In your own way?

2 things…

  • First a question
  • Second a challenge

You in?

First the question…

Please be honest…

How do you get in your own way?

Here are some things to think about when you answer this…

  • Do you focus on what is going right or on what is going wrong?
  • What do you assume about other people?
  • What conclusions do you consistently jump to?
  • When do you procrastinate?
  • What do you spend your time doing?
  • What do you spend your time thinking about?
  • How do you treat other people?
  • How do you treat yourself?
  • How do you treat opportunities?
  • How do you handle challenges?
  • How do you handle failure?
  • How do you view people who have what you desire?

You get the idea…

So, once again, here’s the question…

How do you get in your own way?

Now for the challenge…

Once you answer this question honestly, I challenge you to NOT JUDGE YOURSELF!

It will be a challenge because you will want to judge yourself…

BUT here’s the key…

Self judgment is just another way for you to get in your own way —

So, answer honestly and then ask yourself this —

“What can I learn from this?”

and this

“What SMALL adjustment can I make right now to make myself more open to opportunity?”

Leave me a comment and let me know how you do with this!

You are extraordinary!

Go Big!


P.S. Often getting out of your own way is a simple as using the Universal Law — however, to do that you need to know about the 16 sub-laws — see what I mean here…

15 Responses to “In your own way?”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hello Kristen,
    Thank you for this post. I have improved so much over the past few weeks living with a deep connection to my inner spirit and express the love and gratitude in everything I do, see or everyone I meet. I know in deep faith that this is my moment. I gave up on my dream to write a book years ago and now I am working on it with inspired action. I had a hard time letting go of the past, my ex, my ex-job, but it is getting better and better everyday. Whenever I have a moment that my mind is wandering to negative thoughts or past experiences, I immediately take 3 deep breaths and I say out loud if I can, otherwise in myself: I don’t need you today, but thank you for reminding me. For me it is a shift to go back to focus on the now and the exciting futures that lie ahead of me. When some bad feeling comes up regarding another person I say ‘I willingly release the thoughts and things that clutter my mind. I release ‘X’to his(or her) highest good and I release me to mine.’It really helps me to keep the peace and the love inside and stay focused on what I want to achieve now. Hope this can maybe help other people. This is a great subject and I know we can all learn from eachother and make this world a better place! Thank you.

  2. Suleiman Maharaz says:

    It is educative, insightful and marvellous.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tend to push away people before they push away me, because my mother pushed me away, so I donĀ“t have to experience that pain again. I do it almost unconsciously – someone made me realise it recently. I procrastinate when I doubt my own capacity and my own selfworth. I have to realise my own self-worth and what I am capable of and to believe in myself, to stop self-destructive behaviour and to GO BIG.

  4. Dear Kristen,

    You had come up with another profound idea that most people overlooked. Yea self judgment can be hard to control and it is one of the key factors to success and happiness. You had thrown wise questions for managing self-judgment. This is really provoking for us entrepreneurs.

    Thank you Kristen.

    Best Regards,


  5. Eddie Dean says:

    Q. how do I get in my own way? I used the examples you gave me. (1) I focus on what is going wrong.(2)Otherpeoplealways have something going on.(3) Be aware of others.(4)Now days almost everything, before if I had something to do, I jumped on it to get it done.(5)Looking for a work at home job, to be near my family and help them with what ever I can.(6)How everybody is trying to rip each other off so they can say, they are stronger,smarter, more intellegent.(7)Ever since I was a kid, I recall treating others with kindness and respect.(8)I am very hard on myself, to try and keep myself lined up doing the right thing.(9)Opporunities, I treat caustiously(10)Challenges, I hit in different waysand caustiously.(11)Even thouth, greatly disappointed, I go on with my life.(12)Other people that have what I want, I try to rule out jealous and enveous and try to figure a way to better myself. even with this dark cloud hanging over me.

  6. Vinod says:

    Thanks Kristen, for sharing the wonderful insights.
    god bless you,

  7. SelfImp5 says:

    The challenge Kristen, is almost like a dog chasing it’s tail then. Maybe if I sit down and wiggle it a little I will be able to catch it then?
    Hmm, you make one think for sure.

  8. George says:

    Moving the burden of a lifetime is not easy, and I would be the first to admit that I do judge myself; in fact I am my own worst critic, and I understand your point very clearly. Perhaps it is now a case of “physician heal thyself”.

  9. mohamad says:

    Dear kristen
    In the previ0us letter I explain for you that
    my problem is English language,so I red and do exercises that you recommend.
    Your advises were very useful in my life .
    waiting for your answer.
    by the way I am very sorry that I didn,t say
    greeting to you for new year.
    I cordially have the best wishes for you in the year 2011.

  10. ionel says:

    Dear Kristen
    I like you a lot. It is very natural what you say, and you confirm me I m on the right way.Thanks for your support and your friendship!

  11. khenglenglow says:


  12. Linda Bradley says:

    Hello Kristen, girl you are asking such powerful questions, but I will answer as honestly as possible. First, I would like to say my name is Linda and I am a recovering sinner. I try to focus on the things that are going right more so then the things that are going wrong. Focusing on things that are going wrong cause a lot of negative energy, negative views, and a negative attitude. When I focus on the things that are right, I feel better and can handle tackle challenges better. With God’s help I handle opportunities carefully, because not every presented opportunity is for me. With God’s help I do well with failure because failure contributes to effort, perservence,and growth. Lately, I have been very bad about assuming, normally that isn’t my role. I am working on not continuing to make a fool of myself; that’s what happens when I assume things. With God’s help I try to treat others according to the way I want to be treated. I believe charity begins at home. I have to love me to love others; and I do. I must have challenges in my life and with God’s help, I handle them well. Procrastination is something that I recognize that I really need to work on. I get really comfortable, unnecessarily. Kristen, because I have done things my way for so long, my desires has to line up with God’s desires. God created me in His image not my image. I know who I am, and whose I am. Before allowing God to heal me of my past pain, the wall that I built around my heart, was very solid. If I felt someone getting to close, I would back away from them and this included family. Kristen, I love being positive and encouraging. I often think about ways that I can help others, my family,and then myself. If other people’s desires line up with God’s and mine, emerged together, we would be sharper then a two-edged sword…..

    Live on purpose,


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  14. I would have to agree that self-judgement is a hard nut to crack. In are society we brought up with such bad programming that we end up hating and judging our selves. Then we start judging others and comparing ourselves with others. I will take you on your challenge to stop judging myself.

  15. sharon says:

    Yes it is difficult at first to concentrate and think only of the positive, but the more you do the easier it gets, and positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts.
    To the post earlier about wanting God to forgive your sins. You have no sins to forgive, and God will never punish you. Why would God give us free will, put choices in front of us, and then punish us for making the wrong choice. All choices are made as they served us at the time, we only believe that we made wrong choices because we grown and evolve and those choices serve us no longer, so we make different choices. Don’t beat yourself up on past ‘wrong’ choices just concentrate on the choices you make from now on.
    There is no wrong, there is no right, there is only what serves us at the time. No matter you life situation there is always something to be grateful for, your eyes to read this website, your hands to type. Once the gratitude and positive thoughts start to flow, things will get easier and more positve.
    I am grateful that I am able to answer you on this site, and I am grateful for your life choices and its helps me discover who I really am, as they do you.
    Love and light to you all
    S xx

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