Change your life in only 1 hour per week?

I overheard 2 people talking in a restaurant the other day — they were talking about changing their lives and achieving their dreams and they were agreeing that they would love to do what it takes to live the life of their dreams, but that they feel like they can’t spend the countelss hours it will take them to completely transform…

Hearing them talk made me realize that I have received a ton of emails basically saying the same thing…

And this is what I want to tell you —


You can transform your life in so much less time than you think — let me give you a perfect example…

I love tennis — love to watch it at least — and have always wanted to play well — but I thought getting good would take too much time (sound familiar?)…

So, I never actually tried to learn — sure, every once in a while a friend and I would go and, as my grandmother would say, “Bat the ball around” — but I wasn’t playing…

Then in September, I decided to join a beginner, group tennis class — it would meet every week for an hour and if I couldn’t make it every week it was no big deal…

Wow…my first class was hysterical — balls flying out of the court completely and any shots that did look good were pure luck.  Now, here’s the funny part — I missed class for the next 3 weeks — and then I had 6 more classes after that and I made all of them…

We had our last class last Tuesday, and I’m not ready to play on the pro circuit or anything, but I can honestly tell you that after only 7 hours of time, spread out over 10 weeks, I can actually play tennis now…

I want you to start to look at everything like this — because you will be amazed at what you can do if you give something consistent weekly focus — and the focus could be for 30 minutes to an hour and that’s it…

Try it…

Pick something — make it something that you don’t have tons of pressure on — and do it — 30 minutes to 1 hour per week for 10-12 weeks…

NOW, here’s the key…

How did I accelerate my results? I’ll tell you…

I stopped trying to figure it out for myself (batting the ball around) and actually had someone teach me…

And I did it in a very low cost way —

So, what will it be for you? Remember, nothing with pressure…I want you to pick something to prove this point to yourself, because once you do, you will see how this is the key to everything!

Leave me a comment and let me know what it will be for you!

Go Big!


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16 Responses to “Change your life in only 1 hour per week?”

  1. Christine Brownlee says:

    Just over 2 years ago at the age of 52 I decided I would learn how to handle and ride a horse (a lifelong dream/passion). I attended lessons twice a week for about an hour or so.
    I now have a horse of my own, a lot of tack, a horse trailer and I can walk, trot, canter and have competed in the Fall fair and done team penning. I am the oldest at most of these events but I have found joy and passion!

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I understand what you are saying, but the hardest part to this is just doing it! I would like to be able to sit down and concentrate on one thing. I have so much on my plate that blocking it out is very complicated. I spent 6 years in the Coast Guard as a boatswain mate, (a boatswain mate is a jack of all trades and a master of none) and that has stuck with me! I have never mastered anything! I find it diffcult to concentrate! This my biggest problem. I have tried to learn the internet, but get frustrated with all that is needed and overloaded with all the content. So as you can see this is what I am up against!
    Thank you,

  3. Phil Salt says:

    Thanks Kristen for the reminder. I started a creative writing class 10 weeks ago. I had a goal to write a book and this course is the first step. The results so far has been brilliant. Be well

  4. Jonathon C. says:


    Well, I guess I will be the first to go. Wow! You really hit the head on the nail with this one. I have always wanted to play the piano. I absolutley LOVE to listen to piano music and people accompany themselves on the piano. I wish I could do that. I took probably from about seven different teachers when I was a kid, but always ended up quitting because I hated to practice. Boy, do I regret it to this day. I could be so good if I would have kept with it. Well, I started an online course at the beginning of the year and did really good because the instructor only required 10 mins. of practice each day. Then I got sick and I got into my bad habit of not practicing again. Well, now I am taking from a “live” instructor once more, but am still having a hard time practicing. It’s all because I want to be good now and feel it’s TOO LATE to get concert pianist status at my age. That is until I read todays blog. You have given me that light and hope that I needed to succeed this time. I’m going to take you up on that challenge by practicing daily for at least 1 hour a week for 12 weeks and see where I am by then. I am taking voice lessons from the same instructor and she has told me that by learning piano/ music theory will help me immensely with my singing and sight reading. Sometimes I think we forget that we can make it farther by taking baby steps instead of trying to take big leaps only to fall backwards. It’s also less overwhelming that way.

    I hope others will join me on this challenge!

