Emotions Always Win

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Are you emotional? That is a question that can put so many people on the defensive, and I want to change that.

Here’s why…

Our emotions are such a primary factor of our happiness and success.  We are all emotional, but somewhere along the way we lose our clarity.

This is the clarity that so many people miss and when you take the time to get clear and focused on what you actually want and why you want it, that is when amazing things start to happen!

This issue is centered on helping you find that clarity so you can remove any resistance you have to what you want more of and finally allow it to flow to you – in abundance!

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“Don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams.”
— Anonymous


“Emotions Always Win”

By Kristen Howe

I’m going to say something bold…and this is something I can absolutely promise is true.

Emotions ALWAYS win!

Everything we experience – and I mean EVERYTHING is defined by our emotions.  Or rather it is defined by our emotional attachment to what is going on.

I’m serious about this. There isn’t a single thing that is good or bad in itself – good and bad is subjective – what is good and bad for each of us is different, and how we decide what we define as good or bad is determined by the emotions we attach to it.

Now, here’s the good news…

Within every negative emotion you feel is the opportunity for the opposite positive emotion IF you just learn how to do 6 specific things.

Here’s the deal, all strong emotions are calling us to take action in one way or another – when you have strong positive emotions, it is normally pretty clear what the action is, but when you are smacked with a strong negative emotion, you need some tools to be able to take that negative emotion and turn it into a positive experience.

So, here are the 6 steps we are going to go through –

1. Get Honest
2. Get Clear
3. Get Interested
4. Get Real
5. Get Creative
6. Get Going

It is ultimately essential that you realize that you control your emotions, because emotions define your reality – how you feel about your reality defines your life and when you change how you FEEL about your life, you will instantly start to manifest the things that are in alignment with how you feel.

Let’s talk about the 6 steps you can use to transfer negative emotion into positive experience –

1. Get Honest

The first step is to stop and notice when you are feeling negative.  It is too easy just to accept the negative mood without really looking at it.

When you feel yourself in a bad mood or in feeling negative about something, stop and notice it because what it means is that something needs to change.

2. Get Clear

The next thing you need to do is to ask yourself what the message is in your emotion – in other words, ask yourself what it is trying to tell you about your situation. I also want you to ask yourself what it is trying to tell you about your perception of the situation – because here’s the truth, sometimes a negative emotion comes up because you need to change something like your approach or actions and other times negative emotion comes up because what you need to change is your perception – often what you are thinking is wrong isn’t wrong at all, you are just perceiving it as wrong because of misinterpretations, old filters, limiting beliefs, fears and more.

3. Get Interested

Now it’s time to get interested – time to be a detective into what you really want – ask yourself questions like:

  • Right now I feel _______ how do I want to feel?
  • To feel how I want to feel, what do I need to believe?
  • What am I WILLING to do to feel that way and believe those things?

4. Get Real

It’s time to get real – chances are good that this negative emotion you are feeling is something you have felt before – I want you to think back to one of those times and remember that somehow you got through it then which means you can get through it now.  Getting real with remind you that you can deal with this because you have done it before!

A great example for this is this…

I remember the first time I had my heart broken – I was young and in love and when it ended I remember feeling like I would never be able to find someone else to love…

The second time I had my heart broken, I thought to myself – this sucks and is really painful, but I’ve been through this before and I know I’ll come out of it and love again…

Use your past struggles to give you strength and reassurance that you can get through whatever you are challenged by now!

5.  Get Creative

Now I want you to get really creative – take a few minutes to brainstorm different ways you can turn this situation around (and by situation I mean the emotion you have attached to it – remember, emotions define our experience) – once you do that, take the top idea you came up with a really visualize yourself doing it until you feel that sense of certainty that you experienced before when we went through the difference between hope and certainty.

6. Get Going

Immediately take action to transform your emotion – remember, you really can control your emotions – it is up to you how you feel in every moment!

Massive success lies
in your answer to this question…

Do you know how to transform the 6 Core Habits of Failure into the 6 Core Habits of Success?

And I want to reiterate something here – even though your emotions are your experience, you ARE NOT your emotions…

Let me say it a different way…

Your emotions define your experience, BUT your emotions do not define YOU!

Start by giving yourself some distance from your emotions – this is going to sound extremely simple, but stop claiming emotions as a self definition – which means instead of saying (out loud or to yourself) I am so angry, give yourself some distance and say, I am feeling angry…

Like I said, it’s a small difference, but the difference here is powerful!

That’s it for today – just remember – your emotions define your reality and experiences, but you are NOT your emotions and you are now equipped to change your life by changing how you feel.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…

Become aware of how you hold yourself physically when you are feeling certain emotions.

Whenever you feel yourself in a strong emotional state (whether it is positive or negative), become an observer – get distance from it and notice how your body feels.

How are you standing, what are you doing with your arms and your face, how are you holding your head?

Morning Kristen,

Thank you for your words of wisdom and love I appreciate it as do many around the world.

I am thankful for us all on this new adventure in love in action being the best we can be.

We are Huge together on this journey of love.

