Weaknesses — what to do with them…

My last post was about Strengths and the 3 questions you have to ask yourself to maximize your success…

Today, we are going to talk about weaknesses –

Here’s the deal…

I’m NOT from the school of thought that tells you to discover your weaknesses and spend all your time strengthening them –

I AM from the school of thought that suggests that you spend 80% of your time on your STRENGTHS — so what do you do with your weaknesses?

I’ll tell you — here’s 3 questions to help you with this…

Question #1: What are my weaknesses?

Once you answer, forgive yourself — it’s okay that you aren’t perfect, we ALL have weaknesses!!!

Question #2: How much of my time am I spending on things that primarily involve one or more of my weaknesses INSTEAD of on my strengths?

Question #3: Who do I know that has strengths where I have weaknesses and how can I get creative about creating a WIN/WIN so we develop a mutually beneficial relationship that has both of us spending most of our time on our strengths?

Stop trying to be perfect and fix all your wekanesses — that doesn’t mean you don’t want to improve – improving is great! BUT here’s the deal — when you spend 80% of your time on your strengths, your happiness and results will increase (because we tend to like what we are good at)…

Look at every area of your life and ask yourself these questions — you’ll be amazed at the results!

Go Big!


7 Responses to “Weaknesses — what to do with them…”

  1. Ken White says:

    I guess my bigest weakness is I try to do to much and I wear myself out everyday. I am so tired at night that I can’t sleep. I bought that Brain Evolution System you suggested a while back and when I use it at night it helps put me to sleep. I hope it keeps working. I have just started level 2 and it seems to be helping me. Thank you for telling me about it.

  2. doris says:

    this kind of information is what everyone needs. i really really appreciate your lessons and have shared with my friends. thank you so much

  3. Now my thoughts are different because if you can determine what is your weakness. You would also find out why and practice the correct way of overcoming your weakness. I think a lot of people say practice makes perfect. and climb out.That is my opinion so don’t take offense.

  4. jessica says:

    my weakness, anything common you can think of….

  5. Cheryl B says:

    Thank You so much for these three questions.

    My weaknesses are also common. That is to say, I tend towards mulling over them too much in mind only.

    So, now I’ll write the answers out, get creative
    and start having some fun with them as I’d like to become a Life Coach.

  6. Elsie says:

    I am playing to WIN the difference is that when you play not to loose your brain does not hear the NOT and you attract Losing instead of Winning. Thank you Kristin for all that you give, I love that I have made the commitment to be in your VIP coaching. Thank you for giving so much for so little making your program at a price that is in reach of most people. You GO Girl! Big Hugs Tenderspirit (Elsie)

  7. navyatha says:

    Great post! I know what my weakness are..I guess I have to find some way to find out what my strengths are..

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