The Quest for Significance

I’ve been getting great feedback from everyone about the ‘Find Your Purpose’ exercises.

Many of you are on the path to discovering your purpose and discovering ways you can make money from doing what you love…now that’s exciting!

The more people who are attracting money from their purpose, the better the world is!

But there is another reason to commit right now to ‘Finding Your Purpose’ and discovering what makes you happy and what makes you tick…

This reason is most often overlooked because we get so focused on finally making money doing something we love.

This reason is the difference between really living your life and just waking up every day and getting through it until there are no days left to get through…

This reason is why you MUST discover your purpose.

What’s the reason?

I’ll tell you in a second…

Your purpose is your unique take on the world and EVERYONE has a unique way of viewing the world.  Every single person has a unique voice and a unique way of expressing that voice.

The reason you MUST discover your purpose and express your unique voice is this…

If you DO NOT find a way to express who you are, it will eat you up!

That’s it…

We all need to feel significant…

We are all questing for it…

And our significance lies in our unique, one of a kind, way of seeing the world around us…

If you smother your expression, you smother yourself and you cut off your significance.

And that results in a life of ‘quiet desperation’.

You don’t have to become a millionaire from your expression, you don’t have to be loud about it, do it how it feels right for you.  It may involve other people, it may not…

But right now…

Commit to your unique way of seeing the world and start expressing it!

You owe it to yourself and you owe it to all the rest of the world!

Leave me a comment, let me know about you and your vision!

Go Big!


31 Responses to “The Quest for Significance”

  1. Brian Litman says:

    Great Information Kristen –

    Everybody needs to read this…

  2. Heather says:

    Great post and so very true!! I’m leading that life of “quiet desperation” right now! It’s not where I want to be at the age of 38!

    • LOA says:

      Hi there!

      Thanks for being so honest about where you are right now.

      Even if you don’t believe it, I know you can live a life you are thrilled by…one step at a time!

      Let me know how I can help! That’s what I’m here for…

      Go Big! (One step at a time)

  3. daniel jones says:

    My vision is to help people understand that their health is in their hands and by making a few efforts now they can continue in good health for years to come.

  4. Mark Danner says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Everything you say is true and I just need to put into practice. I try, but get lost with everything I am attempting to do. I just need to put it all into persoective and follow through. With your help I know I will get there.
    Thank You

  5. Trina Sonnenberg says:

    I have discovered my purpose, and I could make money with it, but I am having trouble getting started. I need assistance. You see, I wrote a memoir about how the Law of Attraction played out in my life, from the time of being a teen to present. My story contains a powerful message, about how any woman can change her life if she feels empowered to do so. That is my purpose, to get that message out. I am the survivor of domestic abuse, sexual assault and attempted rape by a family member. I must get my message to women, that they can survive and thrive adversity in their lives. It demonstrates how changing my thinking changed my life. It is also, a wonderful love story.

    I just can’t seem to get anyone interested in representing it for publication. My message must be told.

    Can you offer any suggestions? I’ve queried every agency I can find.

  6. Jackie says:

    I was laid off and I went through “quiet desperaton” which I feel hindered me in finding a job. Now I decided maybe I am suppose to work for myself so I am looking that. It is still dificult to feel like you are going in eighteen different directions. Your posts help, they make me think and want more for myself.

    Thank you!!

  7. Mike Bond says:

    I’m too old for personal possessions, but I do want to be able to give my wife things she’s never had, leave a legacy for my son, and give to animal protection organizations.
    Best wishes,

  8. PANSY PIERCE says:

    Thanks for re-awakening what I know to do but was still hoping to engage some want to be ones.

    I have taken to steps to print up flyers and
    after a Conference I am atttending this w/e
    will start on Tuesday to distribute with purpose.


  9. john kuria says:

    Am a grandmother-trained nutritionist. I belief the cure for Aids will come from the foods we eat.So help me God!

  10. Alex Gabriel Vu says:

    This conception, I have said before and I say again: The man of the future is the master of his faith.

    Alex Gabriel V.

  11. Leila says:

    I’ve been mulling over my answer all day. It’s made me think hard about what choice I really have to be me or not me. I like being me even though it might look a bit odd to others (OK a lot odd) and in my quiet way I can’t wait to share it.

  12. Roger says:

    I’m see I’m 63 disabled, no extra
    money to play with, so I may be too late.

  13. Sherrie says:

    Roger you are never to old to create something magnificent to express your deepest desires.

