When You Are Almost to the Finish Line Be Careful!

I love ‘Expedition Africa’!  It’s a show on the discovery channel and is about 4 ‘Modern Day Explorers’ who are retracing the steps of an historic expedition in Africa.


The 2 hour finale was on Sunday night and at one point, Benedict (one of the expeditioners) said something that made me run to my notepad so I would remember to write a blog post about it.

Before I tell you what he said, let me give you a little background on what these 4 people had already endured in the quest for their goal…

They spent 30 days and covered almost 1000 miles, most of it on foot.  They crossed the dessert in 120+ degree weather, endure malaria and successfully warded off Hyenas, Snakes, Hippos, Crocodiles and Lions.  They conquered lack of water, lack of communication and lack of food and about 100 other obstacles that could have stopped them from achieving their goal of finishing this historic expedition…

And yet…

Not finishing was never an option…

They had a singular focus for 30 days and it was absolutely inspiring what they were able to achieve.

Okay…now let’s get back to it…

In the last episode, they were 3/4 of the way to their goal.  They could taste success and see the proverbial finish line and THAT is when Benedict said something to the effect of this…

“This is when we have to be the most careful, on expeditions like this, the last 25% is when everything can go wrong because it gets easy to look at the finish line and lose focus on what is happening in the present.  When you lose that focus and settle into feeling like you have already succesfully finished before you have, that is when 1 thing can go wrong and take away the 75% you have achieved.”


Seriously…that is so powerful!

Remember that as you go after your goals…

You have to STAY FOCUSED for 100% of the journey!

This is true whether you are:

  • Trying to attract money fast
  • Trying to find your purpose
  • Trying to make money from your purpose and passion
  • Following inspired action
  • Trying to lose weight
  • Trying to improve your relationships

etc. etc. etc.

When you start to feel like you are almost there and that you have successfully endured everything that was thrown at you for the bulk of your journey to a goal…

REFOCUS and remind yourself to stay present!

I would love to hear examples of how this exact thing has played out in your life…leave me a comment and let me know your story!

Go Big!


17 Responses to “When You Are Almost to the Finish Line Be Careful!”

  1. Rosemary says:

    I don’t know whether I’m almost there or not, but today I signed up for a program that can help me help others, and make money in the process. When I begin the program and start to make money by actually helping people, I’ll report back. Without your push, I don’t think I would have even explored the program, much less signed up for it. Of course, the trick is in following it, isn’t it? Thanks.

    • LOA says:

      What’s the program Rosemary…let me know and I’ll let you know if I have any input for you!

      Go Big!

  2. Jaime Kalman says:

    Wow, what an inspiring insight! Thank you for this great example of how we can get in our own way right before we reach our goals. That quote really sums up how our ego minds can keep us from fully realizing our joy by creating misperceptions. I love how the key to the successful completion of the adventurers quest was in staying present and focusing clearly and vigilantly on what was happing in the moment – rather than an imagined future! This story reminds me of the universality of our minds and that we all have this mechanism that catupults us into the future rather than allowing us to stay present. Those adventurers are highly adept, courageous people and even they noticed when they were about to fall prey to the mind’s automatic mechanisms that can cause us to sabotage our dreams if we don’t pay attention and make another choice. How powerful that we CAN make that higher choice when we allow ourselves to stay present!

  3. Randy says:

    So very true. I can’t count the number of times I have almost been to the finish line and lost it all. Cockiness, laziness, being unfocused, losing sight of what your original purpose was, and many more pitfalls face you daily. I’ve finally found my inspiration, found what I think I was truly meant to do, as well as a way of taking action with it in the very very near future. This time, I have to be very careful and avoid the mistakes of my past, stay focused and remember the big picture. I’m actively reading through the report you gave out as well as this blog, and I am finding the passion and excitement that I had lost. I look forward to my own new adventure I’m about to embark on. keep well and be productive.


  4. Leila says:

    When it’s been an arduous trip, like it must have been for the adventurers you mention, it’s so tempting to think you can be less careful, vigilant, focused etc. because you’ve nearly made it. I remember seeing a couple of memorable nearly-made-its – so a timely reminder is always a good idea. Thanks Kristen.

  5. David U says:


    Great post and very timely for me. First, I want to thank you for introducing us to Stuart Lichtman’s work – his book and process is incredible and really was a difference maker for me.

    For the past three months I have been working the program the best I could…. sometimes engaging in 3 plus hours of practices a day and doing my best to make my actions inspired. I learned a ton in the process… how to know when I was pushing my agenda too hard, how to let go, taking charge of my thinking – even in moments of terror of feeling I could not pay my bills. I just kept going and remained focused… I also got clearer around what I wanted… financially. Well long story short – I am about to have my best month ever in billings at $30,000 and can start taking a deep breath again.

    Yet, I also find myself in a new learning phase about how all this works. I agree the need to refocus because while I attained a short term goal – my heart has opened up to a new level and I am reassessing everything in my life! I realized I have settled in many ways and know now that I must up the ante in all areas… my business, money, health, relationships.

    Anyway – I feel I actually achieved something that I can build upon but am left wondering what’s next? I suppose it goes back to reassessing what I REALLLY want and focusing one what my heart is guiding me to focus on and trust that.

    For example, Stuart’s “Framing Your Inner Anchor” piece – I had an intense experience of transformation. It almost feels like a fire is blazing in my heart (probably sounds out there – yet it is my experience). And it is causing me to question everything!

