Issue 252 – Your Value Within

Your Value Within

By Kristen Howe

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Dear Kristen,
You share your knowledge, wisdom so generously. This Law of Opposites or Law of Polarity, law of duality, etc. makes so much sense. I love the way you take even complex concepts and make them so clear and understandable to everyone who experiences confusion and lack of clarity when attempting to assimilate the Law of Attraction. You have explained this law better than any other LOA teacher. I love Abraham-Hicks but sometimes I just cannot grasp their explanations of certain aspects of LOA. What you have written, however, makes so much sense. I shall put this into practice immediately. I wish I could afford to hire you as my coach. (Perhaps one day).”
– Azna

Quick Tip

Sometimes our false beliefs will come up to try to tell us we have no value within – and I’m here to tell you the voice that limits you in these ways, the voice that belittles you or negates your value – that voice is wrong.

You are magnificent and have so much value within you!

Now, I get it if you are still struggling to believe, so here’s a great power question you can use right now to start to experience your TRUE and EXTRAORDINARY value in small steps so you can grow your beliefs about yourself without resistance.

Here’s the Power Question…

“I know I sometimes struggle to see what value I have, but if I did see a SMALL element of value within me, what would it be?”

Come up with something small that you DO feel is valuable within you and then ask yourself this followup Power Question…

“How can I express this value today?”

And then DO IT!

This is an incredibly powerful question cycle – and when you use this every morning for 7 days and then follow through on contributing that small piece of value each day, your supportive beliefs about yourself will grow exponentially.

So, that’s my 7 Day Challenge for you…

Leave me a comment and let me know YOU ARE IN!

6 Responses to “Issue 252 – Your Value Within”

  1. Rose Malapitan says:

    Dear Kristin,
    I did tried to practice LOA recently and wish it will really help me.
    Thanks for ur free video and


  2. Johanna Moon says:

    I’m in! I’ve been feeling better since doing your courses. People ask, “how are you?” They’re shocked because I reply, “I’m great thanks”. Not a response they’re used to, esp on a Monday morning at work. That’s not personal, it’s a British thing? They expect, “ok”. Bring it on Kristen!
    Many thanks

  3. Thoaas says:

    Hi kristen
    I sense i have si much value inside but j dont know how To autorisé myself To live it
    Thanks for beibg toi

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