The ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Success’ (Part 1) – What Is ‘Success’ Anyway?

Welcome back to the current issue of the Law of Attraction Key Newsletter!

Success – everybody wants it.  Right?

Most people have defined success as ‘this achievement’ or ‘that thing’ – many have actual checklists to determine that they are successful. And I want to be clear – I am all for success.  I am all for achieving amazing things and having abundance and cool cars and homes and stuff…

But, I am here to protect you, and help you, and that is what I want to do today in this issue…

Too many people check the items off their success lists only to find that they still feel exactly how they felt before.  It isn’t enough to achieve, you must feel or else you wind up with empty successes.

So, that is what we are here to do today – we are here to help you make sure your successes are full of joy and happiness and fulfillment. And I have a very special article for you to help you do exactly that! Everything you desire is here for you and when you discover what you really mean when you say ‘success’ you open up the infinite possibilities of the Universe!

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There is only one success – to spend your life in your own way.
Christopher Morley


The ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Success’ (Part 1) – What Is ‘Success’ Anyway?

by Henk J.M. Schram

Everyone seems to strive to be ‘successful’ in life. We all look to harness the power of the ‘Law of Attraction’ to gain ‘success’.

But what is ‘success’? What does it entail? What makes you successful, and what makes you a ‘failure’?

To answer this question, let’s first take a look at our world. Our societies are completely focused on our five senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. Our five senses are constantly stimulated. They are enticed and exploited all the time.

It’s therefore no surprise that most people tend to focus our minds on material forms of what they dub ‘success’ 24 hours a day, such as on fancy cars, big mansions, lots of money in the bank, and so on.

Now don’t get me wrong, because there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Neither does this mean that being ‘spiritual’ equals being poor and living in a dump or in a mountain cave.

The problem isn’t with the ‘material’ objects themselves. What it is instead, I’ll tell you in a bit.

First, to set a bit of a context for it, think about this for a moment:

Apparently, lots of people want to harness their innate, spiritual powers of ‘conscious manifestation’ to ‘attract a new car’.

So what is it with ‘cars’? Without passing judgment, what happened along the evolution of humankind that made a tin can on wheels a symbol of ‘social status’ and ‘success’?

I find this fascinating to explore… I mean, you’ve got to hear this:

Some people even give their car an actual name, like a good friend of mine did. A while back, he had some guys ‘pimp’ his ride with all kinds of fancy bells and whistles. And he was really proud of it. So he gave his car a name. He called it ‘Infinity’.

But then there was this other good friend of mine. This is the kind of guy who doesn’t give a wet slap about the kind of car he drives. The other day he needed to buy one, but the only criterion he had, was that he had to be able to drive to work with it (and back).

So he bought the first set of wheels that he thought was sufficiently capable of doing that, and for which the price was right for him.

Now I have to admit, the car he chose wasn’t an aesthetic masterpiece… I mean, he got himself a pretty old car, the kind that used to be allowed behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ only, and the kind that would make the hole in the ozone layer significantly increase upon merely starting the engine. My other friend would have dubbed it a piece of junk.

But this guy couldn’t care less. In fact, he could see the fun of it. In response to my other friend who had called his car ‘Infinity’, he decided to give his car a name too. He called it ‘Finity’.

I kid you not, this is a true story. What it illustrates is the relativity of concepts like ‘status’ and ‘success’. I mean, what one person would consider being dignified, could be considered by the next person as pathetic.

Like I said, the trap is not with material objects themselves. These are just ‘crystallized thought forms’ or ‘frequency patterns’ anyway… just like everything else (<– I explain this in more detail in some of my materials here

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The problem starts when we see those objects as the ultimate goals and the very symbols of success that confirm whether we ‘made it’ in life or not.

It’s for this reason that many people look to others to confirm to themselves if they’re ‘doing well’ or if they’re ‘successful’. When you don’t succeed in terms of big mansions, fancy cars, lots of money, you’re often considered a ‘failure’, and tend to see yourself as such.

Our whole system thrives on consumption and the constant expansion of it. And the more we consume, the more we’re considered to be ‘successful’.

Governments assess their success based on ‘economic growth’. Apparently, if the economy doesn’t grow, then we’re supposedly in trouble.

But what is ‘economic growth’ anyway? The term just implies that there’s more money in circulation. That might include increased turnover in fields like the weapons industry and the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry…

So if more weapons are sold, is that ‘success’? Why do we need more to start with? And if more drugs are sold and more patients treated, is that ‘success’? Why are they ill in the first place?

If we measure success by ‘economic growth’, all we’re after is more money in circulation. This also leads to many people borrowing more of what they don’t have and getting in even deeper trouble, simply to provide themselves the very things that should testify to others of their alleged ‘success’.

So is this the kind of ‘success’ you’re looking for? Is this the kind of ‘success’ that the world in general needs?

What if I told you that the real success you’re looking for is not having all kinds of material stuff, but is actually called ‘durable fulfillment’?

After all, why do you want a lot of money, a big mansion, or a fancy car? What’s the underlying motivation? To get others to look up to you and approve of you? To prove your worth to others?

In the end, what we really want boils down a desire for a sense of genuine fulfillment, and being able to live life on your own, genuine terms. The quest ends when you’re happy and fulfilled.

So when are you happy and fulfilled?

Well, here’s a first hint from what a wise man once said:

“Money and fame do not necessarily happiness make.”

Now don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with having a lot of money, or being well-known, or having fancy cars and big mansions. Like everything else, these are all just ‘thought fields’ and experience.

