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Issue 217 – 6 Essential Rules of Designing Your Ideal Life

The secret to living the life you desire is VERY simple, you just have to first know what you want... Sounds simple because it is, but I could go to a room with 1,000 people in it and not find one who could give me definite directions to what they want. So if you are not living the life you desire, you do not know what you want. Click here to find out how to design your ideal life…

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Issue 215 – Becoming a Spiritual Light Warrior

What is important to note here is that darkness is an invitation to Create Light. It's a motivator for change. When we are aware of shadow and darkness, we must do everything in our power to change it with Light energy. All the years of pain, of your chakras being closed, of your heart being tugged at, the hurting in your muscles from other people, it all occurs for one reason only: to move forward with healing into the Light. Click here to find out how…

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Are You Acting from Gratitude, Love, and Trust or Doubt and Fear?

What is driving your decisions? If you answered doubt and fear you are not alone. Here's an exercise to keep you on track and operating from trust, love and gratitude...

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How to Supercharge Your Manifestation Power Using EFT

Wanna take your Manifestation Powers to the next level? Learn 2 Easy EFT Steps to Supercharge your results...

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How to Manifest Your Own Miracles

Discover 3 steps to manifesting your own miracles with an action plan to get you moving toward the life of your dreams...

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