Are You Caught In This Trap?

Welcome back to the current issue of the Law of Attraction Key Newsletter!

Let me start this issue by asking you a question. Ready?

Are you scared that what you desire will always stay JUST out of reach?

If you answered ‘Yes’ – don’t worry, you aren’t alone and I want to help.  Here’s what I know, that fear is natural. Now, here’s something else I know, as long as you are in that fear, you are clutching your dreams so tightly that they stay out of reach.

And this brings us to one of the most difficult things when it comes to the Law of Attraction…

Because you are here reading this, I know you are ready for this, so take what I am about to say, and remind yourself of it every day – here you go…

“In order to allow your desires to manifest in your life, you have to let go.”

YIKES! I know the very thought of that strikes fear in most of us.  I know how easy it is to think that if you ‘let it go’ then it won’t show up.  And that is the opposite of true. Let me give you an example from my life…

From the time I was a kid, I wanted to sing on Broadway. That was my dream and when I first moved into New York City, it started to feel like that dream was never going to come true. I panicked – I held onto my dream so tightly and yet everything seemed to bring me SO close, but no matter how hard I held onto my dream, it seemed like it was never going to happen.

Eventually, I got tired, and although I still wanted to be on Broadway, I just couldn’t push anymore – so I left New York and went to Maine to teach dance. To the people that knew and loved me, it looked like I had given up, but to me, I was just letting go of the pressure.  That summer I auditioned for a show in Maine and got it. While I was there performing, the director of my show encouraged me to go to New York for an audition. I was scared to death, but I went.  I got the job, which made me move back to New York, and not long after, I booked my first Broadway show! That was when I truly realized the power of letting go.

To help you really get this and put it into practice in your life, I have asked my dear friend Len Wright to share some of his tools with you to help free you forever from, what he calls, ‘The Monkey Trap’!

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Ok, let’s get started – I hope you enjoy this issue!

Life Mastery Is Yours!


“When I let go of what I am,
I become what I might be.”

— Lao Tzu


Are You Caught In This Trap?

Excerpt from “The Monkey Trap” – By Len Wright

If you ever feel like you are caught in a trap with your life, you’re not far off from the truth!  The hamster on the wheel with a big juicy carrot in front of it is a prime example of how most are living these days.  That’s not a judgment or put down, I’m only looking honestly at our society in these times.

Just look at how fearful humans have become.  How fear of loss is driving, motivating them to run that much faster on the wheel to try and escape the nagging empty feeling inside.  People are placing their belief in the illusion that surrounds them and wondering why they feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and like their life is passing them by.

If you believe in something that is a mirage, you will always be let down, disappointed and feeling like once again the answer is to run faster, try harder and accomplish more.  Every new experience or plan seems like an oasis that will “save” you from your inner plight.  A brand new start, AGAIN!  It’s like a dog chasing its own tail, round and round it goes, getting absolutely nowhere.  Tiring, frustrating and depressing to say the least.

This condition we are talking about is actually a trap, a self imposed prison.   Read on and you’ll learn exactly how you are participating by being both the warden and the prisoner and how to finally set yourself free.

The liberation of your life is what we are talking about here and it’s worth your time to find out exactly how you are acting as the puppet in your life rather than the puppet master.

The Monkey Trap and YOU…

Deep in the jungles trappers use a crafty technique to catch monkey’s using their own resistance.  It shows exactly how you may be doing the same thing in your life and how letting go is always the answer to all of life’s questions.

They begin by hollowing out a coconut.  Making a small enough hole in the one end, just enough for the monkey to squeeze its flat unclenched hand inside, they then tie a treat to the inside of the coconut and hang it from a tree.

The monkey comes along, notices the treat and squeezes its flat hand inside to grab hold of it.

Once the monkey grabs on tightly to the treat inside, it’s hand is made into a clenched fist and cannot be pulled back through the narrow hole.  As hard as that monkey tries, it’s hand cannot break loose as a fist, so as long as it is intent on keeping the treat in it’s grasp, it is trapped.

