Issue 250 – Your Intuition

Your Intuition

By Kristen Howe

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โ€œThank you so very much for sharing such Important Wisdom!!! The key being, to embrace, feel, so that you are then able to release! Second most important key, the mental discipline indeed!!! No matter where you are on the path to enlightenment, this is a daily, {maybe even moment to moment}, exercise!!!! Much Love and Light to All!!!
– Tracie

Quick Tip

Here’s a BONUS TIP to help you identify if something is coming from your intuition or not…

Look at the motivation…

Here’s what I mean – if you are feeling inspired to do something (or to NOT do something) and you are motivated to do so by fear of any kind then it is NOT intuition.

Fear of doing something because you are scared to fail is equally as rooted in fear motivation as the instinct to do something because you hope it will “make everything better.”

Pay attention to what is motivating you to do or not do something and you will have complete inner vision to help you expand in incredible ways.

12 Responses to “Issue 250 – Your Intuition”

  1. Allan Gaskins says:


  2. Yared Legesse says:

    It is fantastic and is right

  3. Mary Nuahn says:

    Good morning Kristen,
    My name is Mary,this is what really eating everything inside of me, I know going back to school and finishing up what I started very long time ago is now my biggest fear. Every day I say to myself I just want to to move away and have my own place and I can do whatever I want, I also keep on hearing voices that I am a failure. I really think I know what I want and I don’t care about what people are complaining about me. I also know so many amazing opportunities have missed me and thinking about it every day I am very emotional.Do you think I am a failure? Thanks for your support and time

  4. Donald T Cook says:

    In have delived into alot of material and A number of individuals all telling me their system is the one to follow. How do i deal with all of thiis knowledge? Thankyou

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Donald!

      The key is to discover what works for you – there are many systems out there and many of them work, so it isn’t about if the system works, it is about what resonates with you. In other words, I will resonate with some and not with others – my programs work for the people they resonate with. So pick what resonates most with you now. And then as you progress (if you’re anything like me) you will find pieces of different systems that work for you and create your own way ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ken says:

    Hi Kristen,
    This video increased my awareness very much. Thank you for your generosity. Ken

  6. georgina sudron says:

    Hi Kristen I did have a visualisation of something i could be interested in i did get a weird feeling in my stomach is this something that could be right as i dont always get the feeling in the stomach

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