

For every item you’re “holding” mentally because you haven’t written it down, you are costing yourself focus and energy. That’s right – it takes a surprising amount of focus and energy to “not forget something” you think is or may be important.

So, write it down! In fact, do it now – ask yourself this power question…

“What am I holding onto or keeping track of in my mind these days?”

And then write down everything you think of.

Then you can actually decide if you want to take action on it now or later or never (because we gain clarity when we write things down) and the best part is you free up your energy and focus so you can be more powerful with everything you are engaged with!

25 Responses to “Issue 244 – Write it Down to Get it Done”

  1. kilimba says:

    This is very good stuff and deeply inspiring. Thank you.

  2. Rosa says:

    My nephew Alway encourage me to make a list but I never did. Now I will do my list n even thou, it’s a small list I will try it. I guess he is very wise like you. Thank you for all your emails. I appreciated it very much. Thanks Rosa

  3. Tammy sabedra says:

    Thank you I hope to learn to empower my mind as well as better my self in many ways.

  4. Virginia Reeves says:

    Kristen – I like the addition of adding a little ‘v’ for victory. Lists are handy as long as you actually pay attention to them plus act on the items. (smiling)

  5. Lolita says:

    This definitely feeds my interest for my advancement and personal recovery. Great ideas…! I generally, have so much on my mind, in addition to things required for work, my commute, eating, errands, home, etc., until it just ends up giving me a crowded mind, and I don’t really ask myself what I’ve accomplished in a daily basis other than the world of work. Crowded minds forget, and most often, I don’t remember to give myself the gifts I need for my growth each day.

    *Divine order is now established in my life and world and everything in all phases of my life are now taking their correct place for my growth and prosperity.




    thank you , you are awesome . love

  7. Ann says:

    How strange you should mention doing this now. I have just bought myself a journal for this exact purpose. I found I had so many things going on in my life at the moment and it was all just becoming a big jumble in my mind. I felt like stopping instead of focusing. But now I am going to set out a ” to do” list ( home and work) and devote time to them individually instead of worrying about doing it all and limited time to do it. What I can not do in one day will be done the next day. Work will stay at work and home at home.

    As you mentioned your mind does get cluttered and you end up not being able to focus on the really important things that need attention. I am going to give this a try and see what happens. Here’s to success !!!

  8. Cyril says:

    That’s alright, it’s cool

  9. Earl l west says:

    Thank you so much. This is such a practical and helpful activity that I appreciate being reminded of doing. You take alot of care in your valuable post,s we all really benifit. Bless you!!

  10. Jeanene says:

    That is great information that you shared. I find that when you write things down your higher self / soul starts to take action to make things happen with ease and grace and it is a great tool to look back on what you have accomplished. Thank you for sharing this. Jeanene

  11. Elizabeth Wiley says:

    Thank you for the reminder………..I learned this habit and it works. Sometimes I get to feeling overwhelmed and I take time to walk through my day, and write it down, and I then can sort it out and make lists…………..I find that often I have put aside a task or two, here or there, and as I walk by they bother me, but I do not think of them again until I see them. I learned to have more than one list, nothing major, but for career, for home, for ME. Sometimes I see my hair and say, OOPS, I need to get a trim, or some new dye……..when I was in a serious car accident and previously when I had cancer I kind of let things go…….and now have to put the pieces together again…… I loved the reminder…………

  12. Marianne says:

    Thank you so much Kristen, this really makes sense that writing down a list helps me to remind myself to complete my simple daily activities. Simple things I don’t practice daily. Grateful for the work you are doing. Kind regards, Marianne

  13. Pago says:

    Hi there guys !
    I just spent about an hour or so with some pen and paper and made a list but customized it for me.
    I split it into 3 , Absolute wants , Need to do ( this can be anything you want but i made mine about my home -things to be fixed or renovated etc ) and General goals- health, wealth, love and lifestyle.
    The next thing i did was look at everything that i had written down and then put a $ dollar figure on my ” Wants ” and ” Need to do ” lists .
    This is the time to be totally honest with yourself and be generous with your estmations $ wise because shit happens and you need a back up or contingency plan give yourself a buffer so theres no pressure on you !
    I find it helpful to know what my desires will cost because then it gives me something to aim for and also drives me to find a way to get them , so by doing this gives me an action plan and a mission statement , now its all about actioning the things i have given priority to , that are achievable, affordable and generally easy to do.
    By knocking things off your list builds confidence and momentum and also gives you focus , and all because your mind is uncluttered .
    Have a crack at it , it will be the best hour or so you will spend and it costs you nothing !

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