    Thanks Kristen for your continued uplifting and positive advice. I sincerely believe you are there to help those that are struggling to succeed!!

  5. richard says:

    it is very true, I started running 30 min. and increased to 1 hour. 2 weeks I ran 32km and finished in 4 hours, and I am 50 years and I am proud of myself to have made it. I look forward to go to South for the Comrade Marathon if funds permit and I train long enough. So what you say is very true and practical, thank you for inspiring.

  6. Glenn Palmer says:

    In this kind of process the fact that you only work on it once a week is key to success. Each piece of new learning gets digested properly because it isn’t being interfered with by the addition of newer chunks dropped in too soon. Everything gets ‘wired in’ properly.

  7. George says:

    I agree that perserverance at learning a skill will eventually bring success. At the same time I find myself in the position with a limited financial income, i.e age pension, so payment for courses, and coaching sessions, packages, etc is not on the menu. So I pick up whatever free wisdom I can and see if it works. A happy Christmas from Australia however you wish to observe it

  8. John says:

    Thanks Kristen for the reminder of how only a small amount of effort can make a big change in our abilities!!

    xoxo, John

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  10. Regina says:

    I find myself at the age of 57 finally going for my dream of being the actress I always wanted to be. I take courses and I’m struggling financially but I am excited to be working on my dream.

  11. shaneen says:

    hi kristen, my names shaneen im a single mother of 3 beautiful healthy daughters, for this last 4 years or more i have been intrested in being a lifecoach,i love listening and empathising with people, i just love people and try 2 see the best in EVERYONE…I have left my name and email address and wishes at a few coaching agencys to try 2to be the great lifecoach i know i can be, but to no avail, i REALLY WISH i could get direction of what to do..I do cross community courses in belfast wich i live for every tue and wed, and done a beginers course in counseling. i really want to help everyone with my lifecoaching, i pray every nite it happens..any advice would be greatly appreciated…fabulous i found u on line, i like to think it was fate…all my love shaneen

  12. elio says:

    Hi there! I am following the same philosophy and expect it to work. I feel very confident and relaxed about the end result!! Will tell you as soon as it will happen!!

  13. Diana says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Thanks for this story. You are so right! All we need is just a few hours a week to reach our goals. It’s so simple!
    I’ve always wanted to learn French but it turned out kinda hard, so I decided to take special courses (just 2-3 h a week). I didn’t realise the whole effect until I made my first speech – 5 min long without interruptions! It was so unexpected. I didn’t realise I had this knowledge! It was like unconsciously stored in my head!:) The only advice I can give to everybody is to have someone to guide you and start as soon as possible! Don’t waste time.
    Thank you again, Kristen, for everything you’re doing. You’re amazing.

  14. Gary Simpson says:

    Hi Kristen – out of curiousity just to find out a bit more about you, I followed you here from Stephanie Mulac’s Self Improvement 5 Giveaway. I’m glad I did…

    … I’m writing a PDF at the moment and you won’t believe it… the bit I was struggling a little bit with was a small section about coaching in tennis. I’m not a tennis buff by any means. It’s actually a PDF on mentoring. If it’s OK with you I would like to excerpt an appropriate piece from above and use that (with attribution and link, of course). I think it will fit nicely and it will be a high traffic PDF for a new coaching course so you will get some good exposure.

    From my own perspective I have studied karate for over 40 years. On the 31st of December 2003 I decided I wanted to take my ability to a better and more advanced level. I made a committment to train every day for 12 months. I stuck to it too.

    In fact, I made it a daily habit. So much so that in the ensuing 8 years I have not missed even a SINGLE day. I suppose you can guess what that has done. Am I just slightly better at it than I was 8 years ago? LOL!

    Anyway, I really like what you are doing here and – if it is OK with you – I’d also like to feature you in a forthcoming issue of my TEMPLE talk newsletter. Here’s a link to the last one:

    Excellent blog.

    Gary Simpson

    • Kristen says:

      Hey Gary!

      Great to hear from you! You are more than welcome to include part of my writing in your PDF (as long as you include credits and link as you said)…also, you are welcome to feature me as well!

      Thanks for all your positive feedback, I look forward to hearing more from you!

      Go Big!

  15. Matteo Lanzi says:

    Very well, these articles are very interesting to me. No more persons know the power of life, and too much have a very small life! Big life for all Kristen, thank you from Italy

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