Issue 247 – Happiness Now

Happiness Now

By Victor Da Ponte

Your Wildest Dreams Now & The Law of Miracles

You want to realize the life of which you dream. The American dream, as it were. However, if you go about it in the wrong way, this can be a formula for strain and strife. Neglecting yourself and focusing only on the final outcome can lead you down a path of frustration, anger, confusion, and stagnation. Guess what? Ninety-five percent of people are doing it backwards.

Without a solid foundation of self-love, and unless you are happy with yourself, procrastination will rule. Your negative mindset will prevail over your best intentions. Your visualizations often succumb to the void within. Isn’t that true?

The Alignment Factor

Your inner self, a.k.a. your subconscious mind, forms the part of you that is a child. There is part of the subconscious mind that is you as a child. This is the innocent power within you that can create anything, because it has not been conditioned to think otherwise. But your inner child will not work for you under unfavorable conditions. If your attempts to manifest are plagued with procrastination, fear, and doubt, this is most likely for one core reason: You have neglected the child within. You have forgotten to love, appreciate, and care for him or her, because you are too focused on pursuing the notion of happiness that lies somewhere out there.

If you can nurture your inner child with true, sincere self-love, happiness, and approval, the rest becomes easy-peasy. Miracles can and will manifest effortlessly and quickly.

You Forgot about You

You mustn’t forget about yourself. You mustn’t forget about the child part of you. Love, nurture, and care for your inner child, and he or she will work magic and miracles for you. You can think of it as caring for your innermost needs. It’s you. It’s you loving you. It’s you not battling yourself. It’s you, not putting yourself aside as you pursue success and prosperity, and thereby realizing your potential.

You Can’t Do Anything Alone

By the very nature of reality, you are co-creating on many levels. You may want to do things all by yourself, but this isn’t possible. Not only are you intrinsically connected with the whole of the universe; you are in a co-creative process with yourself. Work in unison with yourself and see what happens. When you fragment yourself, you leave behind your own power. If you think that you do not need anyone, and that you do not need self-love to get things done, go ahead. In twenty years, let’s meet up, and you can tell me how things worked out.

Unexpected Insights

It’s hard to be happy with yourself if you do not love, approve of, and believe in yourself. I don’t wish to lay blame; however, my father and mother did not teach me to fully believe in myself, to love myself, and to be happy within myself. I came to this realization only after years of personal and spiritual development. I once had a tremendous amount of passion and unstoppable confidence, but I lost touch with this aspect of myself, because I was not doing things that actually challenged and stimulated me, such as being a spiritual healer, teacher and speaker.

When I was living in Colombia, I made friends with a shaman and several other spiritual teachers, from whom I received ancient spiritual teachings. The shaman was named Abuelo Comba, or Grandpa Comba. Although he was still only forty-seven years old, his spiritual evolution and his presence carried the energy of someone much older—an elder—and so people called him Abuelo.

I asked Abuelo Comba why I had lost my passion and power. He explained that when you have forgotten about your inner child, because you have focused on other things, the child within no longer cooperates with you. He ignores you and doesn’t obey your orders. The child is right to do so. You’ve forgotten about him; he’s alone and unsupported. You are making demands that he doesn’t have the strength to carry out. He’s angry and resentful. You need to rescue him, accept his forgiveness, and reunite with him. If your child is hiding, call him out with something he likes, such as ice cream.

This was the last thing I’d ever expected to hear from a person who is a bearer of ancient wisdom. But I couldn’t deny the truth. He was right!

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Overflow Manifests Miracles

So I used my healing power and skills to connect with myself—my inner child, if you like. And I nourished my child-self with pure love, appreciation, belief, and happiness. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, and freedom began to flow, taking me to a completely new level. Happiness, optimism and energy abounded from deep within. Alignment set in, and a deep foundation of inner strength, love, patience, and passion arose.

It became easy to create, to take inspired action, and to get things done with infused spirit and magical powers. It became easier to command my truth and manifest my dreams.

The Law of Miracles

The end result can come first, followed by the actions that “cause” the end results, and dreams will come true. Be happy now; be thrilled now. The words I am living my dreams now should be real to you. If you feel that these words are not real to you, you must connect with your inner child, and give him or her all the happiness first. Create harmony with your child-self. Ask your child-self whether he or she is willing to manifest your dreams. See if your child-self says, “Yes! Our dreams are real now!” If you get a no, you must listen to and feel the needs of your child. Keys: Listen and feel. In this stage of healing, all that you will need is to listen with love. The rest will come naturally and intuitively. No one needs to teach you how to love. All you have to do is to want to love. It will come, because you are made of pure love.

