Issue 248 – Your BEST Day

Your BEST Day

By Kristen Howe

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Hi Kristen i am so grateful for your tips and inspiration , i am deeply grateful to be a part of your like minded community ,i am open to receiving your teachings training mentoring guidance because i believe in you and i believe in the Law of Attraction and all other Universal Laws , […] i am thankful for receiving more tips and insights .Thank you for everything Kristen Howe you are amazing.”
– Cliff L.

Quick Tip

If you are struggling with feeling that THIS is your BEST day, try this…

Say to yourself…

“Okay, let’s pretend THIS is my BEST day – what am I giving my attention to?”

Once you know what you would give your attention to on your best day, then ask yourself…

“What is ONE way I can give my attention to that right now?”

Attention and focus don’t cost money – and where you choose to put your attention and focus set the stage for HOW you experience your days, your moments, your seconds – choose to treat today as if it is your BEST day because THAT is the focus that will change everything for you. And the best part is that you get to do it all again the next day – this isn’t about comparison, it IS about celebration!!!

8 Responses to “Issue 248 – Your BEST Day”

  1. Rieko says:

    Thank you for the great tips! I really like it!

  2. Virginia Reeves says:

    Kristen – I like that you included celebration at the end. I believe that if we each rewarded ourselves (and one another) more often, ‘best days’ would be more frequent. A compliment goes a long way. Acknowledgement of a win (any size) feels good. Being recognized for an effort encourages more of that behavior. Your attitude and responses can make or break your behavior. Paying attention to what you can do to make things good – for you – is very healthy.
    Give yourself permission to do all of these.

    • Kristen says:

      Yes Virginia! To be honest, if all any of us did was find reasons to celebrate every day, our vibration and quality of life would increase exponentially! 🙂

  3. Ethel Jackson says:

    How true!!! What a great reminder. Thanks Kristen.

  4. Linda says:

    Hey Kristen,

    Started “getting to know you” by your fabulous “Manifest Everything Now Calls”….I just love them.

    Uplifting and upbeat.

    Love to learn from you and continue to do so!

    All the best, Kristen, you re FANTASTIC.

    Thanks for doing “all this”…

    Kindest regards

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