Do What You _ _ _ And the _ _ _ Will Follow…

Issue Number 3 – September 29th, 2011

Welcome to the third issue of the Law of Attraction Key Newsletter!

The world is changing…

I’ve been coaching people for years to find their passion and turn it into a business.

I have coached people just starting out and I have helped current business owners maximize their businesses to multimillion dollar businesses and there was one thing that all of my clients had in common…

They were Entrepreneurs by choice.

But now things are different…

People who have always been to scared to start their own business are suddenly thinking about it.

In fact, there is a tidal wave of people who feel that they want to attract money fast AND that they can NO LONGER rely on their job to do it.

In too many cases those jobs are just GONE.

Now, other people might look at this and say “that’s too bad” – But I say “that’s GREAT!”

Here’s why…

Sometimes the strangest things will force people to make decisions they have always wanted to make, but were too scared of – and this is one of those times!

I see great possibility in this time…

I see the opportunity for many to actually discover something how to turn something they love into a business…

I see the potential of freedom that is greater than most have ever dared to dream of…

BUT I also know there are lessons you need to learn and I want to help you shorten the learning curve as much as possible.

Listen, I’m here with you – and I know you feel like you need to attract money fast, I know you feel like you lack the time to discover what it is you really want to do and I know you are seriously pushing your comfort zone…

I know you are going through all of this because I went through it too and I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made and shorten your journey where mine was long and painful.

I have received more emails than I can count from my subscribers telling me about this opportunity and that opportunity and that they don’t know what to do and which direction to go and how not to make

I know if you have someone guiding you openly and honestly you are more likely to start to succeed quickly!

This issue is focused on helping you get started in turning your passion into profit – it’s time to get clear and take the first steps toward your ultimate freedom!

You’ll hear from master business coach Steve Little.

Steve has built several multi-million dollar businesses in his 40 year career, including a businesses that reached the 100 million dollar a year mark. And he’s coached hundreds of people to turn their passions into successful businesses.

Today he’s going to help you take the first 3 steps to creating your own path to freedom.

To make sure this newsletter serves YOU; your comments and feedback are critical, so let me know what you think! You’ll find a link at the bottom of each issue that leads you to our site to leave your feedback.

Ok, let’s get started – I hope you enjoy this issue!

Life Mastery Is Yours!



“We are all here forsome special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.”~Robin Sharma


“Steps to Turn Your
Passion into Your Ultimate Career”

By Steve Little

The truth is that, with the maturity and power of the Internet, it has never been easier to build the dream of financial independence and success through your ultimate job.

So what is it that causes so many people to struggle when they try to get started with turning their passion into a profitable business?

Well, there are definitely subconscious limiting beliefs and counter-intentions to overcome, and many believe that it is difficult to take a concept to success.

They think they need to have special skills or talents or that they need relationships with other industry specialists and experts like publishers.

But I have great news for you.

Even if you have struggled in the past to turn your passion into your ultimate job, the truth is that the Internet has made it possible for almost anyone to take a concept or their passion and create their ultimate job. It really is true that you could start a business, and if done right, it can become an empire.

I know that is easier said than done, so I want to help you get going, because that can be the hardest part.

In fact, the beginning is the part that most people don’t make it through and I want to make sure that isn’t the case for you. So let’s get started! Before venturing into any business, whether or online or brick and mortar you should follow these first steps:

1. Research your passion or ultimate job idea

Make sure you can answer these questions:

  • Does turning your passion into a business
    fill a needed gap?
  • Can you create a niche?
  • Is there a sizeable market for you to make
    your business profitable?

Doing this kind of market research will help you find whether there are other people selling the same or similar product or services and of the market is big enough to keep you in business.

2. Make a Business Plan

Developing a Business Plan is the best way to determine whether your hobby or ultimate job can turn into a profit. There are many free templates online that you can download, such as and .

There are also several business plan software packages available for purchase.

At this point, you will also want to think about financing. Have you saved up money for starting costs or are you in need of financing?

If you are in need of financing, you may want to consider looking for investors or visit your local Small Business Administration Office to find out what types of loans or grants are available.

If you are offering your services online and do not have products to sell at the moment, your start-up costs can be very minimal. Utilizing the Internet and all it has to offer can be vital to the success of your company.

Do you have a business angle?

