3 MUST Success Questions…

I have 3 MUST questions for you…and I’m going to ask you to be REALLY honest –


Question1 : What are your strengths?


Stop worrying about being ego based and self-involved and answer honsetly…

What are your strengths?

List them out — write them down — type them into your computer…

Whatever you need to do so that you can look at your strengths list at any time.

NOW — here’s the next question…

Question 2: How much of your time are you spending doing things that involve 1 or more of your strengths?

And the last question…

Question 3: How can you spend MORE time EVERY DAY, doing things that involve 1 or more of my strengths?

Here’s the deal –

Even if you only spend 10 minutes more each day doing something that involves 1 or more of your strengths, your life is going to start to change!

I know it will because that’s what happened with me!

Answer these questions — leave a comment and watch for my upcoming post where I’ll talk about weaknesses!

Go Big!


7 Responses to “3 MUST Success Questions…”

  1. Ken White says:

    My best strength is helping others. I love people, I love to help anyone I can. As I told you my wife has cancer and I have to do most everything for her. I work for the Goverment and have a lot of people work for me that I love to help all I can. I have a small farm I also work. It’s only about 300 acres but I love it. I have about 100 head of cows and calfs that I raise. So as you can see I guess my best strength is I love to work and stay busy. The bigest problem is I can’t ever seem to get ahead. With all my wife’s doctor and hospital bills I just can’t ever get ahead. I would love just one time to go out and buy something I want and not have to worry about how I’m going to pay for it. I’m 59 years old so I guess it’s to late for me to ever get ahead in this life. But I will never give up and always keep trying. Sorry for boreing you with my problems. I just love to talk to people.

  2. Roger King says:

    It is really very interesting material that I have come across to enhance my understanding and self development.
    Many thanks for your assistance and supplying such material to impact my development.

  3. Angie says:

    I know the things I have always done have gotten me where I am am now. I know I need to change. What I can’t figure out is what to do to make real changes. I still have to pay the bills, take care of my kids, ect… so how do find direction. I even have goals but every step foward comes with two steps back. HELP!!! and did I mention I’m broke, overdrawn, so some great program that that cost anything is not gonna work for me, right now.

  4. jessica says:

    i’m discipline, perseverent, patient, easy going, outgoing, diligent. I need a bit of good luck and help to flip, perhaps.

  5. Just trying to understand the correct procedure to get an IM business running and not succeeding as fast as I thought I would. Still hanging in there trying to figure out why.Been ten months now and still figuring it will happen within another month.

  6. Karen H says:

    To Ken White

    Hi Ken,

    It seems to me with all you’ve said is that you do have exactly what you wanted. You have all kinds of people to help and that is what the Universe has given to you. If you want to have something for yourself then you need to add that in. Now because you are saying that you don’t have a life, that because your 59 it’s over, well then that’s where you will sit.

    The Universe does not care about age, wants, needs. The Universe only responds to your emotions in the way your feeling, in the form of vibrations you give out. You are giving out the vibrations of ho hum, so you are getting ho hum. It is also the way you look at it, your perception of what your seeing. Is the glass half empty or half full?

    In your case your looking at it half empty, when in reality it should be half full. You must take time to focus on what Ken want’s. What do you want? More money, alone time, more time to do the things you want to do? Then do it, do the things YOU want and the more you do what makes you happy the more your vibration will raise. Stop focusing on what you don’t want like never being able to buy yourself something. Focus on what you WILL buy, then go buy it with no regrets. Appreciate it and you will be able to buy more things for yourself.

    The more your vibration raises then the more you will get what you want. Give thanks and appreciation to recognize what has already been given to you. A lot of people don’t realize that they have exactly what they asked for. The Universe always complies no matter what. You can not receive things you want first and then be happy.

    You have to be happy first like you already have it. Then you will receive it. Just like when you started out you were happy at the thought of helping people. Now you have plenty of people to help. But you forgot to put yourself in there.

    Best of luck to you

  7. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    Strength is another word for faith and the one that shortened his own doubt in his heart he can be compared as a wise apprentice.

    Alex G. Vu

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