Issue 259 – Let it Go and Let it Flow

Let it Go and Let it Flow

By Chris Cade

It’s been said by many that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. If we take this to heart, it also reminds us that our bodies are the vehicles by which we interact with the world.

Seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget. We don’t make anything happen in our lives without doing something. Even the most prominent Law of Attraction teachers tell us that no matter how strongly we believe and affirm our intentions, we must take some form of action in the world to manifest them.

This also means our emotions have a much more important role in our lives than most of us give credit to. (even those of us who already feel we know a LOT about the importance of emotions)

Our bodies are made of electricity and chemicals. These are very real physical energies that need to be moving. When they are blocked, it creates cesspools within our bodies where the energy becomes stagnant and ineffective.

This is true whether the emotions are joy and happiness or sadness and anger. No matter what the emotion, it must be fully experienced in order for its energy to be released from the body.

At first glance, it may seem to be a good thing if “joy” or “happiness” were stuck in your body. However, the thing to remember is that if emotions are not experienced and allowed, then they will become repressed or suppressed. Yes, even your happiness and joy can become repressed or suppressed.

Take for example a child who is experiencing wonderful joy and delight, but his mother is depressed. Instead of allowing and appreciating his happiness, the boy learns that it’s “not okay to be happy.”

Over time he experiences happiness less frequently and with less intensity. The overall result is that his happiness and joy become repressed. As an adult, this child will most likely not be in touch with his happiness, and therefore, his passions in life. He may even develop physical illnesses to cope with all the blocked energy that remains inexperienced.

I like to use the example of a child who is happy because it’s extreme. The extreme example helps us bring it back into our daily lives which usually aren’t so extreme.

Though we may forget about the daily frustrations of our lives, they can build up over time. They can translate into anger or sadness, which then as those emotions are stuck in our bodies can be the catalysts for disease (dis-ease).

Keep reading for the difference between expressing and experiencing…

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β€œDear Kristen,
You share your knowledge, wisdom so generously. This Law of Opposites or Law of Polarity, law of duality, etc. makes so much sense. I love the way you take even complex concepts and make them so clear and understandable to everyone who experiences confusion and lack of clarity when attempting to assimilate the Law of Attraction. You have explained this law better than any other LOA teacher. I love Abraham-Hicks but sometimes I just cannot grasp their explanations of certain aspects of LOA. What you have written, however, makes so much sense. I shall put this into practice immediately. I wish I could afford to hire you as my coach. (Perhaps one day).”

– Azna

It’s also important to note the difference between experiencing and expressing.

There have actually been studies that showed people who express their anger physically (such as hitting pillows) are more likely to have more severe anger issues.

Therefore, the answer isn’t necessarily expressing emotions. Though since emotions expressed are amplified, in the case of positive emotions like happiness and joy, expressing them can be a significant benefit.

Regardless of whether the emotion is expressed however, the key is to simply experience those emotions. This is a skill that few people have mastered. It simply means that we are totally present, in our bodies, and accepting of whatever emotion is flowing through us. We don’t deny or reject our experience.

For example, if we were feeling anger it isn’t necessary that we yell, scream, or hit pillows. What is necessary is that we fully feel the anger flowing through our bodies. That we are fully in touch with our experience. This can apply to fear, jealousy, and other ‘negative’ emotions.

The same is true with happiness and joy. πŸ™‚

As an extreme example, suppose you were at a funeral and you had spent some time completely remembering how much joy that person brought to your life. In fact, it’s so much happiness that you feel overflowed and almost compelled to laugh or jump up and down. Still, this might not be the most appropriate time to express happiness in that way when people all around you are sobbing with tears. It might be disruptive.

Many of us would tell ourselves we “shouldn’t” feel happy in that moment. But that’s not true.

Happiness would be what’s happening. It would be real and very true to us. Therefore, the best thing we could do is totally own and accept our happiness. Appreciate it.

In other words, don’t suppress or reject your inner emotional experience simply because the outer-world context might not be able to appropriately hold and value your inner experience.

Ultimately, what we strive for is a balance in fully experiencing our emotions and expressing them appropriately. When we allow these emotions to run through us, even without “expressing” them, our bodies have a natural release of the energy. The electrical charge and chemicals can flow naturally.

By doing this, we can not only release old stuck emotions, we can also prevent new ones from becoming stuck.

Quick Tip

I’m relieved that Chris pointed out the difference between experiencing and expressing your emotions and I want to point out something else that is incredibly important…

There is a difference between experiencing and indulging your emotions. This is most important when we have negative or painful emotions that we need to allow ourselves to feel. Here’s the difference…

Experiencing is allowing the emotion to flow through you – allowing yourself to FEEL it. Indulging, on the other hand, is when we engage our brains and start reinforcing the negative or bad feeling with blame and finger pointing and more mental confirmation of how badly we feel and how justified it is that we feel that way. The challenge with indulging our negative emotions is that we get stuck there and experiencing your emotions is all about letting them flow through you so you can let them go and be free.

