Issue 277 – Be Open

What People Are Saying…

“Hi Kristen,

I’m not sure if you get these emails sent 2 u personally but I sure hope so
cause I would really like to show my gratitude and appreciation for the work
that you do. I am very motivated and inspired by your determination. There are
a lot of programs out there – believe me I know, but I must admit that I am
impressed with the way you lay your program in a simple and yet effective way.


– Wandai”

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6 Responses to “Issue 277 – Be Open”

  1. Jil says:

    Dear Kristen 🙂

    Here’s Jil from Berlin writing(recently subscribed)and wanna let you know that i’m having a problem here with my laptop ,so that i can’t fully jump on board right now. I completely resonate with your concept of bundling “LOA Energy” – as a trained meditator i can confirm that it has it’s effects for the individual as well for the global collective.Indeed,it’s actually not about the “me” but the “we”.In this greater co-creating process the individual generates much more momentum(being aware of the we effect)to become who he truly is.Making his deepest heart desires come true.In an accelerating manner,through the we effect.So good to have you,Kristen :-)….and thank you for all that you do.I’ll get back to you soon………one love…….Jil……:-)……

  2. Rick says:

    Question: I have been trying to manifest abundance in my finances. I have felt it in my heart, mind and soul and they are connected. I have even seen it in my mind as if I have actually obtained it now. That being said it has not manifested itself in the physical, how do I get it to move from spiritual to physical? I hear of people being able to manifest money all the time, what step or steps am I missing?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rick! The great work you’re doing to align yourself internally with financial abundance is great. And when you are feeling aligned, then ask yourself this power question “What is something I could do right now to generate more money?” – it doesn’t have to be something big and the amount of money doesn’t have to be big – the key is from a state of alignment taking some action and then when you generate any extra money – even in small amounts celebrate! Thank the Universe because it is giving you signs of flow.

  3. Rodger says:


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