Issue 265 – Masterminds for Spiritual Money Mastery

Masterminds for Spiritual Money Mastery

By Karen Russo

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic Think and Grow Rich, defines mastermind as “the coordination of knowledge and effort in the spirit of harmony between two or more, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” A process that leverages the best of content brainstorming with the synergies of personal connections, masterminds have become a common vehicle for business owners, service professionals and individuals who want to grow.

And if you want to have a deeper spiritual connection around your money and wealth, you’ll also benefit from the inspiration of masterminding.  Here are some tips for the Who, What and How of creating and sustaining masterminds with a spiritual component.

Who: The Members of your Mastermind

There are three kinds of money people you want to be aware of in your life. There are the models from your past, the mirrors in your present, and the mentors who help shape your future.

Models from your past may still be influencing your financial experience.  Your family of origin was your first model of inner beliefs and outer behaviors of money. As an adult, you may be re-acting or acting out behaviors you saw modeled as well. Consciously or unconsciously, you spend or save, share or earn the same way your family did. Or you may be rebelling against the behaviors you saw and doing the opposite.

Social, cultural, religious and ethnic models of spirituality, beliefs and habits around money affect us as well. The neighborhood or community in which you grew up was filled with examples of individuals and families interacting with one another and with money. You saw literally thousands of models of earning, generating, spending, investing, sharing, borrowing and circulating money. Those patterns and the mental thoughts and emotional energy are part of your consciousness.

How much do you want to replicate your past relationships in a current mastermind group?  For some, it’s helpful to be deliberate about stretching out beyond your past comfort zone.

Selecting a Mastermind group today begins with choosing individuals who currently mirror the qualities that you want to strengthen, reinforce or discover within you.  They are your reflection.

And you may want to select or recruit members for your group who can act as mentors to you for your future growth. Mentors often have an expertise or experience in an technical area that you want to learn about. The learning can be content-focused, such as someone who teaches you about or shows you investment vehicles or meditation techniques.

The learning can be process-oriented, such as coaching on how to attract diverse investors for your Internet business or mentoring on developing leadership skills in creating a family partnership for a new venture.

When you invite someone into a peer relationship in a mastermind, you may also be explicit that you have a teacher – student relationship around a particular topic.

Masterminds work best with 3-7 total members.  Select people that are doing something you’d like to be doing. Who have qualities of being that you would like to activate more of. There should be some level of admiration, and aspiration.  They lift you up.

If you’re a leader in a particular area, you might be a model or an aspirant for someone else in your mastermind team. Be sure you’ve got a mix. That way just being together moves you all forward. You’ve probably heard about the leverage of using OPM, other people’s money, to invest in real estate, businesses or projects. Working together in a mastermind is like leveraging OPC, other people’s consciousness. You tap into information, ideas and experiences that can help you forward your efforts—and you’ll be helping them.

What:  Your Topic or Focus

I like to be in masterminds that have a beginning, middle, and an end and a specific topic or focus that everyone is committed to. Come together for six months to work on building your online database and brand.  Or work weekly for 3 months on streamlining operational expenses in your business.  Or 30 days for financial forgiveness.

I belong to a mastermind where we come together as ministers, to pray, vision and uplift each other in our ministry. Another group gathers for feminine beauty, and clothes, and wardrobe. We just started ‘Speaking Sisters’ for expanding our speaking business. Truly leverage people’s knowledge and effort and interest.

Others enjoy being in a mastermind group that is open-ended and can touch on business, personal, health, relationships and more – and the intimacy and support of the group deepens over time.  Consider what really resonates with you.

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How:  Mastermind for Results

Just by choosing the right people and focus you’ll build in a natural sense of achievement and accountability. Then, organize your meetings to have a flow that includes spiritual connection as well as content and action.

Here’s a sample outline:

  • Centering Blessing – recognizing the spirit and value of each member.
  • Group Agreements
    • We see ourselves and the members of this group as whole, prosperous, and free.
    • We keep confidences.
    • We honor our time and participation commitments.
    • We listen with respect.
    • We ask for the encouragement, challenge and support we need
  • Check in around the Group—each person shares a ‘Win’ or a gratitude or a insight.
  • Masterminding for Each Person – Members bring forward a question or issue for feedback, ideas, strategizing. Know what you’re wanting from the group and then also trust the greater wisdom of the ‘master mind’ of the divine that is present when individuals gather.
  • Actions around the Group—each completes with an action step which could be task, decision, setting, spiritual practice or communication.
  • Closing Blessing

When you have a strong sense of who, what and how to create a powerful, potent mastermind, you’ll enjoy riches of connection for you personally and for your business and financial express.

“Hi Kristen,
I like what you do. In fact, I thank you for it.
Compared to the 100 or so others on the web/internet involved in the Law of Attraction, you are giving value, freely. You actually give food for thought up front, as part of your operation. You give honest and open free and often practical stuff.
Anyway, please “keep it coming”.
Thanks again,”
– Paul

Quick Tip

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a very important and valuable way to keep your motivation and momentum moving in the direction of your desires. In fact, that’s exactly why we come together here on Law of Attraction Key!

So I’d like to give you a simple One Time Challenge this week to help you open up your social horizons to those that are on the same journey…

Here’s what I’d like you to do…

Reach out and connect with someone, you are not already very familiar with and share one of your positive goals and/or thoughts.

Sounds simple, right? But you have to DO IT!

This could be someone you know at work, at the gym, in an online forum, someone right here on Law of Attraction Key even…

The point is to reach out, share a bit of yourself and see what happens. This one’s a comfort zone stretcher! But in the act of doing this, you’ll grow and learn and BECOME!

Share with me how you reached out, by leaving me a comment below!

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