Issue 283 – Communication

What People Are Saying…

“Hi there,
I started using your techniques a few days ago and have had great results.
First I focused on something simple, I put in my head that I wanted daffodils and the following day my daughter walked in and gave me some, same with a bookmark and low and behold I am sent one today in the post for free.
I have been focusing on money and have seen it coming practically from the skies in different amounts too. I am focusing on something a lot larger now and as I have faith. I will let you know my positive results soon.
This is amazing, thank you so so much for your guidance xx”
– Lynda
(referring to Attract Money Fast: 7 Days to Daily Manifesting – click here to learn more)

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  1. Theresa Grethe says:

    Hello how can i attract a new lifestyle money ? A new house of my own and good health ?

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