Issue 262 – Take Serious Steps Forward

Take Serious Steps Forward

By Marcia Wieder

Sometimes, when you put your dreams on your “To Do” list, they may be too big and never materialize. But break these into manageable tasks and you can more easily accomplish them.

Here’s an example of how to design a simple strategy or plan for a big dream. I’ll call my project, “Go On A Free Cruise To An Exotic Place Within The Next Three Months.”

I listed the ways I could make it happen. In this case, I couldn’t just purchase a ticket because my project was to go on a free cruise. I chose to create a bartering relationship by booking a speech on a cruise ship in return for a free trip.

The steps to accomplish this were clear. Describe some topics about which I could speak; prepare my biography; get the name and number of several cruise ship lines. I decided not to mass-mail my proposal: I wanted the best cruise available. I committed to getting booked by Cunard Lines, which owns the luxury liner, Queen Elizabeth II.

In less than a month, I developed promotional materials, sent out a marketing package, and scheduled a date by which I intended to set sail. Before I had a chance to make a follow-up call to see if they were interested, Cunard called me. I was quickly booked to go on a Hawaiian cruise, all expenses paid for two, in exchange for presenting three twenty minute talks on how to make your dreams come true.

I’m an advocate of simplification and short-cuts. If you can find a faster way of getting something done, do it. One strategy for accomplishing something that you don’t know how to do might be to learn it. Alternatively, you might hire or partner with somebody who already has that knowledge.

A crucial component of creating successful strategies is making use of the resources in all the areas of your life. Think about the people you know in the different aspects of your life; consider what’s available to you in the way of technology and information. There’s nothing that’s not a potential resource.

Be sure you understand clearly the difference between a project and action steps. The project is the end result and the action steps are the strategies that get you there. It’s a lot easier to be in action on one component –than on a big dream. You know that old joke, “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time.” This is also how you can more easily accomplish your dreams. One serious step at a time.

Keep reading for a quick tip on how to guarantee your success…

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Quick Tip

It’s time to Go Big One Small Step at a Time and you can actually guarantee your success with small steps when you start using one of my favorite power questions…

“What is the smallest step I can take right now toward this outcome?”

I mean it – go SMALL to go BIG – and once you have answered the question, TAKE ACTION and then rinse and repeat. Not only does this work, it creates massive positive momentum AND boosts your confidence. Try it, you’ll see what I mean!

8 Responses to “Issue 262 – Take Serious Steps Forward”

  1. Ah, the one step at a time method of getting things done. But how do I determine the first step, after which I am sure the next step will ensue? How do I overcome the resistance that makes any action seem overwhelming? The project I am considering is to downsize my business, reduce my overhead, so I can survive this painful lull in the real estate market. It took me so long to find the right assistant, find the right office, design everything so that it works when I need it. Guess I would rather fail utterly than face the prospect of having to reinvent all of that when things get better. Can I hold out much longer? Just when I think things are going to the dogs, a deal pops up,, and I am reminded how much I love this business. Obvious confusion and self-deprecation. Oh, and it’s not just me, others in the business have expressed that this has been a down year.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rosemary!

      Sometimes you are choosing from an abundance of possible first steps – and the key here is to start – so I suggest taking the first step that feels easiest right now (as long as you know it is moving you forward toward your vision – as opposed to just keeping you in place)…

      That will get you started in the fastest way – and then PLEASE celebrate even the very small steps you take!

      I appreciate you my friend!

  2. Nahesi says:

    I love the “one small step”, and “rinse and repeat”!


  3. Mary Ann says:

    Awesome advice and tips. Thank you!

  4. Olivia says:

    I love that one small step I’m going to do that great advice thank you

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