Issue 251 – God Complex

God Complex

By Sharon Kells

Do you suffer from a God complex?

You might think this is a strange question and the answer will probably surprise you! Your initial reaction is probably: ‘Me? A God complex, you’ve got to be kidding! I often think I am not good enough, smart enough and that I should try harder to improve myself. I often do silly things and make mistakes, so how could I possibly have a God complex? I know some people that might have a God complex, but me, no way! If anything, the opposite is true!’

That’s the point!

Yes, you see that is exactly the point! If you think or say what you have just read above, even if it’s only occasionally, you have just confirmed that you are suffering from a God complex! Let me explain. How often do you berate and harshly judge yourself, and in turn feel bad and inadequate? Do you say such things to yourself as: ‘How could I have been so stupid, I feel like such an idiot? I feel so bad, so guilty!’ Or often, I hear such comments as: ‘I am working on myself, but I am not quite there yet’.

Failed before you have even started!

It is understandable that many people think this way. After all, many of us have been conditioned to think we are bad, that we have ‘faults’ and that we are just not good enough. Many of us were raised according to certain religious beliefs such as, you are born a sinner and that you need to spend a lifetime repenting and bettering yourself. You have failed before you have even started! If, by chance, these beliefs work for you and help you, make you feel good and encourage you to flourish and evolve in a positive way, then hang onto them! But if these beliefs are not helping or working for you, then take a moment to think about the following…

Keep reading for things to think about to help you thrive…

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“This came just in time! So ready to change my “as usual” negativity to an uplifting more positive vibe!
Thank you!”

– Christine

Are we ‘there’ yet?

Who do you expect to be when you are ‘there’? (Whatever ‘there’ means). Do you find yourself saying that you are not good enough until you become a better person? In other words you are not perfect, until you are perfect (‘there’!!).

Guilty as charged

When you feel guilty, what are you guilty of? In essence what you are saying is that you should know everything that is going to happen in advance, so that you can explore all options and take the right course of action and never make a mistake.

Yes it’s true!

Sure we are all careless, thoughtless, inconsiderate, greedy and selfish at times. And no we don’t always employ the most ethical, effective and considered behavior, and yes we all stuff up sometimes, (me today you tomorrow).

Yes it’s true, you are human (shock, horror!). Being human means exactly that, a being that is not a robot but a very complex sentient being. You are so complex that you will never really fully get to know yourself. But one thing is for sure, beating up on yourself is a certain way to understand yourself even less.

Being critical and judgmental is driven by a God complex, whilst being compassionate towards yourself (and others) is driven by humility. Let’s face it, would you open up to someone that constantly and relentlessly criticizes you and tells you that you are wrong no matter what?

It is essential

I am not saying don’t critique yourself, don’t question, and don’t reflect on the past and what you can do differently in the future. I am not telling you not to care or do whatever you like regardless of other people and their feelings. On the contrary, I think it is essential to be aware and make conscious choices. I encourage you to reflect and deliberate on your behavior and whether it could in fact serve you better!

But, in order to do this, it is important that you accept the complexity of being human. If you think that you should be perfect and know the exact consequences of your actions in advance or that you can’t make mistakes and you should know better (and so on) that is where the problem lies. You are then making the mistake of thinking that somehow you are not human and that you should be Godlike and superior, unlike the rest of us humans. If you think this way, then indeed you are suffering from a God complex!

An imperfect concept

If we look and reflect upon ourselves with humility, rather than from some misplaced superiority, only then can we truly accept our humanness. Only from this position can we make the changes we want or need to make, take responsibility for the things we are responsible for and care for the things we need to care for. In accepting our own humanness we can also accept the humanness in others. As I often say; the human concept of perfection is the most imperfect concept.

Quick Tip

Think about someone you love – and I mean someone you love unconditionally…

You know what I mean – when you love someone you begin to love their quirks – often you don’t love them despite their quirks; you love them BECAUSE of them…

Now, WHAT IF you loved yourself the same way?

What if you accepted your limitations and chose to focus on your extraordinary gifts instead?

How different would that make your life?

How much easier would it be if right now you forgave yourself (and everyone else) for not being perfect?

Are you ready to embrace your humanness with great love?

That’s the key – that’s where freedom and true expansion come from!

5 Responses to “Issue 251 – God Complex”

  1. sarah says:

    great article
    I apreciate you sharing this with us today
    thank you

  2. David says:

    This was a very intelligent writeup which stands whole upon its complete logic, permitting no contrary arguments. Thanks for sharing this revelation.

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks so much Kristen! This one REALLY spoke to me. So spot on and invaluable food for thought. I’m def going to mull over this to fully internalize.

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