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Issue 155 – Mis-Creating with Follow Through

Sometimes we push so hard to “follow through” that we mis-create. There are 2 options you have to release this struggle. Click here to find out what they are…

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How to Make “Self-Improvement” Work Every Time!

There is a specific way to have “self-improvement” work for you instead of against you… Click here to discover what to do…

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Manifesting Your Desires: Focus On The Basics

When we over-complicate things we slow down our manifesting. And we can quickly shift this by getting back to basics… Click here to find out how (and to discover the ‘Magic Process’ for faster manifesting)…

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Negative Relationships – 3 Steps to Reverse the Negative Energy

What do you do when you have negative energy around you and coming at you from your relationships? How do you handle it without getting dragged down? That’s EXACTLY what I’m going to help you with today - Click here now…

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Ten Easy Ways to Start – and Finish – Your New Commitment in Life

Where does lasting motivation come from? How can we find that “spark” of inspiration that pushes us through obstacles to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? How do we ignore negative emotions and let the positive influence us? Follow these ten tips and you’re sure to find the answer - Click here now…

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