    Okay, people I have just lost my home. And I am wondering if I am being called to finally step out and be and express everything that lies so deeply in my heart to reach the masses and create a new way of living. I typed out all the positive things about my situation and it was a page long. And I only had 3 negative’s. Way to go, I guess that is a wonderful thing that is happening to me. I just need to get grounded and clear now. My heart is a bit sad of the loss of my home. But everything comes and it goes.

  14. Hey Roger,
    It is never too late. I am also disabled and 63 years old and although I can’t do the photography that I still love. I have found a new life purpose helping people achieve self-fulfillment via building self-development websites on the net and although I find the process of driving traffic problematic, I know that my work is helping people and with the net we have a world wide audience. Websites like Kristen’s are raising the consciousness of all mankind. While you may be 63, you still have a lot of living to do and with the power of belief, you can create a new reality (life)even at our age. It is never too late until we are drawing our last breath. Read all of Kristen’s work and you will find that you still have bright horizons and limitless potential. It is just a matter of taking action upon your deepest dreams.

  15. Mario says:

    I’m new here. I just finished reading your Law of Attraction Key free report. I found it interesting. I have to admit, I did not do the written excercises and just kept on reading. At the end ot it, I saw the resources you referred to and I clicked on the ‘Instant Millionaire’ link. I saw it in Amazon and saw that there was actually an audio file of the book as well, so I purchased that and listened to the whole book. It was very good. A common theme in the story was that you had to write down your goals and be specific with details such as how much you wanted to make in X amount of time. This puts your back to the wall and leaves you in a situation to not give yourself an easy way out. If you want to attract things into your life, writing them down can start to manifest them into reality.
    Thanks Kristen!

  16. Tabitha says:

    Thanks for a great post Kristen. I’m working through the Go Big report and finding it extremely useful. I feel compelled to send encouragemnt to Trina about her memoirs. Last year, after two years of writing and re-writing, I finally finished the manuscript for a true story I felt really needed to be told. I felt it would greatly help people like me who are committed to a relationship with Christ but have become disillusioned with The Church. It was also an important catharsis for me, dumping a lot of emotional baggage I had carried with my on my journey to finding authenticity. I was really dissapointed and surprised whne a friend of mine who is an editor read it and said there is not enough of a market to warrant publishing such a book!! I thought, with all the hype about New Age teachings, false Christian doctrine and so on, how could people not be interested in knowing what I witnessed and experienced acroos many denominations and what I learned from my journey? Then I was reminded of Robert Kiysoaki being interviewed by a journalist who ran off the set in tears when he told her her book would never sell. This journalist has won awards for her news articles and has all kinds of degrees to her name. She never understood why the book she wrote about her career never genrated any interest. Robert Kiysoaki told her the plain, simple truth: people don’t care what you have accomplished, how many degrees you have, how far you have come… they need and want practical, easy to read and understand ways to improve some aspect of their life. I have a friend who is a terrible writer but he has written a brilliant book and it is selling really well. I was so upset when I discovered that inspiring and uplifitng others alone does not sell- people need the “how to’s” that go with the inspiration. My friend tells his story of coping with the death of both his parents and having to abandon law studies. But then he goes on to share the timeless wisdom and universal principles he applied by studying what all great self-help gurus and writers have always taught. Why regurgitate what others have already said? because there is something unique and of immense value that you alone can add. For my friend, it was the angle of what it means to be African. Here in South Africa people are really struggling with this issue of identity. Some don’t want to adopt anything that comes from the West because of years of colonialism. Others are trying to embrace the true freedom anyone can experience when they let go of all the non-sense. The vast majority simply have no knowledge or understanding whatsoever of Creative Principles- they just exist and accept whatever the stauts quo dishes out. So my friend saw the very real “social disease” robbing people in South Africa of the real freedom they need- the freedom to express their unique purpose and creativity. And he managed to blend all this harmoniously into a book that insoires and uplifts but also teaches vital principles and concepts to amke that inspiration meaningful. I ma sharing this in the hope that you can go back to your memoirs with a different focus. It is not about you, about what you survived and came through. I applaud you for having the courage to step out a victim role and do something positive to impact the lives of others as you heal your own. But now you have to think of your audience. What do women who are still trapped in abusive situations really need? what can they start doing today to move out of a victime role? Help them to take repsonsibility for how they got there in the first place. It is horrible at first to contemplate telling a victim of abuse that they did something to allow it in- but it ultimately sets them free. My husband was a drug addict and for years I blamed him for everything that was falling apart in our lives, for not taking responsibility to get clean, for destroying our family life, for traumatising our kids, etc.. Finally I came to the palce where I had to get honest with myself too and ask what I did to allow this into our life and how I may have also been responsible to some degree for the addiction taking root. Then I realsied I never lived up to my own core values and beliefs about marriage and family life. I was so busy writing and doing network marketing and studying to be a Life coach and trying to balance all this with raising kids- and really not doing a good job at all in any of these areas. Now I am totally focused on becoming he person i really want to be: a supportive wife who helps my husband accomplish his purpose, a “good enough” mom, a successful entrepreneur and a committed Christian. What happened to my network marketing, coaching and writing in this process is that I allowed it to just take shape around the other priorities, rather than feeling driven to succeed, make money and get recognition. It’s amazing how “all things shall be added unto you” when you seek that place within from which your purpose flows. Now I share my manuscript freely with young adult whom I mentor and coach at church and they are inspired by it. I have asked them to help me make it practical and am going to re-work it as a workbook for Christians struggling with “The War” churches seem to be waging against the rest of the world. I feel so fulfilled doing this that I know as one teacher put it, that I am finally a conduit for the purpose God/Source intended for me all along. The real secret, as Kristen teaches, is letting go