Just because a hobby is fun for you, doesn’t mean someone will pay you to do it. The trick is finding the twist that will turn your recreation into an income. Be creative and look to be the solution for someone else’s problem.

3. Are you ready to take the leap of faith and face the unknown?

It is time to take stock of your business sense and determine whether you are comfortable with taking the risks.

Can you see yourself in this line of business for the rest of your life and will you still love your hobby or passion if it is your main source of income?

Can you deal with the unknown’s of what is ahead? Can you live with the failures that may be ahead and turn them into opportunities?

Another factor to determine is how much time can you devote to your new business. How much time can you realistically spend on your business?

You will need to decide if this is something you want to do full-time or part-time. Consider time with family and other obligations you may have.

Take these first steps and start creating your master plan to turn your passion into your ultimate job.

The Internet opens up a whole new world of possibilities and has made it easier than ever for home business owners to do business and make a good income while doing something they love. Building an online business based on your hobby or passion can provide you with a niche and finally give you the opportunity to live your life’s passion and have that ultimate job you have always wanted.

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Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
There are 3 things I want you to keep in mind as you go – these are SO important!1. I know you feel rushed, but you MUST take a few minutes to decide what areas of focus actually excite you.I promise you that when you start as an entrepreneur, if you start in an area you love, your chances for success increase by almost 80%.2. Do your due diligence!There are 8 million people out there saying they have the opportunity that will make you a millionaire or financially free or an extra 10k per month. Some of them are legit and many are not.Do your due diligence. Find out everything you can about them and their success rate.Ask people you respect if they know anything about them. ALWAYS talk to someone at the company first before you dive in. How you are handled now is a great indicator of how you will be handled if you use their system or product or coaching.3. Stick with 1 thing!I talk about this a lot in my coaching…I call it the ‘Something Shiny’ Epidemic.This is where you are so excited about an idea that you are sure is going to make you the money you need fast that you jump in, BUT the second another opportunity comes to you, you are lured to it because it seems like it might get you money faster.Trust me…I lived like this for a while and all this did was put me in debt.

It wasn’t until I took a second to only look at opportunities that excited me THEN did my due diligence and THEN chose 1 and STUCK WITH IT that my life turned around.

Learn from my mistakes on this one!

So glad you are here. Your lessons are making a difference. Need more of your input to change my thinking.”— Keith S


6 Responses to “Do What You _ _ _ And the _ _ _ Will Follow…”

  1. Tom Gabriel says:

    Very interesting, well-presented and valuable info. I am unsure how I personally fit into the “create your own business” idea since my talents, such as they are, do not fit a business model and I’ve had a personal problem with being an entrepreneur (feels limiting and not a good fit for me), but may be there’s room for me somehow. I enjoy and appreciate your work!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Tom!

      Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur — when you focus on how you can be a solution to a problem someone else has, everyone benefits! 🙂

      Next week will have another focus — so be sure to watch out for that issue!

      Life mastery is yours!

  2. dorian says:

    Hey Kristen & Steve,
    great article and slowly my passion is becoming clearer everyday, including a niche. However the moment Steve started writing his points 1 and 2 about the business side of things a whole lot of resistance came up that I wil never be able to do it, due to my lack of business experience and if I’m honest, interest. I had to force myself to read through it, fighting it at the same time.
    Yet, I do want to run my coaching business on a bigger scale than just playing with it. I never had to be business minded in my entire life. Do you have any suggestions how to crack that block?
    (My coaching is obviously not business or corporate coaching… 🙂
    Thank you!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Dorian!

      Great question! If you find yourself resisting the possibility of a goal you have (and this in any area of your life) — all that means is that you need to grow your belief sets to match your ultimate goal — and the way you do that is by setting smaller targets on the way to the bigger goal. My students who use my Ready, Aim Success Program are getting great results by using this process to grow their belief sets.

      So, what do you need to do? Look at your ultimate goal and then ask yourself — “What’s the first target?” Set a first target that pushes your comfort zone BUT still feels possible enough that you don’t resist it! When you set yourself up for smaller successes, your momentum builds and brings you to your ultimate goal!

      Life mastery is yours!

  3. Kristen,
    Thanks for another great post. I’m looking forward to the videos Steve has agreed to send me. All I can say is out of the half dozen coaches I have been receiving info from, your’s has been the most helpful. Thanks for your time and effort.

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