What’s really interesting here is that IF the monkey was to simply Let Go of the treat, it would instantly be free.

In this example, the treat is our attachment to our desires or wants!  How we “think” it should be rather than how it is.

The moral of this simple story is that If we hold onto what we think we want we set ourselves up to be trapped but at any moment as soon as we let go, we too instantly gain our freedom from the pain that is self inflicted by our attachment or grasp on our desire.

Let go and watch how love frees you from your pain…

Learn how letting go can change your life forever and get your FREE COPY of this life changing e-book “The Monkey Trap”   

So How Can YOU Learn To Let Go?

Next time you feel irritated, frustrated, angry or depressed, notice what you are paying attention to and focusing on in that moment…

Is it a memory that is streaming a movie of thoughts and images?  Is it something that caught your eye  and then triggered a memory or image that has carried you away into the world of thought?  If you are upset with someone, notice how your mind feeds you with images/movies, voices and feelings that build that emotional energetic state.

The more you focus your attention on what your mind is feeding you, the deeper you sink into that imaginary world.  See if you can observe how your mind tries to involve, lure and catch you in its trap.

The process is as follows…

First the trigger is set off.  This could be anything that brings up a thought or memory of past or future events.  You “see” or “hear” the thought and start focusing in on what your mind is portraying to you.  Each step into that world of thought will take you further into the abyss of negative states and imagination where no solution can ever be found.  So what choice do you have?

Try doubt!  Become your own internal skeptic!

That’s right I am encouraging you to doubt.

When your mind gives you a command, something to think about or carry out, maybe an experience that you perceive as a “problem”, what do YOU do with it?  Do you answer it in some way to ease it’s nagging?  Try to fix, solve or find an answer to what is supposedly wrong?

Have you ever considered doubting it’s authority?  Most are not skeptical at all when their mind tells them to do it’s bidding because they are so used to acting on what they are told inwardly.  Basically, we believe that our mind would not deceive us or lead us astray but this is where we fall down in our understanding.  Our minds are exquisite tools but left to their own devices, can be harsh task masters.

Question, examine and investigate the drivers or motivators to all of your actions.  Be suspicious as to “WHY” your mind is telling you that you feel the way you do.  Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing and  “Is this action from Love or is my mind trying to run the show here?

If you find that the action does not serve your higher self, let it go and release the need to take any action.  Be patient and the proper forward movement will appear.

Become an observer to these processes and you’ll find yourself being able to drop these negative energies before they take hold.  Let go and stop clinging to what your mind tells you will set you free.  Be empowered by utilizing your mind as a tool rather than the other way around!

Practice being that silent observer to your minds movement.  Listen and watch as it tries to direct your actions and thoughts, then examine them carefully.  Is what you are being told leading you to actions of love, peace or kindness?

If not, you are being fed lies by an inward conspirator and you must not answer this state.  Letting go doesn’t take strength as much as it takes a true understanding of the relationship you currently have with life and that state.

Stop, wait, breathe and examine BEFORE you take any step and you’ll start to realize how much you’ve been a follower in your own life.  Now you can, by observing the inner workings of YOU, take control and allow for your true potential to blossom.

Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…

We resist letting go because we are scared. We resist letting go because we think we have to keep reminding the universe of what we want or it will forget us.

Focusing on what you desire with great love and faith is different than clutching onto your desires with fear and doubt.

The next time you find yourself holding on and trying to force things to be, ask yourself this, “How would I act right now if I had complete faith that the Universe will give me all that I desire?”

“Hello Kristen –

I would have to tell you that I really like your approach and the content
you provide. I follow several “Law of Attraction” forums, but what I really like about yours is how you provide valuable information. I have had my back up against the wall financially for the past several years and am not able to buy most of the programs I read about, but I HAVE GOTTEN GREAT VALUE from the information you provide, and by applying just the little bit you give away for free, my life has and is getting better.

I hope to one day soon be able to purchase from you.”


Dale S.

