Issue 277 – Be Open

There are many ways to be open in your life and the Universe ALWAYS answers positively when you are... [click here now]

Issue 276 – Cancel Intentions

Just when you finally have your intentions crystal clear, are you cancelling them out? Watch this video to find out what to do IF you're answer if YES! [click here now]

Issue 275 – No More Struggle

It's easy and almost natural to engage with struggle in our daily lives. But what IF we said, "no more!" Imagine the relief, the freedom that would follow... [click here now]

Issue 274 – Let Go

Here's a quick video to FREE you from the everyday build up of stress and let go... [click here now]

Issue 273 – Inclusivity

Inclusivity is an important power word and it could be YOUR key to freedom... [click here now]