Issue 275 – No More Struggle

What People Are Saying…

“Hi Kristen,

I’m not sure if you get these emails sent 2 u personally but I sure hope so
cause I would really like to show my gratitude and appreciation for the work
that you do. I am very motivated and inspired by your determination. There are
a lot of programs out there – believe me I know, but I must admit that I am
impressed with the way you lay your program in a simple and yet effective way.


– Wandai

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4 Responses to “Issue 275 – No More Struggle”

  1. Joshua Clayton says:

    Gotcha! (I understand and live it!)

  2. veronique says:

    this could not be more pertinent and timely, –ridiculously engaged in combat 24 /7 , what is worse is that this is despite my best efforts to the contrary..

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Veronique!

      Ask yourself this power question to help “What is 1 small thing I can engage in today (right now) that feels free and easy and GOOD for me?”

      And then do it, even if it is only for 1 minute – the simple act of asking yourself the question raises your vibration.


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