Issue 253 – Healing Your Emotional Vibration

Healing Your Emotional Vibration

By Marybeth Murphy

The Law of Attraction is our magnetic pull to people, situations and opportunities that match our own vibration. The sequence for manifestation is: What we speak is what we feel. What we feel is what we think. What we think is what we believe. What we believe is what we vibrate. What we vibrate is our physical reality.

Our emotions provide clarity. When we have an emotional reaction to anything we gain perspective of our alignment, vibration and ultimately our physical world. Feeling angry, guilty, confused, joyful, elated or even depressed is normal. If we didn’t have emotions we wouldn’t feel and have a point of creation. When faced with something we don’t want we feel the imbalance through our emotions and then can create what we do want.

It is important to experience all of our emotions, especially the negative ones. Through anger or fear we distinguish what is happening within us. Do not get stuck or live in any negative emotion too long since your vibrational pull will be just that. Use your emotions for the deciphering tool that they are and then try to get to a better feeling place. If you are in despair it would be difficult to jump to joy but easier to get to anger. From there try to get to frustration or any other emotion that feels better until you finally end up in empowerment and joy. Making the leap from negative to positive is too big and will only leave you feeling irritated. Recognize where you are with a conscious choice of changing your vibration and move forward from there. Be patient and enjoy the journey of expansion. It has taken you time to get where you are and it will take the same to move away from it.

Speaking what you want without feeling is not creation. If you do not feel your request, it cannot come. The universe does not react to words, it only reacts to vibration. Part of that vibration is living in the joy of worthiness of your desire as well as staying open to the miracle of receiving your request. In openness, the universe surprises us with many unanticipated events as your thought manifests into physical reality.

Keep reading for how to keep your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in balance…

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“Thanks for everything! Your positive energy is infectious in the best way! I will do these things and I appreciate the help!”
– Robert

Archangel Raphael assists in all forms of healing. He helps us see the beauty that we are and aids in keeping our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in balance.

Healing practitioners and facilities are guided by Raphael and his healing Angels. They help those in need release suffering and pain and aid us in seeing the physical body as our own creation and a vehicle of letting us know what is not working in our lives. Through minor aches and pains we are given signals of where we carry past hurt or trauma. We can listen and work on healing or if ignored our body will then speak louder with a minor or even serious illness. A diagnosis is simply a way for us to finally pay attention to a continuous request for assistance.

Mind, body, spirit are the Divine aspects of each of us and are connected. Spot treating the physical body negates our connection and only puts a bandage over the real cause. Most doctors can assist through medication but only we have the power to ‘cure’ ourselves. Medications will mask the truth of what caused the imbalance to begin with. If we are not in pain then the body has no way of communicating what is happening. Listen to where and what your body is telling you, call upon Raphael and the healing Angels for help and give your full attention to fixing the issue. Emotional distress stored over a period of time is often the cause of physical dis-ease. It may take some time to locate the root cause of the issue but once done, the body will and can return to place of health. Every tissue, organ and cell of our body is charged with Divine knowing and can reverse any imbalance.

If there is anything in front of you, ask for Divine help, be courageous, own your power and look at the issue.

Quick Tip

I’m thrilled that Marybeth focuses on growing from negative feelings to positive feelings (instead of trying to make a massive leap) – this is such a crucial element for you to really get

When you are feeling something negative, first acknowledge it and allow yourself to feel it (trying to stifle and push feelings down is just as dangerous as sitting in them and never letting them go). And then ask yourself to simply shift to a better feeling state by using this Power Question Cycle…

“I’m feeling __________ right now, what is 1 step higher of a feeling?”

Then ask yourself…

“What would I need to focus on to move to that 1 step higher feeling of __________ ?”

Now here’s the cool part – simply by asking yourself these 2 Power Questions, your awareness begins to shift and with it, so do your feelings – when you know what you need to focus on to raise your vibration just 1 step higher (instead of 20) then you will actually be able to do it – and then you can ask yourself the questions again and again to continue raising your vibration.

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  1. Chris says:

    Your links for your free video is broken. I there another link that would work please.

  2. Eyo Bassey says:

    I love and appreciate this

  3. Juli says:

    Thank you for the indoor action on how to raise my vibration a step higher! This information is crucial for me right now, as I feel like I’ve been in quite the negative slump for awhile. I desperately want/need to move past this to get to a better/higher vibration. I hope these theories work for me, I am kind of desperate to move on.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Juli!

      Begin with slightly shifting your story and giving your focus to anything (even the smallest thing) that you feel good about and you will begin to gain momentum!

  4. Macklyn Mayfield says:

    Article was awesome. Just what I needed.Thank You.

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