– Isabelle

20 Responses to “Emotions Always Win”

  1. Dear, dear Kristen. . . . (Note the use of the term of endearment, . . pun intended ) You are so right about emotion. I am 67 years old and will testify that it is the Tsumani of enabling force as well as the destructive undertow of destruction. Some time back you offered the course where you paid for the course if it worked for you and didn’t have to pay if it did nothing for you. If it wasn’t you it was someone else. Any way I did not enroll because of my negative thinking which still dogs me to this day. That’s how powerful negative emotion can be. The same power from positive emotion is what you are saying. Very Very true. Here’s the kicker: I spent a great deal of energy trying to explain concisely in my book released last September that emotion is a sixth sense to be used as a reactionary sense like any of our more familiar senses and should be , for right results cultivated from infancy. Which is what you are doing. People take it from an old man; learn to listen to (Kristen! joke) and master the use of your emotions. My book is concerning the nebulous term, ” Faith “, , , My point :You do need a coach to condense what will take you a lifetime to understand before you begin to master reflexively reaping the abundant harvest bestowed by a newly discovered and always willing friend. Signed ; Ken O. Mc Intosh

  2. Gerardo says:

    Thank you so much for your advice, it makes soo much sense how you define the emotions, and how our reality is linked to how we feel. The exercises you gave out as to be clear about how we feel and what we want, and identifying possible blockages and we may not even be aware, I will incorporate your teachings into my everyday life, and make them part of my habits , since we are what we are because our habits…………………… thank you so much keep up the good vives……………………………….Gerardo

  3. Delores says:

    Good artical!
    I have always considered emotions good if positive, and bad if negative. It’s helpful to think them “subjective:” good for ME – or bad for ME – depending on the situation. Thanks!

  4. Marlene says:

    WOW what an eye opener. Sometimes you get so caugh up in your negativity and dont know how to come out of it. Thanks.

  5. Barbara Robinson says:

    I realised a few months ago that I could usually manifest what I wanted IF I wanted it with EMOTION. I’ll give you an example….I’m on a dating site and there’s a choice of meeting 2 guys…one I’ve been chatting to for many months and he lives in a pretty area close to the coast…the other one who I’ve been chatting to for less than a month…but we were/are madly attracted but he lives up north. Logically…it seemed like a better idea to meet the first guy, so I was honest with the second guy. Within hours, I realised I’d made a mistake & should have followed my heart. I was devastated when the second guy said,’ no…go and see if the other guy is your destiny, this is goodbye.’ I was devastated but you know what? I knew I could turn it around. I wanted it with so much emotion…tears arent always negative. I left him a long message that night…the early hours of the next morning actually. When we chatted later…gradually he believed me when I told him just how much I regretted letting go of our connection. We’re meeting very soon…it will happen….positive affirmations do work…whatever or whoever you want to manifest.

  6. Thank you Kristen for another great teaching tool. I will definately practice what you have taught


  7. Gerald says:

    Ken, you are an experienced man – not an “old guy” at 67.

    Give yourself the challenge of making a long list of nice things that have happened to you in your life. Write down one thing every day, and your mind will FEEL THE INSTRUCTION to remember ONE MORE THING every day. Don’t write down more than one, unless it wants to leap out of your mind with urgency to get onto the paper.

    After three years, you will be over 1,000 nice things that have happened to you, EVEN IF you think you now that you can’t possibly make a list of a 1,000.

    You will be taken down memory lane each day as you think about that ONE MORE NICE THING that jumps up into your mind.

    Your whole perception of whether your life has been good or bad will change, and as you reach 1,000 items on your list, you will feel and act like a YOUNG MAN who thinks that life has been SWEET AND GENEROUS to you. The people in your life will be thrilled to bits at how amazing you have become.

    Only add one thing a a day to the list, even if it seems difficult for a few weeks to think of something. The snowball begins to roll faster as your mind starts to automatically look back in your memory banks to choose what the next thing will be to put on your list.

    In life, we can choose to count the rocks/mud thrown at us, or look towards the stars where the magic is waiting to be discovered.

    Start every day by smiling at the first three people you meet, no matter whether they be enemy or friend. Even if your enemy does not smile back, you will force him to begin to believe he might benefit from having your smiley face in his life so he can become a friend.

    War can stop the same day, if everyone shakes hands.

  8. Mmnatura says:

    I had been pressing myself to not react with my emotions because it leads me to invoke my feelings of loyalty and duty to some people and situations that are really undeserving! However, once I change the focus of my emotions onto myself. That same loyalty and duty and devotion lead me out of a harmful and conflicting situation. Thank you for your newsletters and all of its content. MM

  9. Herminia says:

    Thanks so much Kristen,I’m grateful.The powerfull emotions,but positive,I go through lifetime…
    ( now I’m 84 years old looking 60). Working as Registered Nurse in different Country.The pro-
    blem was precised the emotions and all this different languages. I’ve a few books about The
    Low of Atraction, but not one with the simplicity teaching tools like your are shown Kristen.

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  11. Darrell Mason says:

    Hi, Kristen
    Thank you so much for helping me in the way I think and feel. I will apply what you said in my own life and am becoming a better man because of you. YOU ROCK

  12. Harshad says:

    Hi Kirsten,

    The article got me engaged and i am making sure i put into action how i deal with my emotions in a positive way.Thanks for the excellent article, keep up the good work.



  13. nasr says:

    hi dear,
    great things to be done.

  14. Lena says:

    I sign up for Your posts, but I never receive any reply in my e-mail. I would be grateful if You send me an ordinary e-mail instead, – to see if that works.

    Love Lena

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