Issue 261 – The DREADED “To Do List”

The DREADED “To Do List”

By Kristen Howe

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β€œThis makes so much sense, it reaches me at the perfect time as well. Thank you!

I have been doing allot of Energy Healing and for the past couple days I have been in a funk and have been wanting to resist it. Just simply understanding that I need to allow the feelings to flow is like releasing a pressure valve. I am confident that this too shall pass leaving me free.”
– Earline

Quick Tip

If you feel strongly that it’s time for something to be taken off your To Do List yet you are REALLY struggling to let it go – here’s what to do…

Give it a 2 week probation period…

Here’s what I mean – you are basically putting that item from your to do list on probation – you are saying “Listen, in 2 weeks if I haven’t done you, I’m erasing you!”

Here’s why this works – just by declaring the probation period, you will instantly align yourself with the true importance (or not) or this To Do Item. Believe me, when you put it on probation, you will instantly get a sense of if it is really valuable to you or not, and if it is, you will get it done before the 2 weeks is over and if it isn’t, once the 2 weeks is up – it’s gone!

4 Responses to “Issue 261 – The DREADED “To Do List””

  1. Rick LeBlanc says:

    I already try to do this, but I like th presentation and relish the positive reinforcement. Thank you.

  2. Virginia Reeves says:

    What the heck is this item doing on my list?
    Is it going to do me any good?
    Does it resonate right now?
    Does it fit with the life I want to be living?

    I like to remind myself that it is ME who gives myself permission each day to make certain choices.

    Your tip for a 2 week ‘do something or dump’ makes it much easier to say goodbye to those items that really shouldn’t be there anymore.

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