  17. Rosemary says:

    I’m late reading this post, but wanted to say to Sherrie that as a Realtor, I understand what you are experiencing with the loss of your home. This is happening to too many people, and the important thing is that in many ways it is not your fault. Property values continue to fall at an alarming rate, unemployment is also increasing, and median incomes are falling.

    Joe Vitale describes a technique to clear our minds of negativity. Clearing our own minds helps to clear the rest of the world of that negativity. The method is to recite a mantra:

    I’m sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.

    I’m sorry: Even if you are not the cause of the negativity, something in your thinking has brought it into your experience. Saying you are sorry is the first step to clearing it away.

    Please forgive me: You are asking your Source to forgive me for that thought, not anyone in particular.

    Thank You: Your Source is the basis for all abundance and good thoughts. Trusting that Source and thanking It prepares your Mind for good things.

    I Love You: Express your love and appreciation for the unlimited Source which is your true nature.

    I am deeply sorry for the loss of your home.


  18. eli says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thank you so much for all your inspiring e-mails you sent it to me.Last year in December 29th,I wrote down the positive aspects of a problem that I had it on that time and I wrote also and the way in wich I wish to turne it.And it was happened in the way I was expecting(write it),I am still wonder if it was because I was just lucky or it was because I wrote down my expectations.Anyway I try to write down my expectation for any goal I set it and I really feel an increase of my inner power when I am doing it.Thank you again very much!God bless you!Eli

  19. John Micah says:

    Thank you Kristen. I am so greatful for things u send my way, they are truly helpful and appreciated

  20. Amy says:

    I think your article is wonderful! I am in the process of discovering my purpose, and this is usually a long and complicated process. I’ve discovered that I’m filled with gratitude- about many aspects of life, and if I don’t express that gratitude, I feel that something is missing from life. As I’ve been working on improving my life, I have realized the importance of helping other people improve theirs.

  21. Eddie Dean says:

    Hi, Alot of what you are talking about is true.But sometimes we get hit with more than what we bargan for and get clogged up. Then to bring ourselves out of it. Just reading your e-mails has helped me.I problily could write a book on this,but I’ll spare you the bordem. I have been challenged quit a bit in the past 6 years. But now is the time to come out of it. And this I do promise myself I will come out and expressmyself in a possitive way.
    Eddie Dean

  22. james says:

    I think you have hit the nail on the head.

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  24. Robert H. Kono says:

    I am a writer and poet, and your comments on finding one’s purpose and expressing it are vital and crucial to nurturing the center as a human being. A great post.

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  26. Linda Bradley says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I am always gamed for positive spills. Thanks for sharing such vitual information.

    Laugh out loud,


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  28. McDandy says:

    I lost my office, I lost every single thing I biult since I was called to bar and I lost hope but you ve given me courage and help me re-discover myself.

  29. Greyford says:

    I strongly believe your views! Why? being an artist, i ve always discovered that expressions can never much. Like in art we always have our own unique touch on our works no matter how one may try to copy, works will never much.

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