Issue 271 – No Idea Gets Left Behind

What People Are Saying…

“Hi Kristen!

First I want to say Thank You for everything, your report, your advice & encouragement.
I always believe I’m the master of myself & it touches me deep inside reading it coming from you. I think it’s high time I start acting like it. It’s said : give a man an expectation to live up to, and he will strive to deserve it.
You just did that. I’m grateful.”

– Lucky

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14 Responses to “Issue 271 – No Idea Gets Left Behind”

  1. Lorie Mackie says:

    Thanks so much just the message I needed for today.

    Much success to you.

  2. Joseph K. says:

    Having been in a profession for most of my working career, I must say that I agree with you about the focus you suggest. One: write it down; Two: dedeicate a time to do an item as if it were an appointment with a client. One never wants to allow that client meeting to be interrupted by other matters. To focus on the client shows respect for the client. To focus on doing one idea at a set time, as with a client meeting, shows respect for the idea for business or personal development. It works. Thank you for your message.
    Joseph K.

  3. DEBORAH NOLAN says:


  4. LG says:

    Kristen, You are GOING BIG with this Amazing Montage of Tips / Strategy to Beat Overwhelm & this Message came at the PERFECT time…
    Thanks for the Accountability & I’m Going to Pick 1 Online Business Strategy to Grow my Tennis & Fitness Brand by Dedicating the 1st week, 1 hour of Focus, the 2nd week, 2 hrs of Focus…
    I’m Super excited about Implementing All the Magic Bullets that you mentioned in the Video.

    Kristen, You ROCK!!

  5. Virginia Reeves says:

    Being engaged fully – without allowing a bunch of distractions – will definitely enable you to get more done in less time. And…as Kristen states, your energetic frequency will rise. This gives you more power physically, mentally, and emotionally to reach your accomplishments (small and big).

  6. khaled says:

    Thank you Kristen so much love to hear your massages’v inspired my day.Thank you

  7. Gunn says:

    Kristen… love your energy, sincerity, and relentless pursuit of excellence!
    You resonate on a massively facilitating level!
    Thank you kindly.

    • Kristen says:

      Hey there!

      I’m so glad you left a comment here – my team has actually been trying to reach you regarding your application for the strategy session with me. Are you getting those emails? If not, let me know and we’ll figure out another way to connect!


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