Once you are in alignment with your child-self, you will have activated the force that creates miracles. You will have activated the law of miracles to work in alignment with your dreams. The truth is, you are always using the law, for better or for worse.

This is the law of miracles: Take the law of cause and effect, and reverse that law. Instead of causing the effect through action, believe wholeheartedly in the final result, and it will come to be. It will cause the universe to align to your dreams. Miracles will be normal, and you will not be surprised when your dreams come to fruition, because you already knew they would. You were already living in that reality. You were already feeling its effect. Live the result first. Live happiness first. Live love first. Live success first. Live joy first. Then the cause will be effortless.

Align, Be, Live, Do

That is the order in which you’ll manifest your wildest dreams, through the law of miracles.


“I love your style. Your methodology and presentation is AAA; the information dissemination is topically succinct, congruent, concise and developed beautifully. Your passion and conviction are infectious. This looks like developing into a long term association. I applaud your mission; encourage your continued success and look forward to celebrating your emergence as one of the greats in this field. Love your work. And Thank You. ”
– Lindsay

Quick Tip

Here’s a FAST way to land in your happiness right NOW – ask yourself this power question cycle

“What is ONE SMALL THING I feel happy about myself?”

“What is ONE SMALL THING I feel happy about my life?”

“What is ONE SMALL THING I can feel happy about myself that I have been ignoring?”

Once you answer all 3 questions – CELEBRATE!!!

And if you really want to shift into happiness (and I know you do) then join me in this challenge…

For the next 7 days straight – ask yourself these 3 questions and come up with different answers each time…

Are you in??? (Leave me a comment and let me know you are!)

16 Responses to “Issue 247 – Happiness Now”

  1. Phyllis Root says:

    Yes I will attend. want to believe but often have my doubts about these LOA programs and beliefs.

    • Kristen says:

      It’s okay to have healthy skepticism Phyllis – and this magazine is here to give you tools to be able to provide yourself with proof (as opposed to being convinced) the ONLY thing I suggest is that when you use the tips and techniques, that you suspend your disbelief and really commit to following through – I’m sure you understand why, if you try something while constantly assessing if it is working or not, you aren’t fully in it – so I suggest give yourself a set period of time to consistently practice one or two of the tips shared in this magazine (like 7 days or 30 days) and then for that period of time, practice the tip AS IF you believe it works – then you can assess at the end of the time period. Make sense? Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. MICHELLE says:

    I am for sure in. I love challenges and it keeps me on my toes. These type of challenges keep you focused, awareness up, and it keeps you in the present. When my kids were in school I became a substitute teacher for ten and a half years. I was always trying to make learning fun. I wanted to be the best substitute teacher and the one the kids asked for. I was told by many I was and even my three kids respected me as their teacher. Thank you for this opportunity.


  3. Denise says:

    I will try your method for the next 7 days. Hope it manifests something good

  4. Cyril says:

    Thanks, i’ll try it out

  5. Rosemary says:

    I’ll ask these 3 questions every day for the next 7 days, but, truly, I am getting tired of the never-ending cycle of boom and bust in my real estate business.

    I’m happy I have strong nails.
    I’m happy I have a good husband.
    I’m happy that I keep on keeping on, no matter what.


  6. Janine says:

    Ok i will give it a go.
    I have already answered the three questions day 1 and was surprised at how long it took me to write something down.
    The following days answers will be interesting.

  7. Robert Johnsen says:

    Thanks for everything! Your positive energy is infectious in the best way! I will do these things and I appreciate the help!

  8. Pranoti Gupta says:

    I believe everything happens at the right time and has a purpose. People start calling you names if you activate the inner chid and label you crazy for your imaginations
    I have witnessed it myself that if you act with faith, intelligence and wisdom, its a wicked combination for success.Wisdom rules intelligence and faith.

    People believed Aristotle’s word as the ultimate word even more than the bible. That is blind faith which led to superstitions and later the church authorities started criticizing scientists for antagonizing their religion.

    I have followed Kristen’s principle and the power of now is really strong. Anything in excess is eliminated. Everything arises from the ground and returns to the ground. If you have faith in this truth, it will not let our egos rise and keep everything grounded and maintain peace in the world.

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