Issue 286 – Emotions Impact Manifesting

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6 Responses to “Issue 286 – Emotions Impact Manifesting”

  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Kristen!

    Absolutely!! It’s our energetic frequency that attracts everything into our reality. Our Emotions are energy which radiate and drive our life. I love how you articulate your message! Awesome stuff!

  2. earl west says:

    Excellent sage advice/reminders! Thank you for your passion and the great presentation. Very VA
    uable. Thank you!

  3. marcia m says:

    Thank you. This made me really get into it. I knew the concept of keeping asking, “What will that give me?” What will that give me?” but asking why is better. Also the biggie is what is an easy next step? What is an enjoyable next step. E.g. what is enjoyable in the direction of the gym? getting myself ready for something I love to do, that is also in the direction of the gym. Now I have not been healthy enough to go to the gym for quite a while, but by thinking I can make a few rest stops on the way there, do a very mild short ‘workout’, and do something else I need and want right on the way, I think I can find some time to get there when I feel well enough.

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