The problem is that so many people get absorbed in pursuing the material ‘dream’, that they forget about why they are doing that in the first place.

My friend John Harricharan says:

“Most people are so busy trying to make a living, that they forget to make a life.”

He’s right. Most people are more like ‘human doings’ than ‘human beings’.

The funny thing is that the greatest payoff from trying to get what you want through working with the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ (or principles of ‘deliberate creation’, ‘conscious manifesting’, or whatever you want to call it) comes from a state of being.

And that ‘state of being’ is ‘happiness’, ‘contentment’, ‘love’, and ‘gratitude’ for ‘what is’… That’s what gets you what you truly want.

The greatest payoff from your ‘manifesting efforts’ certainly doesn’t come from an obsession with ever more material stuff in a merry-go-round that gets faster by the day… for the sole reason to seek approval and confirmation of your ‘success’ from others, in order to compensate for an apparent lack of self-esteem that is the cause of this obsession to begin with.

A sense of security, self-esteem and ‘success’ is found within yourself, not outside.

And the funny thing is that once you give up the obsession with possession and finally acknowledge your true self, i.e. the person who you really are deep inside… you’ll start to notice that you’ll seem to manifest what you really want much more easily.

When that happens, you can enjoy all kinds of material stuff as much as you like, if that’s what you choose. You can choose to have a fancy car if you like. You can choose to live in a big mansion if that’s what you want.

The difference is that you won’t be controlled by the never-ending pursuit of these things. Your ‘state of being’ will no longer be ‘on the path to happiness and success’ anymore. That ‘state of being’ will only manifest a reality of ‘being on the path towards happiness and success’. Instead of being ‘on the path’, you’ll just ‘be happy’.

And from there you’ll allowthings to manifest, rather than finding yourself on a perpetual chase. It’s a small difference in perception, but one with profound effects.

That’s when you’ll start to ‘live life’, instead of ‘letting life live you’.

So in summary:

What is ‘success’?

Well… ‘success’, my friend, is what you define it to be.

Now go manifest your success, whatever that is for you!


Quick Tip Look Who’s Talking…
When you identify something that you want to achieve or attain, ask yourself this important question.“How will achieving this make me feel?”Whatever your answer is, now you know what you REALLY want, and then you can start to focus on the emotion you are wanting.  The magic in this is that you actually give yourself unlimited options to achieve your desired emotional state.  Once you do that, the material things you desire will come quickly AND better yet will be filled with the emotion you are looking for. Thank you so much for your advice, it makes so much sense how you define the emotions, and how our reality is linked to how we feel. The exercises you gave out as to be clear about how we feel and what we want, and identifying possible blockages and we may not even be aware, I will incorporate your teachings into my everyday life, and make them part of my habits, since we are what we are because our habits… thank you so much keep up the good vibes.” — Gerardo

6 Responses to “The ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Success’ (Part 1) – What Is ‘Success’ Anyway?”

  1. Stuart says:

    Hi Kristen
    I have been following and reading much of Dr Robert Anthony and now looking forward to your news letters. I have experianced the highs and lows of life through business and relationships as we all do and I’m now enjoying the enlightenment through the growing awareness I am experiencing about why things have happened. After years of developing various businesses for myself successfully, I have now been presented with the opportunity to work with my son and daughter on a business opportunity, developed by my son. I will be constantly referring to your teachings as i go on this specific journey with my children and the rest of my lie as well.
    Kind regards

    • Kristen says:

      WOW Stuart that’s great! And welcome by the way! Please keep us all up to date with how things are going in your new business venture!

      Life Mastery is Yours!

  2. Elle J says:

    Here’s my conundrum. I have been struggling with a feeling of being a failure, not because I want stuff to impress other people, but because I do am not able to buy or experience things that would enhance my or my children’s lives. I work every day but I can’t afford to travel out of state to watch my son, who is a college athlete. My daughter could use new clothes and shoes, but each month once the bills are paid, there is nothing left. In theory, I understand the principles, but I frequently fight feelings of guilt and disappointment in myself, which, of course, creates resistance and blocks the positive things you are trying to attract.

  3. Rich says:

    If you can’t find happines in what is, you won’t find happiness in what will be.

  4. Rosemary says:

    Success to me is feeling that I am free to live my life, without fear of losing that which I have, including my reputation as a good person, businesswoman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, consumer, etc. I have plenty of work, and I do it well, but for some reason the money is not flowing as it should. I’m not looking for validation from others, not completely anyway. My inner-critic seems to be failing me in keeping me on the straight and narrow, as I have defined it in my 63 years. After being my stylist for 7 years, last night she “fired” me for ostensibly not showing her respect, citing something she said I said. It was a long e-mail, and for the life of me I can’t remember saying anything to her except our usual chats about the state of the real estate world, the economy, politics and “how’s the family.”

    Money is merely a medium of exchange: My value exchanged for someone else’s value. When money does not flow, the feeling is that I therefore have no value, no matter how much service and attention to detail I give. Life mastery? Evidently the concept has eluded me.

    Sorry for such a let down reply.

  5. Gordon Sek says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thank you for your contribution to creat a better person & community through the sub-laws of the Law of Attraction. However, to creat SUCCESS, it must comprises Harmonious Wealth which include Financial health, Physical & mental health, Emotinal health & relationship with others, Intellectual health, Spiritual health plus Social & environmental consciousness toward others.

    By the way, I enjoy your contribution & may you achieve more success & happiness in your future undertakings.

    Gordon Sek

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