Issue 290 – Be YOU

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  1. Richard David Wilson says:


    Thanks so very much for your awesome input, caring, sharing and tips on creating the loving, supportive, dynamic dream life I, you and all deserve to live! I really resonate with what you are talking about, all makes perfect sense! I have been on this recovery/self-examination/improvement, journey of spiritual discovery, exploration, healing, wholeness, wellness, enlightenment since age 16, for about 32 years now, through many iterations, revolutions, paths, practices and disciplines. I am so very grateful to so many for the help, love, support, teaching and inspiration I have received. As for moving away from what I do not want now/today, I am consciously and deliberately moving away from:

    New: AS of today/now: No longer watching the three negative cable TV programs I have regularly watched for many months that include and subconsciously program violence, dysfunctional relationship drama, deceit, lies, breaches in integrity, corruption, etc. (none of this is what I truly want in my mind, thoughts, consciousness, memories, feelings, etc. at all, and to hear you talk about reflecting how I feel after taking in these negative inputs and listening to myself and then adapting, removing them is very helpful… thank you.)

    These three programs include:

    1. SWAT
    2. How to Get Away With Murder
    3. Chicago PD

    Ongoing resistance to and removal from my life:

    1. Negative, toxic, co-dependent, controlling, manipulating relationships of any kind (anywhere and everywhere) to the best of my discernment to identify them and step away from them, block them out and create clear and solid boundaries and buffers to stay out of them and keep them out of my life no matter what… -(as a trained clinical mental health counselor and addiction recovery coach, and light/energy worker and healer) am I open and willing to interact with and help anyone I connect with if they are seeking love, light, truth, hope, recovery sobriety, honesty, etc. for a limited time to share what I can to be helpful? Of course. However, I am unwilling to be anyone’s savior, guru, parental figure, etc. I have no interest in creating a dependency or enabling someone in their learned helplessness nor reinforcing their sickness and false beliefs and thoughts that cause themselves or others suffering. So, this includes avoiding any and all so-called recovery groups which although intending to help (and often are helpful to some/many), can at times be destructive, hurtful, abusive, sick, dysfunctional and largely unhelpful in powerful and subtle ways that are hidden from view and are generally not allowed to be revealed in any discussion by those involved = group mind/group think, status quo paradigm, closed loop, echo chamber, etc.

    Affirmation: I am healed, whole, forgiven, wholly loving and wholly lovable, recovered. I am open to and seeking new ways to experience life in healthier and life affirming ways that do not cause or perpetuate suffering and instead strengthen the best in all of us.

    2. Any other forms of media which are along these same lines, which poison my mind/soul and emotions, and bring me negative effects, results and undermine all the positive work I have done and continue to do for my own life, sanity, health, well-being and resulting outward for all, the rest of the world in whatever ways I can share the loving vibration … (Facebook is not included in this for me, because I strongly and consistently post, interact with and focus on just the positive there and avoid and block out the negativity and toxicity.

    I understand and see that others have the opposite experience more or less. I wish that were not so. Having had that same experience the first time I tried out facebook I redefined what I was willing to do and not do and accept and not accept (boundaries for self and interactions with others) with that platform to only create and give/receive value. So far, acting on that change is working….

    3. Interactions with polarized groups espousing belief systems that are judgmental, divisive, and against the living principles of love. Am I willing to have some contact with them to share and discuss my views and thoughts and listen for mutual points of agreement to create bridges of understanding in dialogue to further mutual learning and growth? Of course, and I continually do so. However, when I reach a point where it becomes counter productive, diminishing returns, and inflexible, I simply disconnect, let go, and walk away/discontinue the conversation.

    4. Most, if not all, daily news throughout all forms of media

    5. Conversations in my life (initiated by myself or others) based in complaint, resentment, anger, fear, drama, and lies, that are not leading to a solution, a positive cause and effect cycle at some point, (this especially includes politics).

    As my mission that I incarnated to experience and fulfill I am committed to continuous learning, self exploration and discovery, growth, and sharing in enjoying my life, the gifts , talents, skills and abilities I have been given with my family and the few true friends I have and through healthy service to others and the community from a strong base of active self-care/self-love and self-nurturing. I will not allow others to ruin that, corrupt that, take that away, or sabotage that even though they may want to and try to for various reasons and motivations they have. I stand strong in my efforts to co create peace on earth, heaven on earth, and an enlightened planetary civilization no matter what in ways that feel right to me and certainly do not violate anyone else’s rights. First do no harm, Ahimsa/non-violence, the golden rule…do the right thing for the right reason (all love only). As I am imperfect in human life and learn by doing, missing the mark, falling down, making “mis – takes” at times through trial and error -same as all others, I forgive myself and others for this and continue to carry on the best I can adjusting, adapting and changing for the better. To me this is hope for the future.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your message and this part of your life/mind and heart with the world… it is helpful to me and I am inspired today and grateful to you… please keep going, don’t quit…you are making a positive impact and a difference which the world really needs….


    • Kristen says:

      WOW Thank you Sanyar! I’m thrilled this is all resonating with you so highly! And how exciting that you are taking such positive action. I’m not sure if you’re a member of my VIP group, but if you are, please say hi or email me a question for the next call so I can help you even further 🙂

      Go Big!


  2. Don Tirschmann says:

    Appreciate your Mission & your work & your talents.
    Cheers Don.

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