Issue 263 – 4 Ways to Sow the Seeds of a Higher and Happier Life

4 Ways to Sow the Seeds of a Higher and Happier Life

By Guy Finley

Everywhere we look, people are concerned with essentially one thing: getting what they want, when they want it, and as fast as possible. The fires that fuel their appetite for this envisioned success create so much smoke that they lose sight of the fact that all they reap for their insistent sowing are the cold ashes of regret raked out of broken relationships.

If we are ever to realize the integrity and consistent kindness of our True Nature, if we long to know something of heaven while we live on earth, then we must sow the seeds that bring that higher life into fruition.

One cannot expect to reap what one does not sow; and merely hoping for a higher life is not sowing true spiritual seeds, any more than climbing an imagined mountain is the same as reaching its top.

To sow spiritual seeds means that we do spiritual work.

Spiritual work is always interior work first, even if, as a matter of course, this work becomes manifest through exterior action.

What is this interior work by which we sow the seeds of the celestial within us?

Following are four ways to sow the seeds of a higher and happier life.

Spiritual Seed #1 – Release

We must work to not burden others or ourselves with past regrets, disappointments, or fearful future visions, even as we learn to ask truth for more insight into those unseen aspects of our present nature that are reaping their regrets even as they sow more of the same dark seeds.

Spiritual Seed #2 – Be Patient

We must learn to sit quietly with ourselves and wait patiently for the light of God’s peace to replace those dark, noisy thoughts and feelings telling us that we have too much old baggage to make the journey home. Each time we sow these seeds through some quiet meditation, we reap the strength that comes from realizing that this silence that comes to us is our true home.

Spiritual Seed #3 – Live in the Moment

We must deliberately remember our intention to start our whole life over every moment we awaken to find ourselves reliving some past conflict. To cultivate this refreshed outlook, born of remembering that our true life is always new in the Now, is to let go of who we have been and to begin reaping a life free of anger and fear.

Spiritual Seed #4 – Face our Fears

We must learn to look our fears, weariness, and anxiety directly in the eye, and instead of seeing what is impossible according to their view of life, sow the seeds of a new self by daring to doubt their dark view of things. Our refusal to identify with self-limiting negative states reaps us the reward of rising above their inherent limitations.

It is not enough to just sow seeds in this physical life, i.e., struggle for or make millions, invent the greatest gizmo ever, become the who’s who of some social registry, for regardless of how sublime these intentions first seem, and even if their seeds should grow and flourish, they can only grow into forms that pass and fall in time.

If we wish a life that is whole and loving, one that is filled with new light, then we must sow these eternal seeds within ourselves; that is our work. Make your own list of ways to work at sowing the seeds of the higher life.

Set your self to the task of being an inwardly awake person and watch how you begin to reap the awareness that makes all things possible.

Keep reading for a quick tip on how to continue to tap into YOUR spiritual garden…

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“I’m in! I’ve been feeling better since doing your courses. People ask, “how are you?” They’re shocked because I reply, “I’m great thanks”. Not a response they’re used to, esp on a Monday morning at work. Bring it on Kristen!
Many thanks”

– JO

Quick Tip

It’s easy to get caught up in our day to day living and completely lose our awareness of where we want to go and more importantly, who we want to become. Here’s a quick reminder you can use when you feel yourself slipping out of your higher self…

Stop, Breathe and then ask yourself these 3 quick Power Questions:

  • “Is my attitude in this moment in alignment with who I want to be?”
  • “Am I being the best version of myself in this moment?”
  • “What better choice can I make, right now?”

The truth is, we ALL have the answers within us and when we take a second to stop and listen, EVERYTHING becomes clear. Now that’s what I call being in the spiritual flow!

Let me know how you get into the flow, leave me a comment below.

16 Responses to “Issue 263 – 4 Ways to Sow the Seeds of a Higher and Happier Life”

  1. tracy bevington says:

    How does one really practice these thougts when everything you feel or see is bleak and dark.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Tracy! There is always light and dark – it is up to you to choose which you are looking at – this will take practice at first, here’s how you start – any time you notice your focus on something dark, ask yourself “where is the light right now?” and then look for it – it always exists, sometimes it will take a bit to discover it (purely because it isn’t your habit yet) but you will find it and when you do, celebrate and then ask, “where is some more light right now?” and keep going. As you shift what you are giving your attention to, your experience with life will change.

  2. karen turner says:

    When I’m aware that I’m not in the flow of where I want to be I get quiet and ask how can I feel better or whatever it is I need to be more in sync. Also staying connected with like minded people such as yourself is always a blessing for me and helps these wonderful insights to keep flowing in positive ways that serve me and the universe.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I get into a spiritual flow when I accept nature and when I see others for their inherent beauty as amazing and magical as they are, they don’t always see it.

    • Kristen says:

      This is wonderful Rebecca – and how incredible that you are seeing the beauty in others even if they don’t see it in themselves – when you see their beauty, Universal awareness is brought to it and you never know when that will open their awareness to glimpse their own beauty for the first time!

  4. Virginia Reeves says:

    Great power questions Kristen. Attitude and choice are your character foundation and definitely determine what version of yourself you are living with and presenting to others.

  5. RD. Mashimbye says:

    I find this very fulfilling.
    The flow on me is inward, but I did not know if this was the right way.
    Since now you have given this tips, life for many will be much easier


  6. Tara says:

    I really had a feel good feeling from this ….thank you …

  7. Chris says:

    This really speaks to me, just found out 6 days ago my wife has been having an “emotional affair”, she also said she “woke up to it and knows it’s not what she wants to do and never intended on leaving our marriage”. She immediately cut ties and wants to rebuild, so do I. The only thing she’s struggling with is trying to understand why she did it. I plan to share this with her in hopes she will heal from it and be able to move on. Thanks!

    • Kristen says:

      Thanks for sharing Chris – I am thrilled this resonated with you and hope it does with your wife as well – I wish you the best as you embark on this part of your journey together.

  8. Debi says:

    Hi Kristin,

    I see so much love & light and so much anger & dark in my son who is only 8 yrs old. He woke up sharing with me his incredible manifesting dream of seeing, believing and feeling himself as a celebrity hip hop dancer which is truly his real life dream. But then15 mnlater he is speaking from a place of pure anger / darkness and giving away all his power via yelling and telling me and his sister how much he despises and loathes her. Yet, he writes deep seeded loving journey entries about her. This every day back and forth from bliss to dark can be daunting as I continually try to guide him towards choosing his power over anger. I am learning & teaching non-reaction simultaneously – this is a mirror reflecting back to me my lessons as well.

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