Issue 256 – Be A Solutions Expert

Be A Solutions Expert

By Kristen Howe

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“Hi Kristen. You are so right, i was all work no play till i became quite ill and always tired, i now make time to do 15min. meditation every morning before going to work. What a huge difference 15 minutes of time out can heal.:) Thank you for all your inspiring helpful tips. You’re amazing.”
– Janine

Quick Tip

Have FUN being a solutions expert!

That’s right, have fun with it…

When you do, you instantly shift your energetic vibration higher. One of my favorite ways to have fun when I’m discovering solutions is to ask this power question…

“If there were no limits to the solutions that would work here, what would be the most FUN solution?”

And then give yourself 2-3 minutes to allow your imagination to play  – note that the first part of the question is key “If there were no limits…” because this gives you the freedom to come up with anything instead of being restricted by what you think would be possible or would work best.

Believe me, sometimes the greatest solutions come from answering this question.

So have FUN!!!

6 Responses to “Issue 256 – Be A Solutions Expert”

  1. Jaya says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thank you so much for this brief video on being a solutions expert! It is just what I needed to hear this morning give me the right motivation to start something new that I was wondering how am I going to do it as I have never done it before! Now, After having listened to you, I have decided to say let’\s go and have fun! After all, I am a solutions expert, isn’t it?


  2. kristina says:

    Thank you.

    I really needed this.


  3. Virginia Reeves says:

    Kristen – always simple tips and techniques to help us get out of our own way when we erect roadblocks. My niece goes on and on about the problems yet she often comes up with creative solutions. They aren’t always good ones (in my view) but they move her out of the ‘stuck and angry’ mode. I encourage her to keep looking for alternatives. She operates with drama and deceit (which I totally do NOT buy into or practice so we are very different). We have to be careful of judging how others choose to deal with problems and solutions.

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