Now that you’re aware of this difference you will naturally begin to shift out of indulging and into experiencing – and you will feel how essential this is to your happiness!!!

16 Responses to “Issue 259 – Let it Go and Let it Flow”

  1. Earline Parsons says:

    This makes so much sense, it reaches me at the perfect time as well. Thank you! I have been doing allot of Energy Healing us ring the Healing Codes which is taught by Dr. Alex Lloyd. For the past couple days I have been in a funk and have been wanting to resist it. Just simply understanding that I need to allow the feelings to flow is like releasing a pressure valve. I am confident that this too shall pass leaving me free. Thank you…

  2. Infini says:

    This was a great article and at the perfect time.
    Thank you for this enlightenment.

  3. Lizza says:

    Thank you for this. I have been longing to read a similar article that could clarify my inner enquiries. Questioning and validating my inner emotional experiences based on my perspective, how my mind could persieve my thoughts and feelings. I now understand what’s going on inside me and the people around me who are close to me.

    However, my perspective incase of anger as long I am letting myself to experience it and letting the emotions flow alone and quietly, I believe nobody has the right react about it. It is experiencing the emotions without expression that could hurt the people around me. I believe by letting it go and flow I am being authentic to my self and express my perception too.
    All of us are experiencing and struggling with negative feelings therefore better to let it flow through our body without hurting others and judging ourselves.
    It is healthy and helpful not being slaved by stucked emotions!

    Thank you again. I have increased too my sense of compassion to others but firstly to my self.

    All the best.

  4. John says:

    Thanks for this one. I’ve found scratching around in the past to be mostly useless and not much fun, and getting into the present to freely experience what turns up without the self-battering mind games makes sense.

    Life could feel so much better knowing one is more than an example to others of how NOT to experience being human. Thanks for information that helps in articulating positive perspectives forward, and ways to practice self-appreciation now.

  5. Susah says:

    I like this article, I could see times in my life explained and how things have changed over time.
    As a child and young adult, I was outwardly expressive, sometimes with too much energy. Then to fit in with work and other activities, I learned to keep it inside, maybe smiling a bit more or thinking a giggle. Also suppressing anger and disappointment and sorrow, never letting it out. Sometimes letting anger slip out inappropriately. Now, I know, “I’m O.K.” I will work on balancing my expression of emotions to keep my spirit healthy. Thank you.

  6. Earl l west says:

    Thanks so much for your work. With anger as example..for that to move through onesself, to exit or Complete it,s passage can that energy complete it,s ..passing..short of expressing or pounding the pillow or yelling, as that energy itself is already a pent up pattern desiring release/Acceptance? Really appreciate your dedication and great post,s.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Earl – anger in itself is not typically the original feeling – anger most often comes as a response to other feelings such as hurt, shame etc. And here is the essential thing to get – anger will move through you if you let yourself feel it – it will move through you and shift and change until it releases. The thing that makes anger seem to hold on and grow is our attachment to the anger and to justifying why we have every right to be angry – this comes up especially when our anger comes from hurt – and the thing to feel is the hurt. You can start by asking yourself “what’s REALLY fueling this anger” – and then allow yourself to feel that emotion.

      Thanks for being here and sharing!

  7. Anne says:

    Addressing our feelings:
    Please give us advice on what we can say to alleviate our hurt feelings towards people that have dropped us like a hot potatoe, or ignored our emails. These people don’t really dislike us, they simply don’t “like” us. Maybe they were friends for a long time or maybe more recent people that you thought you were gonna have the friendship of a lifetime with – then Crickets. Are they liars or play actors? I for one really need to know cause obviously I am naive although I am a senior. I confess I am too trusting of people when we first meet. My downfall, and I am the one with hurt feelings. Here is poor little old me fretting and hurting why hasn’t so and so returned my email or phone call. Especially when they make it appear that they are our BFF or maybe going to be our BFF. A BFF would not do that to me/us. Yet we will run into them from time to time.

    Is it OK to blurt out “Why did you drop me like a hot potatoe”. Putting the blame on their foot and off of our heart and back.????????

    Many of us would like to hear your answer to this.


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Anne!

      Here’s the most important thing to remember…

      How other people feel about you has nothing to do with you. I know that can be difficult to process, yet it’s true – it is about them – so them dropping you – has to do with them and whatever filters they have going on.

      If you do really feel the desire to know what happened, there is nothing wrong with asking – just remember, their answer still has nothing to do with you (even though their actions have affected you) – and remember it isn’t about trying to convince them differently. Healthy conversation like this can be incredible for everyone when you enter into it completely open.

      Thanks for being here – I appreciate you!

  8. Jackie says:

    It is enlightening to hear abour the concept of experiencing o we indulging in our emotions. This was a key message I needed to hear. I indulge in negative emotions and I need to stop!! Thank you for pointing out such a crucial thing when dealing with energy.

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