    Anyway – I feel both excited and confused. It feels like everything is about to change in my life… something has been set in motion. I am willing to go on that ride but want to make sure I am The Captain of it. One of my favorite recent movies is “Invictus” about Nelson Mandela and the South African World Cup Rugby team. I am not sure if it is purely portrayed but if it is true that Mandela used that poem to keep focused during his 27 years in prison…especially the last two sentences are revealing:
    “I am the master of my fate – I am the captain of my soul” WOW!

    Anyway – I so appreciate your approach to this work and thank you for confirming I must refocus on what I truly want beyond money, success and great relationships… And I must also be clear how I want my life to manifest given my deeper desires.

    That being said, any comments you or others have about this stream of thinking is welcomed 🙂

  6. lei says:

    > This is timely. I have done many things to achieve success, but when it’s almost there, that I lose it. It’s like, the finish line is near, just then suddenly something comes up and it disappears.
    > Thanks for your fillers. It surely encourages me to be more positive.

  7. Hannelore says:

    I live since 16 years in Africa and have experience with wildlife, environment and people. It is all over the world the same regarding achieving the goal, never think having met the goal before finishing line… People that are driving in the car and almost reaching their home also think they know every curve or road to get home. Loose concentration and often land in a fatal accident. Every second we must be wide awake and concentrate to achieve our goal safely.
    Thanks Kirstin for the many input you offer to all of your readers.

  8. Suleiman Maharaz says:

    What an inspirational and insightful write-up!

  9. Kevin says:

    I’m nowhere near even 3/4 of the way to where I want to be, in terms of hitting even my initial income target, but I have at least made a start and I’ve been working on making progress today.

    I’ll do my best to remember that when I get closer to the target, but, in saying that, the goalposts will have moved by then, which will, inevitably, take me further away from where I want to get to.

    I guess the message is one of continuous monitoring and reviewing and the re-setting of goals which will, in turn, require monitor and review.

  10. Hey Kristen! Beautiful Post Again…I have the same thing. Because of the 4 other comments so far…I can tell we are on the same ‘Wavelenght” ..

    “Frequency…Or Octave..chord? Is what they call it ….Now.

    Think About the Odds that those Guys Overcame!

    Against / What I have to do to survive!…none the less..prosper…and grow…and seek

    More…side note..I love watching that Universe stuff on NatGeo.com…and History channel and Discovery.com…..and? Ha

    Ha Ha….I will let you Guess…Sarcasm…I should’ve been a Comedian ..But I take care of or/transport Ill people…to their tests and appointments…not bad work.

    I am a fi 41yo ..I send My Healing vibes and…

    Thanks community of like souls…i “feel” ya I am a

    Conscious sensitive and an Empath and Intuitive

  11. I’m headed on the right track, know exactly what I want, stay focused and then lo and behold my fears interfere. My fears are so powerful that I immediately stop, go back to the way things were and decide my dream wouldn’t have worked for me anyway.

    Not this time though. I am riding my dream and desire to the finish, even though the fears are becoming real enough to stop anyone.

  12. Mark Danner says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I finally made over the top of the hill 3 weeks ago. I now have to get the money coming in to pay the bills. It is funny how you talked about the expedition to Africa. I have plenty of those I can tell. Anyways, I want to thank you for your help and I will continue to follow.

  13. PANSY PIERCE says:

    Hi Kristin,

    Thanks for your very important and on time info.
    I have had many 3/4 of the ways success towards
    my specific goal. Most recently I’d say I was
    at the door. So many things happened and in
    retrospect I believe broken focus, creative
    avoidance not to accept the hurt placed me back
    to about 1/2 way. I’m up again, stumbling blocks are coming in from every which way, low
    cash flow, small numbers, uncommitted and unaccountable people keep popping in and out. I believe I am present but the process is very
    slow (you did remind me not to try to get things fixed by next Wednesday, rather in 6 months). However, I must accelerate my pace and work with a sense of upmost urgency, time is against me. I have resolved to stick out to
    the 6-month recommendation.



  14. Rosemary says:

    Strange that this blog was originally posted in July of last year, and this time it struck me differently from the last time. My goals remain the same, but I need constant reminders to stay focused on what I want not on what I don’t want. What I don’t want is what is happening now, that is, the lack of income, so keeping myself in the present in not a pleasant thought.

    It’s 3:30 in the morning on Memorial Day, 2010, so I’ll just let this blog percolate further to dig up some better insights. In the meantime, I am taking inspired action all the time, keeping my outlook positive and wonderful things are being attracted to me. What I need to do is NOT focus on what negative things “could” happen, even though my logical mind (my ego?) wants to grab the reins on a journey to hell.

    Thanks for re-posting this wonderful reminder.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rosemary!

      Yes, funny how the same words resonate differently at different times and periods of your life…

      That’s EXACTLY why I remind people of some of my past posts — it is so important to go back and see what it means to you now!

      I so appreciate you!

      Go Big!

  15. JoAnna Boccard says:

    Rosemary was right on when she talked of a lack of money and staying focused on her goal. I do the same, my thoughts straying on worrying about the lack of money and where the money is coming from, or how I am going to spread the money I have to pay bills.

    It is so easy to become involved in what you don’t want. It is so easy to become involved in the crisis of others around you which reminds you that you don’t have money either.

    Shifting to the present, shifting to keeping your goal in focus is essential. I know my goal, to be a successful writer, but I am always trying to figure out ‘how’ and not letting it happen.


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