7 Responses to “Are You Caught In This Trap?”

  1. Lyle says:

    I totally believe in the law of attraction I have had three businesses each has had down falls from getting embezzled from to my ex ending up with them I also am strapped financially I would apreciate any help you could give Thank you.

  2. Ann Peek says:

    I too have been holding on in many areas of my life. This article helps me understand both on a financial level and a personal level. Thank you. I look forward to the gems you are offering in your newsletters.

  3. Deirdre says:

    Hi Kirsten,

    Thank you for yet another interesting and useful article. You always seem to ‘hit the nail on the head!’ I love your inciteful approach and I agree with another of your readers who stated that although they are members of other LOA forums they get so much from yours! I always look forward to receiving your mail to see what ‘little gem’ you’re going to impart this time!
    Thanks Kirsten
    In sincere gratitude


  4. Aaron Price says:

    Kristen, thank you so much for this article. With all the messages of fear surrounding us, it reminded me about something we all need constant reminders for, the LET GO and trust.

  5. Wash says:

    Hi There!

    I think that the conclusion of this great article is based on the final “Quick Tip” you just gave us… which es that :

    “We have to let go or stop resisting the fear and doubt on things we want, but keep on focusing daily on this same things BUT with FAITH & LOVE, in order to achieve them thorugh this repetition”

    Am I right?

    MAny thanks for your great support!!!

  6. ANITA BELLAMY says:

    Hello, I had to laugh as I felt like you were specially speaking to me. God don’t we all do this……. This is why the world is the way it is. coz of a simple thought that didn’t hold love and happiness and our minds lead us astray. Very interested in hearing more.
    The most funniest thing is when I ask the universe for something and believe and know it is coming, not asking for it day in and day out. DO YOU KNOW IT COMES TRUE. When I pray and ask for it all the time it never comes. My questions are being answered

    cheers Kristin for this

  7. Joanne Moen says:

    I asked God on tuesday 11/1/11: ” help me understand what it is that I need to change within myself because obviously there is something that I am doing that is chasing away my dreams/desires. I want to understand the Law of Attraction better because I feel there is something that I am missing or not getting….however, God, to be honest, if I have to read anymore material or watch videos/seminars about Law of Attraction I am going to go nuts! It’s time to take action..I am ready! I know I have the power to co-create so what is going on? I love all my teachers (abrahma-hicks, Neale Donald Walsh, Louise Hay, Echart Tolle, Oprah, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Universal Kabbalah, etc) and I am thankful for the knowledge I have gained but obviously I’m not fully understanding how the laws work. I am ready, God, for guidance although I have to be truthful…not taking any action on living the fulfilling and thriving life that I desire is…yes…driving me bonkars….besides the fact that I have to get income rolling in because the bills are piling up!”

    Off to sleep I go and I had this sense (and also this surge of energy within my body and outside my body creating goose bumps) that all was truly well plus the fact I hear the voice that “I am very loved”. 11/3/11 days go by and I receive your newsletter/ email “are you caught in this trap”. When I read it was like the huge spotlight of “AHA” came rushing in and this surge of energy running through my body…along with laughing and then crying and repeat. It was a humbling experience because I could have easily gotten ticked off about how I “know” this stuff through all the studies I’ve done….however, my “observer self” came out and I was fully open to receive the gift of this newsletter and to “understand” that I am that monkey that is holding on so tightly to my dreams and hence I’m not going anywhere nor am I attracting the way because my grip is so tight. I was holding so tight because I didn’t want the universe to forget my “order”.
    I could go on and I apologize for this comment being so lengthly but I truly could not just say a simple “thank you” to you and Len regarding a humbling LIFE CHANGING moment. I have no doubt that the Divine worked through you and Len to answer my prayer. I feel liberated…truly, truly, truly! I am thankful for the free material that you send via email and I don’t take it for granted. when the student is ready she will find the diamond in the rough and that is exactly what happened regarding your newsletter and Len’s material…so thank you from the bottom of my heart. when I get back on feet financially there is no doubt that I will invest my money into your programs and Len’s.

    With much JOY and blessings!

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