Issue 289 – Solitude

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8 Responses to “Issue 289 – Solitude”

  1. Bobby Butler says:

    Thanks about highlighting the positives of solitude which I have observed as a major theme of my life and why I also relate to numerology life path #7. Also natal saturn in aquarius in the 12th house with aquarius rising and yet jupiter in pisces in the first house which seems like a contradiction. It makes personal development seem like a perfect fit. Astrology also seems to make sense with solitary time to read more about it and learn more about it. I discovered that Donald Trump has 6 saturn transits simultaneously which creates an isolating process in his reality and 5 clash transits from transiting saturn which he interprets as war from the media but which is the universe trying to tell him that he should be more flexible in light of the opposition he is facing.

  2. Jane champion says:

    A long while ago now I decided to explore my aloneness as I realise I was very dependent on other people and their energy. I wanted to be with people without having any agenda like needing approval, recognition, validation and wanting them to cure feelings of loneliness. Today I feel so blessed as I adore solitude, I am free to be with people and see them as people and not someone to get get something from – I think needing approval and validation were biggies in not allowing me to be alone and find out who I am. We really do not realise that our unconscious agendas where other people are concerned are so restrictive and create so much pain in our relationships. I can even be alone at Christmas and not feel I am missing out as I am growing so much in the process of letting go of fears. It is very strange to me now to see how other people view people who are on their own, almost as if the alone person is somehow lacking something. Well they are not but the person who thinks this is the one who has the lack. Goon on you for putting up the video.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jane! Thanks for your honest message – it’s amazing that you are willing to share yourself with this community – I’m sure there will be quite a few people that benefit from hearing your journey with solitude!

      You rock!

  3. Joy says:

    So easy and simple, what a great idea. Thanks

  4. Jade Adams says:

    Thank you Kristen, great video.
    I need solitude. People overwhelm me, especially working in a shop. The constant interaction and noise is so draining. Solitude is necessary to function properly.

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