Issue 280 – New Habits

What People Are Saying…

“Hi Kristen!

 I truly love reading your emails and gain great benefit from your actual, real, down-to-earth and easy to follow advice!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

– Diane”

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5 Responses to “Issue 280 – New Habits”

  1. Susan says:

    It all makes total sense!!! Thank you!

  2. Hey thank you for that beautiful presentation it really touched me I’ve been through a lot my life and tried and succeeded changing my negative pathways on certain things but feel I’m still stuck iv been dealing with chronic pain for about 30 years now and the doctors put me on so many different medications not pain medications other medications for other reasons I have fibromyalgia feels back surgery degenerative disc disease and multiple other issues going on with depression and I’m trying to get off some of the medication trying to go natural and find alternatives and been smoking for years found out I’ve got nodules in my lungs and needs to try to focus on quitting smoking which I’ve done before just by not taking a first cigarette in the morning also called it drinking at a young age and different issues on my own I really need to get focused on trying to get off some of my medications that’s the one I truly need but other ones that I’ve been on for so many years I don’t know who I really am without them that message truly meant a lot to me and for people that are suffering with chronic pain and it taking their medication right shouldn’t have to suffer because of all the crisis if they have proven drums they should be able to get help my doctor cut me on my medication so bad that I lost a hundred pounds and had broken heart syndrome from the stress of the pain I wish there was a way the government would realize not everyone is an addict it maybe I have it some might take it to the next level and turn it into a severely bad one but not everyone is like that if you can give me some insight on getting through all these issues it would really make my day thank you and thank you for that awesome presentation

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Vicky! You are very welcome! Remember, in every moment, you get to choose what you focus on. There will always be what you want AND what you don’t want around you – so it is up to you where you place your attention. Keep steering your focus back to what you do want and the quality of your life will improve.

  3. Joop says:

    very good! “judgement keeps you in place”

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